Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 942 - Diamond Manager

Chapter 942: Diamond Manager

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Feng Jing couldn’t accept her fate. She failed at using Lin Qian not too long ago, and now she had also lost Luo Yinghong’s son. It seemed, whenever Superstar Media was involved, she had no way of retaliating.

However, it wasn’t easy for her to send the childish man away. If it wasn’t because she wanted to go against Luo Yinghong, she would have never been with a man that was so much younger than her to begin with. Not only did he spend money all day long, he also had a heap of bad habits. So, she didn’t want to tend to his needs, let alone take any risks for him.

“Jing Jie, if you send Xiao Ke away, will Tangning really give you back your photos?”

“Do you have any other ideas?” Feng Jing asked as she drank a glass of wine. “Right now, she’s like a knife and I’m like a fish fillet, what else can I do? I don’t have any leverage against Luo Yinghong anymore. From now on, all I can do is sit around as Tangning tramples all over me…”

Feng Jing’s manager looked at Feng Jing’s defeated expression and agreed that Tangning was too difficult to deal with. She quietly creeped up on them and took away their weapon before she forced them towards the edge of a cliff.

Her capabilities were much too frightening.

“By the way, Jing Jie, I received news that Lin Qian is about to get married. The date is not too far from now. Are you planning to attend?”

“She’s getting married?” As soon as she heard that Lin Qian was getting married, Feng Jing let out a cold laugh, “Her mother is suffering, yet she thinks she can achieve happiness? She must be dreaming!”

“Since she made things difficult for me during the Fei Tian Awards, does that mean I don’t have to play nice anymore?” Feng Jing emptied the glass of wine down her throat. “Help me prepare something. It could be considered as a token of goodwill from her mother. I’m going to give her some ‘dowry’ and see how happy she can get.”

Feng Jing’s manager looked at her and sighed. Feng Jing’s path hadn’t been very smooth lately, yet she was thinking about plotting against her own daughter. Wasn’t she afraid that people would find out about her abandoning her child?

Even though the manager was thinking this, she still did as she was told. After all, she had been by Feng Jing’s side for so many years.

Indeed, as Tangning expected, after being dumped by Feng Jing, Luo Yinghong’s​ son immediately turned up at her place. However, he couldn’t enter the building because Luo Yinghong had previously ordered the security to not let him in if they saw him.

Soon, Luo Yinghong returned to her apartment and saw her son standing outside. So, she pretended to be cold towards him, “What are you doing here again?”

“Mom… I’m so sad. I have nowhere else to go.”

“What happened?”

“Feng Jing broke up with me…” The 22-year-old man looked like a child as he began to cry. Luo Yinghong’s heart ached, but she continued to endure.

“What does that have to do with me? Don’t forget that you were the one that didn’t want me to begin with and said you were going off to pursue your true love. So, you’re not welcome here now.” After speaking, Luo Yinghong turned around, not leaving his son with any chance to plea.

“Mom, are you really going to ignore me?”

“Let’s talk again when you know how to differentiate between right and wrong,” Luo Yinghong said before she entered the elevator and disappeared from her son’s sight.

The only reason why she managed to act in such a heartless manner was because she had suffered a lot over the years.

Just like Tangning said, if she didn’t teach the brat a proper lesson this time, then he could never be saved.

And love had the ability to make a person learn very quickly…

Soon, Luo Yinghong undertook an interview with a famous media outlet. The public were extremely interested in her comeback and especially wanted to know how she managed to move Tangning into taking such a huge risk and signing her.

Dressed in a long white dress, Luo Yinghong appeared elegant and mature. With her loose flowy hair and the unique pattern on her face, the once self conscious Luo Yinghong had now recovered her confidence in front of the cameras.

“To be honest, I wrote a really long letter to Tangning,” Luo Yinghong replied shyly.

“Could you reveal what you wrote in the letter?”

“I told her that I wanted to make a comeback; I asked her if she had any way of twisting my fate around and if she had a way to help me back on my feet so I could continue living. I originally thought that a lot of people would contact Tangning, so she’d never notice me. But to my surprise, she ended up signing me on.”

“After signing with Superstar Media and getting to know Tangning, what do you think of her as a person?” the reporter asked.

After careful thought, Luo Yinghong replied in seriousness, “She is a person with a lot of love. She’s not bothered by what’s happening around her. No matter what problems she comes across, as long as she’s made a decision, she’s the type of person that would follow through with the best of her abilities.”

“Have you ever suspected that she wouldn’t be able to help you?”

“Of course, I doubted her in the beginning. After all, look at my age and appearance. There’s nothing outstanding about me. So, I got to where I am today because I was extremely lucky to have met Tangning.”

With Luo Yinghong as an example, the public were able to witness a powerful Superstar Media.

As long as one went through a makeover with Tangning, they would be able shine and find their calling, no matter how old or disadvantaged they were.

As a result, plenty of people wanted to join Superstar Media because they knew that Tangning’s makeover meant that they would eventually end up in Hai Rui…the pinnacle of the entertainment industry.

“After Saints Jewelry, a lot of other big companies approached me with collaborations. Actually, I think that even if I never return to being an actress, being a designer is not a bad idea.”

Even someone like Luo Yinghong managed to make such a spectacular comeback. As a result, the public gave Tangning a new official nickname: ‘The Diamond Manager’.

Simply calling her a gold or yellow manager wasn’t enough. Plus, her existence had indeed made a change to the entertainment industry.

Even though the changes were small and insignificant, it still made people believe in fairness and justice.

But, there were also some people that were afraid that Tangning’s previous enemies would come looking for her and cause the destruction of her artists.

Either way, Tangning’s name was now both feared and respected in the industry.

But, of course, Tangning’s power was thanks to a strong backing.

Mo Ting’s support allowed her to do whatever she wanted in the industry without any obstructions.

The couple were like a king and a queen.

But, Tangning didn’t care about the nickname that the public gave her. Because the thing that she truly wanted to focus on was ‘The Ant Queen’!

Feng Jing could no longer suppress Luo Yinghong, so now, all that was left, was for Luo Yinghong to take back what belonged to her…

But before that was to happen, they would have to first open Lin Qian’s ‘dowry’!

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