Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 944 - I Owe Her

Chapter 944: I Owe Her



However, she ended up waiting 4-5 days without hearing a word from Li Jin.

Lin Qian didn't panic because she knew that Li Jin would appear at their wedding if he was able, even if it meant he had to crawl there. But, even if he couldn't make it back in time, she would still complete the wedding on her own. After all, they were already destined to be husband and wife.

"This child is sometimes so tough that she makes my heart ache," Mother Li sighed as she watched Lin Qian busily preparing things.

"Old man, help me transfer your son out of the base. He's got a family now. Why should he keep risking his life like that?"

"You may have given birth to your son, but you don't understand him as well as your daughter-in-law does," Father Li laughed.

"You talk too much," Mother Li humphed before she walked off to answer a few phone calls from family and friends.

People were suddenly calling to check if Mother Li knew Lin Qian's background and whether she had met Lin Qian's parents before. They were pretty much making Lin Qian sound like a swindler of some sort.

At first, Mother Li didn't quite understand what was going on, but Xing Lan soon called and said, "Auntie, hurry and tell Lin Qian to look at the news."

"What happened?" the two elders questioned as they quickly checked the news on their phones. That's when their attention was drawn towards a headline that read, [Shocking news! So this is Feng Jing's daughter!].

The two elders clicked on the news in seriousness and saw a picture of Lin Qian when she was young, holding onto a cigarette and standing outside a bar.

This was because Lin Qian had stepped foot into these grey areas after she was abandoned by Feng Jing. That's why Feng Jing was able to find photos from that time.

However, Lin Qian didn't remember anything from that time.

So, for a piece of news like that to be exposed just before Lin Qian was to marry into a rich family, was bound to make people suspect that she came from a bad background. Even though she was Feng Jing's daughter, who knew what kind of circumstances she grew up in?

So, Mother Li understood the meaning of the phone calls.

They were hinting that someone like Lin Qian should not be allowed into the Li Family because she was too embarrassing.

"Old man?"

"Don't look at me. The young people should handle their own matters. All I know is, I'm certain that my daughter-in-law is innocent."

The two elders doted on Lin Qian, so they weren't so stupid as to trust that a sudden piece of news like this was merely just coincidence.

However, they had no control over the entertainment industry.

So, all they could do was stick to what they believed.


It didn't take long before Lin Qian also found out about the news through Xing Lan. But, it was obvious who caused this drama.

At first, she wanted to head downstairs and explain herself to the two elders, but she discovered that the two old people didn't seem to care and went about their day like nothing happened.

Soon, Lin Qian received a phone call from Tangning, "After your wedding, let's go say 'hi' to that old witch."

In other words, Tangning was planning to expose everything that Feng Jing had done in the past, after the wedding was over.

"Everyone is currently speculating whether your wedding will go ahead. After all, such a big piece of news has been released and Li Jin is still nowhere to be seen. You need to stay strong and do what needs to be done."

"Yes, I know," Lin Qian replied firmly.

"Don't worry, I will definitely avenge you and make her pay back everything at once."

Lin Qian believed this. However, without Li Jin by her side, she was a little less confident than usual. But, it didn't matter...

She was about to be a military wife; she couldn't lose her bearings.


Later that night, Li Jin jumped into his car and drove out of the military base. However, during their drive, a subordinate couldn't help but ask, "Chief, have you seen the news?"

Li Jin stopped the car and pulled out his phone. As soon as he saw the article about Lin Qian, his face turned icy cold.

"Major General, sister-in-law must be struggling at home on her own."

"I owe her..." After speaking, Li Jin put away his phone and sped home.

As soon as he walked in through the front door, Mother Li immediately walked up to him, "What took you so long?"

"Sorry, mom..."

"You shouldn't be saying sorry to me, you should be saying sorry to Qian Qian. Hurry upstairs and check on her," Mother Li said as she pointed upstairs.

Li Jin nodded as he rushed up to the second floor bedroom. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Lin Qian tidying the room, so he immediately hugged her from behind, "I'm sorry...I didn't protect you well enough and made you suffer."

Add soon as Lin Qian realized that her man was back, she relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief, "I'm not that weak."

"I will definitely make those that humiliate you suffer."

After hearing this, Lin Qian couldn't help but laugh, "Why are you saying the exact same thing as Ning Jie?"

"Because I'm angry!"

The pain created by one's birth mother wasn't something that an average person could handle. Which mother slandered their own daughter like this?

"As long as you're back now, nothing else matters."

As soon as Lin Qian said this, she turned around and hugged Li Jin, "As long as you're safe."

Li Jin lifted her in his arms and placed her on the bed. He then leaned over and kissed her; he missed her too much...

"Qian Qian...Qian Qian..."

Lin Qian couldn't control herself when she heard Li Jin call her name, so she was soon entranced by his passion and lost herself in his embrace...

Everyone probably thought that Lin Qian had well and truly embarrassed the Li Family with the news that was released.

Meanwhile, Feng Jing denied any involvement and even cried in front of the reporters, blaming herself for not taking care of her daughter and causing her to suffer.

"For a scandal like this to be released just before her wedding, I don't think Lin Qian will be treated well at the Li Family."

"For someone so prestigious to marry a wife like this, he's bound to become a laughing stock, right?"

"I won't be surprised if the wedding gets canceled."

During the second half of the night, Li Jin saw these comments online. So, he freed himself from Lin Qian's embrace and headed into the bathroom with his phone.

On one side, he blamed himself for not protecting Lin Qian well, and on the other, he despised Feng Jing for what she had done.

He needed to think of an everlasting solution.

With this thought, Li Jin went to fetch the document that outlined Lin Qian's family history. It was time for Feng Jing to pay...

Of course, before he was to do anything, it was important for him to speak up. How could be bear to see his love suffer?

So, without hesitation, he called Tangning the next morning.

He took a glance at Lin Qian and noticed that she was still sound asleep.

Since the current incident occurred within the entertainment industry, he was going to deal with it using entertainment industry methods...

He wanted to at least give Lin Qian a wedding that received blessings rather than insults and humiliation.

As soon as Tangning received Li Jin's phone call, she directly replied, "Superstar Media is ready to prepare the materials for whatever game you want to play!"

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