Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1000 - Has Her Desperation For Fame Made Her Crazy?

Chapter 1000: Has Her Desperation For Fame Made Her Crazy?



"I really can't tell what's so good about you."

"I'm already leaving, so there's no point in saying this to me. From now on, you are in an advantageous position. What's so bad about that?" Tang Yichen smirked. "Don't tell me you can't be at peace even without me around?"

"You made the sensible decision. After all, no one has ever taken something that I want."

Tang Yichen couldn't help but laugh. If Lu Guangli was so easy to seduce, he wouldn't still be alone.

"Good luck."

After saying these last two words, Tang Yichen walked past the young woman to leave. But, just as they brushed past each other, the hospital chief's daughter added, "When the time comes, I'll invite you to our wedding."

However, the hospital chief's daughter would never get that chance, because Lu Guangli was right behind them. After hearing their conversation, he walked straight up to the two women, grabbed onto Tang Yichen's arm and kissed her on the lips - in front of everyone...


Everyone cheered excitedly when they saw this. Even Tang Yichen was stunned.

A little while later, Lu Guangli let go of Tang Yichen. With a slight smile he reminded, "Shouldn't you close your eyes when you kiss?"

Tang Yichen was so shocked she didn't know how to respond.

Afterwards, Lu Guangli pulled Tang Yichen into his arms and said to the hospital chief's daughter, "Since Yichen is leaving, there's no need to hide our relationship anymore."

"What relationship do we have?" Tang Yichen tried to pull away.

"What do you think?" Lu Guangli asked powerfully. Tang Yichen did not answer as she lowered her head.

"Apart from you, I've only kissed my dog at home..."

"No, you guys can't be in 'that' kind of relationship," the hospital chief's daughter said in disbelief. "You guys obviously aren't..."

"Are we supposed to report to you about our personal matters?" Lu Guangli asked in ridicule before he turned back to look at Tang Yichen, "You leave first. I'll look for you later tonight."

Tang Yichen immediately escaped. She had no idea what Lu Guangli was doing.

This man was much too dangerous. She had to get away from him as soon as possible.

The usually carefree Tang Yichen, was actually very cowardly when it came to love. As soon as the other person showed any signs of danger, she would immediately shrivel up and hide.

Lu Guangli had always known how Tang Yichen was like, so he decided to stake his claim on her first before she decided to follow the Tang Family's wishes and marry a rich heir.

In reality, he was right, because Tang Yichen actually planned to do that. She was planning to completely distance herself from Lu Guangli.

"Let's see how you escape this time."


After returning to her teacher's hospital, Tang Yichen's face was red and her mind was completely filled with images of Lu Guangli and their kiss.

Tangning noticed her abnormality, so she asked, "You've been a bit weird since you returned. What are you thinking about? Your face is so red."

"It's nothing," Tang Yichen quickly cleared her throat and turned her attention to Tangning's information, "We will be running some tests on you tomorrow to see if you are suitable for surgery. So, you should sleep early tonight."

Tangning nodded her head.

"Don't worry. There are definite risks, but my teacher will help you keep things under control."

Tangning nodded her head again.

In reality, Tangning's surgery wasn't anything big and she didn't really need to worry about it. Since she had already placed her life in the doctor's hands, excessive worrying wasn't good for her and the baby.

The night before her surgery, Mo Ting arrived with Xia Yuling and the two rascals to show their support.

The older brother, Mo Zixi had a blank expression as he looked at all the interesting new things in the hospital. Meanwhile, Mo Zichen sat quietly on the bed and secretly helped his mother pull up her blankets when no one was looking. When Tangning turned to look at him, he acted like he didn't care.

Tangning had already gotten used to this kid's interesting antics, so she did not act surprised and simply pretended like she didn't see anything.

Because, even at this point, she still couldn't explain why Mo Zichen was so mature for his age.

"Back when I gave birth to you, I also went through a lot of discomfort. Perhaps it's inherited, that's why you're experiencing some difficulties. Luckily, you have Mo Ting by your side."

Xia Yuling then added, "Take your mind off the entertainment industry for now. After your daughter is born, you are going to be very busy."

"Mom, thank you for taking care of the little rascals."

"Why are you being so polite?" Xia Yuling glared.

Tangning let out a light laugh and did not say another word. With her family members keeping her company, she did not feel any fear.

The next morning, Tangning did her last tests and headed in for surgery at 8am.

Mo Ting stayed by her side until he watched her enter the operating theater, "When you come out, everything will be fine."

"It's not like I'm sick, I'm simply giving birth," Tangning laughed. "Don't worry."

"I will wait for you outside," Mo Ting leaned over and kissed Tangning on the forehead.


"Don't worry too much. Everything will be fine," Tang Yichen said from the other end of the bed. "We're heading in now..."

The entire hospital was quiet at this time because Mo Ting had managed the security well.

Soon, Tangning was pushed into the operating theater and the 'operation in progress' light lit up.


But, while Tangning was in the middle of her surgery, someone else was attending a commercial event with the nickname of Mini-Tangning. Everyone knew that this artist had done plastic surgery, so it naturally caused a huge commotion. But, one must admit that the industry was full of performers.

So what if people criticized her?

Some people were still convinced and she still managed to get famous in the end.

Tangning had too many uses. Would Hai Rui actually chase every single person down?

"Has her desperation for fame made her crazy?"

"F*ck, does she know that she's disgusting?"

"Tangning has a very unique face, how dare someone copy her?!"

"All Tangning has is a good body...too bad she's old now."

As a result, Tangning was no longer in the industry, but the industry was still filled with discussions about her.

Long Jie was not comfortable with this.

"These people are shameless...Tangning's already announced that she's left the industry, why won't these people let go of her?"

"Because they have the right to do that, even if it means they have to do plastic surgery!" Han Xiuche said observantly as he arrived to hand in some papers. "Plus, Tangning's no longer active in the entertainment industry, so what's wrong with copying her?"

"You're saying that because they're not copying you. That's why you don't know how disgusting it is."

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