Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 947 - Marrying A Pair Of Worn Shoes

Chapter 947: Marrying A Pair Of Worn Shoes

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No one dared to stick up for Feng Jing because Superstar Media were too intimidating. They simply threw their first attack and it was already enough to destroy Feng Jing. Yet…Tangning still had more to come.

Even so, Feng Jing still wasn’t afraid of playing with fire. No matter how the outside world judged her, she still persisted with her one-man show. In fact, she claimed that Superstar Media were slandering her and harassing her. There were people in this world that everyone viewed as shameless, yet they continued to stick around and disgust everyone.

They even said some disgusting things.

Of course, Feng Jing may have thought that she could hurt Lin Qian, but in reality, Lin Qian didn’t care about a word she said.

She was getting married the next day, so any free time she had, was spent on making final confirmations for her wedding.

After all, Tangning had already relieved some of her anger.

In regards to Lin Qian’s background, the public did not have high expectations. After all, Superstar Media may have exposed Feng Jing, but they never clarified the details behind Lin Qian’s birth and upbringing.

But, Lin Qian understood that some black marks just couldn’t be wiped away.

Even if they could, she didn’t need it because she just wanted to live honestly.

“Tomorrow’s wedding will definitely attract the attention of the media. Are you sure that your parents won’t mind?” this was the only thing that Lin Qian currently worried about. She didn’t want to see the prestigious Li Family being harassed because of her.

“You don’t need to be afraid? I’m sure you know how much my parents support you,” Li Jin said as he patted Lin Qian on the back comfortingly.

“I hope that’s the case.”

“Hurry and get some rest, we have an early start tomorrow.”

Although Lin Qian was a little unsettled, she still followed Li Jin’s arrangements and headed to bed early. However, in the quiet of the night, she was still upset by the life that she was born into. She was getting married…It was a big day that she was supposed to be happy about, but she still had to be cautious about everything.

It was only natural for Lin Qian to think this way. But, she had no idea that Tangning already made plans and Li Jin already made arrangements with the Gu Family; no one wanted to see Lin Qian suffer on her wedding day.

While Tangning asked Mo Ting to hire a group of bodyguards, a representative from the Gu Family arrived nice and early outside the Li Family Home.

As soon as Lin Qian saw this, she was shocked. The man walked up to her and said, “Young Miss, since you are a child of the Gu Family, please allow me to assist you. I am the housekeeper from the Gu Family and I have taken care of the President for half his life. I am practically a father figure in the family, so I have the right to represent them.”

Lin Qian turned around to look at Li Jin and saw him nod his head.

It was only right for the Gu Family to do this.

Afterwards, Lin Qian and Li Jin boarded their car and arrived at the hotel where they were to host their wedding. While Lin Qian got her makeup done, Li Jin began to greet the guests.

Some members of the media also arrived, but Li Jin did not stand in their way because they were invited by Tangning and a good show was just around the corner.

The Mo Couple were the witnesses for the wedding and Superstar Media’s artists, except for Luo Yinghong, were present at the ceremony. So, the wedding was very lively.

At this time, Feng Jing tried to create hype with Lin Qian’s background once again because she wanted to embarrass her.

Due to Feng Jing’s influence, many of the guests at the wedding didn’t understand Lin Qian and couldn’t comprehend what the Li Family were thinking.

They all felt that Li Jin would become a laughing stock after marrying a wife like Lin Qian. Even the commanding officer at the military base didn’t think highly of her.

But, Li Jin didn’t explain a thing as he calmly welcomed the guests into the hotel…

Inside the bride’s dressing room, Lin Qian was already dressed in her beautiful white wedding dress. This was the dress that was designed by Li Jin. Now that it was officially on her body, she was finally hit with reality.

She was getting married…

However, she continued to follow the discussions online while she was getting her makeup done.

“Is anyone causing trouble outside?”

“What are you so worried about?” Tangning asked as she sat down beside her.

“I’m worried that the Li Family will be implicated by me…”

“Li Jin’s already marrying you. Do you think he would care about something like this?” Tangning asked. “The wedding’s about to start. Why are you still worrying?”

“The public are laughing at the Li Family and saying that they are marrying a pair of worn shoes…”

“That’s enough. Focus on being a bride,” Tangning said as she pulled out a jewelry box given to her by the Gu Family housekeeper and placed a necklace around Lin Qian’s neck.

“This is? This is too precious…”

“What are you thinking?” Tangning laughed. “The Gu Family gave this to me because they were afraid that you’d refuse to accept it.”

After hearing this, Lin Qian calmed down a little. She couldn’t take shares from Tangning and then accept jewelry from her as well.

As Tangning looked at the necklace on Lin Qian’s neck, she revealed a smile. Lin Qian obviously had no idea about the story behind this necklace. But, it didn’t matter, because a good show was about to start.

Perhaps, only a small minority of the guests actually had good expectations for Lin Qian and Li Jin’s marriage.

But, they were about to open their eyes.

“The wedding’s about to start! Let me help you put on your veil.”

12pm. Lin Qian and Li Jin’s wedding began to countdown. The ceremony was to start at 12:09pm.

Inside the dreamy wedding hall, Tangning and Mo Ting sat in the main guest area while Long Jie, Lu Che, Xing Lan and Luo Sheng sat next to them. Meanwhile, the other guests chatted amongst themselves.

Of course, much of the chatter were words of ridicule towards Lin Qian.

“There’s such a huge commotion going on, yet the wedding is still going ahead. The Li Family must be either possessed or out of their minds.”

“Not so loud. What if it’s true love?”

“Even if it’s true love, he shouldn’t have selected a woman with such a dirty background to marry into the family. He could have just kept her as a mistress on the outside.”

“Who knows what the Li Family are thinking?”

“Perhaps, Lin Qian’s really good in ‘that’ aspect. Haha…”

“Quiet, the wedding’s about to start…”

Tangning did not lose her temper on the spot because it wasn’t worth it.

Soon, Li Jin appeared in front of everyone with the veiled Lin Qian.

Li Jin was dressed in a light blue suit that highlighted his icy presence. As he was from the military, his posture was straight and his body was fit. He was naturally good looking and charming.

Meanwhile, next to him, Lin Qian appeared sweet and gentle.

The couple approached the stage and stood in front of their witnesses.

Lin Qian could feel that the gazes on her body didn’t contain well wishes nor praise, they were filled with disdain. She could sense their ridicule from the bottom of her heart.

It made her want to run away…

But, at this time, Li Jin turned her around to face the guests and removed her veil.

At that moment, the diamond necklace around her neck emitted a dazzling aura…

Men didn’t know much about jewelry, but all the women’s eyes immediately lit up…

“Is the necklace on Lin Qian’s neck the one that was recently auctioned off by the British Royal Family? Is that the ‘Star of Eternity’?”

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