Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 77: Returning to the International Stage

Chapter 77: Returning to the International Stage

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Personal manager. This was Tangning's wish and aim. Looking at Mo Ting's tired expression, she gently massaged his shoulder. Feeling his tense muscles, her heart ached. She remembered she would need to fly to France in a couple days, so she immediately reminded Mo Ting, "In two days I will need to do a location shoot, would you like to come with me?"

"Where is it?"

"France. You've had so much work, I don't want you to be tired. Ting...let's make a pact. Whenever I need to go to another country, you will come with me. Like this...anywhere with my presence, would also have your footprints."

Mo Ting was silent for a moment. He had flown all over the world, but it had always been for work; never once did he think about stopping down and resting.

Accompanying Tangning meant he would be able to relax and have a break. Most importantly, Tangning was the most beautiful scenery. Just the thought of being able to stay by her side and take care of her was a beautiful thing - so he nodded.

"As you wish. I'll get Lu Che to make arrangements."

Tangning was satisfied as she turned her attention back to Cheng Tian Entertainment's profile; no matter if it was for Mo Ting or herself, she was going to use all she had to fight for this opportunity.


A few days after the incident with Han Ruoxue, a huge scandal was released online about a young actor being caught taking drugs; in an instant, this became the hottest topic online. As the annual awards ceremonies were approaching, it was normal for celebrities to spill information about their competitors around this time.

The Annual Model Awards was just around the corner. As one of the guest award presenters, Tangning didn't need to be wary of people scheming against her. However, with Mo Yurou's arrogant and domineering attitude, how could she not make a move after knowing she'd receive an award?

"Tangning, do you remember what day tomorrow is?" Long Jie asked on the way to TQ's headquarters.

Tangning flipped the magazine in her hands and replied without lifting her head, "Han Yufan's birthday."

"Do you want to do anything?" Long Jie asked.

"That money, I'd rather donate it to charity," Tangning responded calmly.

Yesterday she had said some harsh words in front of Han Yufan; he probably thought of it as a joke...but he had no idea, the awards ceremony would be the end of Mo Yurou's road.

"You're right. This year, let's disregard him," Long Jie laughed. The thought of how Tangning had exhausted her efforts to celebrate Han Yufan's birthday in previous years only to be stood up, made Long Jie's heart break. Luckily Tangning had been awoken. "Another thing to consider, Tianyi definitely won't survive, so your contract will definitely be canceled soon, what do you plan to do? I heard the newcomer Han Yufan signed on has stabbed you in the back and stolen the contract with Star Age."

"Tangning, what are you and Big Boss planning to do?"

"Are you planning to sign with Star Age or Creative Century?"

"Neither," Tangning replied calmly, "Mo Ting wants me to go to Cheng Tian."

Long Jie was stunned for a moment before smiling...

"If Big Boss has faith in you, so do I."

"In regards to the companies that Lan Yu and Mo Yurou have their eyes on, Mo Ting already eliminated them, so they can take it if they want. To me, it's not a loss at all." Tanging continued to flip through the magazine. At this time, Long Jie caught a glimpse of a sharpness in her eyes.

The two women were happy with themselves; thinking they were so capable to steal something from Tangning. However, the truth was, what they had stolen, held no value in Tangning's eyes.

Cheng Tian Entertainment: that was where Tangning wanted to go. She was originally a superstar and aiming to advance was a normal human desire.

TQ magazine's photo shoot was scheduled for two days later, but at this time Lin Weisen requested for Tangning to drop by the headquarters. Tangning had a feeling she knew why he had called her. However, when Lin Weisen actually announced she was invited to attend a fashion show in France and to walk down the runway during the opening of Luxury's collection, she was still so surprised she froze in place.

"Tangning, actually, for the October front cover, I am planning to take a photo of one of your poses from the show. This is a big opportunity for you, it will be very helpful in your return to the international stage."

"This was suggested by your low-profile manager. I feel he is right, you indeed have the capability; so I decided to recommend you. We could treat this as a way for me to fulfill the promise I made to the media at the Bright Night Gala."

Tangning looked at Lin Weisen, she was suddenly speechless; she knew TQ's shoot would be an important turning point in her comeback and this turning point was created by Mo Ting.

"There's no need to be emotional. If you want to thank me then show how professional you can be. Only the best models are worthy of the best resources."

Tangning held back her tears as she gave Lin Weisen a hug and nodded, "I will definitely not disappoint."

"Your current agency is too messed up, so I've decided to keep this news under wraps for now."

"Thank you, Editor Lin."

"'Hard work pays off'; I think that phrase suits you well."

Tangning smiled. Towards this man, she was extremely thankful. She had always been the type to seek revenge when needed and to show gratitude where required.

Returning to the international stage...

This was something Tangning didn't dare to dream about, but now, her opportunity had come. While Mo Yurou was wasting all her efforts on seducing the judge and Lan Yu was thinking of ways to convince the CEO of Star Age, Tangning had secured a critical chess piece...

Of course, all this was because of Mo Ting, who loved her and spoilt her...

She was hardworking, but she was also lucky, because she had married the best husband in the world.

Han Yufan had no idea Tangning would once again go up another level.

Tianyi office. Han Yufan was currently watching the video of Lan Yu's runway walk which she filmed for her interview. The job had originally been intended for Tangning, but the client didn't seem upset. From the looks of it, they were quite satisfied with Lan Yu.

Mo Yurou sat beside him and sneered. She is but a nobody, how could she take on Tangning's jobs and receive the attention of everyone in Tianyi.

"Yurou, do you know what day it is tomorrow?" Han Yufan suddenly turned to the woman beside him and asked.

Mo Yurou thought carefully and suddenly started getting nervous; tomorrow she had arranged to secretly meet with Mr. Li, why was Han Yufan asking this? Did he know?

No...that can't be possible. If he had known, he wouldn't be asking in this tone...

" should be aware, my pregnancy has been affecting me really badly, I've been having really bad memory. How about you just tell me." Mo Yurou used her child as a shield.

"Tomorrow night I have reserved a room at Champagne Hotel; we can celebrate there."

Champagne Hotel!?

Mo Yurou was suddenly nervous.

That was the place she had previously had an affair with Mr. Li and tomorrow they had also reserved a room there.

As she was nervous she would be discovered, she completely forgot about Han Yufan's birthday...

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