Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 945 - You Guys Can Come If You Want. If Not, Then Get Lost.

Chapter 945: You Guys Can Come If You Want. If Not, Then Get Lost.

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The next morning, relatives that didn’t know Li Jin had already returned, arrived at the Li Family Home ‘concerned’ that they were being tricked. Father Li left the house to avoid the commotion, leaving Mother Li to face them helplessly on her own.

“Qing Qing, I don’t think Lin Qian will do. Have you seen the comments online? Everyone’s already treating the Li Family like a laughing stock.”

“Xiao Qing, listen to us, this marriage is unreliable. She grew up in such an indecent environment, who knows if she’s done anything embarrassing. If someone digs up something about her later on, won’t the Li Family be torn to shreds?”

“Xiao Jin is an impressive young man, he can find whatever woman he wants. Why must he bring a woman like this into the family? Isn’t he making things difficult for himself?”

“Also, be careful. She may have been exploited at a young age and lost her purity. People like this are disgusting!”

As she listened to the old relatives offer their ‘advice’, Mother Li held onto her aching head. It was bad enough that these people were saying words like this, she didn’t want Lin Qian to overhear them.

“I heard that the young lady is currently living in your home. She’s not even married into your family yet and she’s already moved in, what bad manners…”

“That’s right. If it’s hard for you to reject her, then let us do it for you…”

Mother Li immediately stood in their way in case they actually had the intention to rush upstairs and blow the situation up further.

“Xiao Qing, don’t stand in my way…”

After speaking, the women tried to force their way upstairs, so it was impossible for Mother Li to hold back 5-6 people.

Since they were relatives, they naturally knew which room belonged to Li Jin. So, they immediately stormed over. But, just as they were about to knock on the door, the door flew open and Li Jin stood in the doorway.

As soon as they saw Li Jin, the relatives were a little surprised.

Smiles immediately appeared on their faces.

“I never knew my aunties and uncles cared about me so much,” Li Jin said coldly as he closed the door and leaned against it. “What are you all trying to do?”

“Well…Xiao Jin…we saw the news online.”

“Who allowed you to butt your nose into my family’s business?” Li Jin asked. “Think it over clearly. This is the Li Family, not the Zhao Family nor the Wang Family. How dare you attack my wife?”

“Xiao Jin, your words are a little harsh. We are simply worried about you.”

“Are you worried about me, or are you trying to suck up to me?” Li Jin asked coldly. “None of you have any say in my family’s business. No matter how Lin Qian is, the wedding will go ahead as planned. You guys can come if you want. If not, then get lost.”

“If I hadn’t come home in time, what would you have done to my wife?”

Everyone was frightened by Li Jin’s power. This icy man wasn’t someone that they could afford to offend.

So, the relatives subconsciously retreated a few steps.

“We were simply looking at the news…”

“You can all leave now. From now on, don’t ever appear in front of me again. Otherwise, I have a countless number of ways to ‘greet’ your children. If you don’t believe me, then give it a try.”

The relatives were a little stunned. After realizing that Li Jin was truly angered, they didn’t show it on their faces, but they were actually trembling in fear on the inside.

“Go, you guys should leave. We are doing fine,” Mother Li took the opportunity to shoo the relatives back downstairs. “Jin Er knows what he’s doing, you don’t need to be concerned. You guys should focus on your own families.”


The relatives were helpless around Li Jin, so all they could do was sigh as they turned around and left.

But, Mother Li was really disappointed by these people. They were out of their minds.

Although they were her family, they were disgusting…

Luckily, Li Jin had returned the night before. Otherwise, Lin Qian would have been torn apart by these people…

After sending off the annoying group of relatives, Mother Li turned around and returned to the house. However, at this time, a man in his early 30’s suddenly appeared holding a gift.

As he removed his sunglasses, he asked, “May I ask if Miss Lin Qian lives here?”

“You are?”

As soon as the man confirmed that this was where Lin Qian was staying, he pulled out a business card and handed it over, “Please let me meet with the young miss.”

As soon as Mother Li saw the business card, her eyes grew big. She had seen Lin Qian’s information before and knew that her father’s surname was Gu.

So, Mother Li led the man into the living room and went upstairs to notify Li Jin.

After being notified by his mother, Li Jin did not tell Lin Qian about it immediately. Instead, he went down to meet the man first.

“You must be Miss Lin’s fiance,” the man shook Li Jin’s hand politely. “Let me introduce myself…”

“No need. I know who you are,” Li Jin replied, “I’ve done an investigation.”

“Since you already know, then let me be straightforward with you. Ever since Miss Lin’s relationship with Feng Jing was revealed, our President has been curious about Miss Lin’s identity, so he told me to investigate the matter in secret. He was busy in Europe before so he had no time to deal with this issue, but now that he’s confirmed that he’s related to Miss Lin, he sent me to meet with her first. He was afraid that he may frighten Miss Lin if he suddenly showed up.”

“Qian Qian didn’t mean to disturb the Gu Family,” Li Jin replied.

“Don’t misunderstand me, Mr. Li. What the President is trying to say is, Miss Lin is welcome to return to the Gu Family whenever she wants. It’s completely up to her. We can’t deny that she is a part of the Gu Family…”

“Since that’s the case, you must be aware that Feng Jing has been slandering Qian Qian all over the place. If the Gu Family truly acknowledges her, they should speak up for her.”

“You don’t need to worry about that, the President has already spoken to me about it and he’s already explained his past relationship with Feng Jing to me. If you need anything, just let me know.”

After hearing this, Li Jin raised an eyebrow. It seemed, the Gu Family had come to assist them and not to oppose them.

Since that was the case, everything was perfect.

“I can tell you the entire story of how Feng Jing manipulated the President’s​ feelings.”

“You don’t need to tell me. You can tell it directly to the public.”

Lin Qian never expected that her wedding would cause such a commotion. After being tired out by Li Jin the previous night, she had absolutely no idea that relatives had popped by to cause trouble. So, she was a little disappointed to have missed out on such a good show.

But, this incident was nothing compared to what Li Jin was about to tell her.

Her father had actually come looking for her!

“How is he so certain that I’m his daughter?”

“I think he’s investigated you for a while. Otherwise, why would it have taken the Gu Family so long to contact you?” Li Jin replied.

“I guess, it’s a pity that he was tricked by Feng Jing when he was young,” Lin Qian said with ridicule as she finally realized why Feng Jing had abandoned her.

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