Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 946 - Go Ahead And Suppress Me, Superstar Media!

Chapter 946: Go Ahead And Suppress Me, Superstar Media!

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Li Jin didn’t like the way that Lin Qian ridiculed herself, so he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and said, “Everything’s passed now. I will protect you.”

Lin Qian nodded her head. It was already the night before their wedding, so Li Jin’s return at least gave her a peace of mind.

“Since this is the current situation, then I think it’s time for us to strike back…”

The Gu Family had said that they’d provide their unconditional support.

Father Gu’s wife came from a well-educated family, so she took good care of him after she heard what he had been through and even accepted the existence of Lin Qian. But, of course, she wasn’t about to let Feng Jing off easily.

Feng Jing needed to face her retribution!

Later that day, Li Jin gave Tangning a phone call. At this time, Tangning had already prepared a statement; since Feng Jing wanted to create news, then she was going to give her big news!

So, soon after the various negative articles towards Lin Qian started circulating, Superstar Media finally released their first response, “Firstly, after careful investigation, Superstar Media has discovered that Lin Qian’s ‘childhood’ photo was posted up by her own mother, Feng Jing.”

“Secondly, during the time that Feng Jing was the assistant of Superstar Media’s Luo Yinghong, it was discovered that she partook in illegal gambling and her private life was a mess. This was before she abandoned Lin Qian. So, the photos were from the time that Feng Jing frequented the clubs and not from after she went missing.”

“Thirdly, Feng Jing fell pregnant out of wedlock, so she hid the fact that she had a daughter because she didn’t want to be exposed. The only reason she frequented the police station was in fear that her daughter would reappear and slander her. However, she couldn’t prevent Lin Qian from reappearing in the end, so she instead put on a pity act to manipulate everyone. The truth was, she abandoned her daughter and didn’t just simply lose her.”

“Fourthly, Feng Jing failed to blackmail her daughter into helping her, so, in order to get revenge, she used despicable methods to get back at her. Superstar Media will hold Feng Jing liable for all this.”

“Superstar Media has evidence for all the above claims and hereby wish Ms. Feng Jing the best of luck.”

As soon as this statement was released, the entertainment industry broke out in an uproar because it exposed way too much.

Many of the people that saw it had to read it over a few times to understand the full meaning. Especially when they heard that Superstar Media had a voice recording of Feng Jing selling Lin Qian’s photo to the reporters and photos of Lin Qian from their other investigations. Although their four claims weren’t enough to completely destroy Feng Jing, it was enough to make most people believe how cruel she was.

Tangning had endured for so long and collected evidence for quite some time. So, it was about time that she made a move.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of Feng Jing’s arrogance.

Of course, now that Feng Jing had been exposed, she couldn’t rush into proving Lin Qian’s innocence straight away. She still had other things to do.

A good show needed to play out one scene at a time.

“So, is Superstar Media trying to say that Feng Jing’s private life was a mess, so she abandoned Lin Qian after giving birth to her? As a result, she was afraid that Lin Qian would come looking for her, so she bribed the police? And now that Lin Qian showed up, not only did she put on a pity act, she also tried to blackmail Lin Qian into working for her, but slandered her when she refused to cooperate? Please correct me if I’m wrong.”

“You’re spot on! Amazing!”

“You understood perfectly!”

“Judging by the evidence, this is indeed the case. That’s why Lin Qian’s treatment of Feng Jing is reasonable.”

“I never thought that the actress I supported for so many years is such a piece of trash.”

“I must have been blind.”

“Is Superstar Media really telling the truth? They’re not just attacking each other with baseless claims, right?”

“Oh please, firstly, Superstar Media never tried to conceal Lin Qian’s true identity. Secondly, according to Superstar Media’s style, do they have any reason to slander an innocent actress? And lastly, don’t you think the evidence speaks for itself?”

As a result, the internet quickly filled with scolding towards Feng Jing.

Even Feng Jing’s management agency didn’t expect her to have so many dark secrets; it was beyond belief. She was actually lucky that Luo Yinghong didn’t tread on her while she was down, or her fate would have been even worse.

Although her management agency didn’t know what to do, it was only natural for them to side with their own artist. So, it didn’t take long before they rebutted against Superstar Media, “We’ve always been aware of Superstar Media’s capabilities and know that they are great at manipulating the truth. Go ahead and bully a small agency like ours, we can handle it.”

The agency put on a pity act to point out that Tangning had the ability to make anything into the truth.

However, Tangning didn’t mind as she swiftly replied, “I’ve only revealed half of what we know. There’s still more to come. Don’t be too quick at trying to claim your innocence.”

These words were much more intimidating.

After all, no one knew what else Tangning had up her sleeves.

So, the agency suddenly fell into a panic.

If they had known, they would have just surrendered, admitted defeat and sacrificed Feng Jing instead of putting themselves in a difficult position.

Feng Jing never expected that Superstar Media would directly attack her over a mere manager.

How much did Tangning treasure Lin Qian?

Worst of all, she didn’t expect that Hai Rui had already dug up her past and knew everything about her. Yet, here she was, thinking that everything was going steady.

Superstar Media mentioned that there was more to come.

Meanwhile, Feng Jing’s management agency were so helpless that they couldn’t even do some PR to manage the situation. Because they didn’t know what else Tangning had planned, all they could do was leave Feng Jing to save herself.

Initially, Feng Jing stood a high chance of winning a Fei Tian Award, but Tangning stood in her way. But now, not only did she not win an award, she even caused such a huge piece of news​. Hence, as an artist, she no longer held any value for her agency. So, it was important for them to get rid of her as soon as possible.

“Jing Jie, hurry and think of something. Superstar Media threw such a ruthless attack; you need to fight back or the agency will give up on you,” Feng Jing’s manager said anxiously. She was already worried enough, yet this woman was sitting at home drinking wine at a time like this.

“What else can I do?” Feng Jing answered as she pretended to remain calm and elegant.

“If you give up like this, no one can help you.”

“Hahaha, help me? No matter what they do, they can’t change Lin Qian’s background and family history.”

Seeing the look on Feng Jing’s face, her manager gave up negotiating with her.

This was perhaps her retribution!

“Lin Qian is a sl*t and a little b*tch! Haha…”

Since they had gotten to this point, Feng Jing no longer had to hide her true self. So, she began to complain, “They’re saying that I abandoned my daughter? I’m truly regretful to have ever given birth to her. I’m her mother, yet look what she did to me. My daughter is treading all over me even though I was the one that gave her life!”

“Hahaha, even though things have gotten to this point, there is one thing I must admit: Lin Qian was born into a bad background. How could she dream of marrying a rich family with a background like hers. What a joke! This will forever be her fate.”

“Go ahead and suppress me Superstar Media. After all, you’re already used to bullying people…”

“Superstar Media are the best at creating news…”

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