Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1050 - What's With The Act?

Chapter 1050: What’s With The Act?

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After that matter was resolved, Long Jie started getting formally dressed at home. She and Lu Che were going to the Lu Family home that day and she only had Lu Che to rely on.

But, even if she came from rich and powerful background, what did that matter?

Without her husband’s love, everything was empty with no meaning.

So, all she needed was Lu Che and that was enough.

As she stood in front of the mirror, Long Jie was dressed in a long silver dress. Although her body wasn’t as perfect as Tangning’s, her presence was equally like a queen’s. After working with Tangning for so long, she had saved up a bit of a fortune, so she did not hold back on her appearance.

After all, if she wanted to follow by Tangning’s side, she needed to look the part!

After their daughter fell asleep, Lu Che hugged Long Jie from behind. He was dressed in a usual black suit. Since he followed Mo Ting, wearing suits like this had become a professional habit.

“Is our daughter asleep?”

“Yes, after we leave the house, Auntie Qiu from next door will come take care of her. Don’t worry,” Lu Che whispered beside Long Jie’s ear.

“In that case…I’m ready. Let’s go.”

“Wait,” Lu Che said before he fetched a box from his pocket and opened it in front of Long Jie. Sitting inside the box was a beautiful diamond ring. As soon as Long Jie saw it, she was stunned.

“This is?”

“After getting married, I feel like I haven’t bought you anything,” Lu Che took out the diamond ring and placed it gently on Long Jie’s finger. “Tonight, you may hear some random gossip. But, don’t be afraid, I’ll be here with you…”

“I’ve already prepared myself to meet with the Lu Family. Did you think that I’m a pushover?” Long Jie asked. She understood that throughout the entire drama, Lu Che was the one that suffered the most. He was stuck between his wife and mother and was forced to make all kinds of decisions. So, how could her heart not ache for him?

Lu Che nodded his head and strung Long Jie’s hand across his arm. He then led her towards the battlefield…

Due to Long Jie’s frequent appearance on entertainment news the last few days, Mother Lu felt embarrassed in front of her friends and family.

However, she pretended that they were a harmonious family and that she never looked down on Long Jie’s background and profession. After all, her son was in the same industry, so she pretended to accept her even though she didn’t understand her. But, friends and family were now discussing Long Jie in private, so her pre-existing bias made their gossip even harder to listen to…

Luckily, she still had a ‘grandson’ that brought her comfort.

She obviously couldn’t tell everyone how the child came about, so she simply told her friends and family that Lu Che’s ex-girlfriend gave birth to it.

But, these people weren’t stupid, right?

Lu Che and Long Jie had already been married for so long and this child was only a hundred days old. According to Mother Lu’s words, wasn’t she indirectly saying that her son was an adulterous as*hole that had an affair?

Although they didn’t say it to Mother Lu’s face, they, of course, ridiculed her behind her back.

This made Father Lu furious. As a result, he dragged Mother Lu into one of the rooms, “I’ve never seen a mother like you before. Our son is a good and honest person, how did he end up with such a bad image?”

“I’ve said ages ago that it didn’t matter if Lu Che and Xiao Man had a second child and whether it turned out to be a son or not, yet you kept persisting. Now that the child is born, you decided to hold a hundred days celebration instead of keeping it a secret like other people would. Are you not humiliated enough?”

“Hmmph!” Mother Lu humped before she refuted, “Back when I told our son to have a son, you wouldn’t side with me. Afterwards, when I told him to break up with that woman, you wouldn’t side with me either. Now that the child is born and I simply want to give my grandchild some acknowledgement, you still won’t side with me. Whose husband are you?”

After hearing this, Father Lu held his head, “You’re impossible to talk to!”

“Since we have a grandson, I, of course have to make things official. I can’t let people talk about him behind his back while he hides like a rat. He needs proper acknowledgement. Hence, I have no choice but to say that Lu Che was forced to breakup with his ex-girlfriend because that sl*t stepped in between them.”

Father Lu was dumbfounded…

He couldn’t understand how his family had turned out like this.

“Do what you want. I won’t get involved anymore.”

After speaking, Father Lu stormed out, leaving the sneering Mother Lu behind, “What’s with the act, you’re obviously happy to have a grandson.”

Afterwards, Mother Lu tidied herself up a little and followed Father Lu out of the room to mingle amongst the guests again…

Lu Che never imagined that his mother would ruin his image in such a way. Although he appeared indifferent on the surface, Long Jie understood how it felt to be hurt by one’s own family.

On that particular night, the Lu Family home was luxuriously decorated. Although no outsiders were invited and only members of the Lu Family were asked to attend, the big family still consisted of 30-40 people. Since they all wanted to watch a good show, pretty much everyone turned up. When gathered in the same place, it was quite an intimidating scene.

Father Lu was the third eldest in the family. Above him, were two older brothers. But, Lu Che barely mentioned these uncles because they barely kept in touch and he disliked these arrogant relatives. Hence, he had never actually allowed Long Jie to meet with them. However, he didn’t realize that this would create a lot of troubles for Long Jie.

Because, Mother Lu did not paint a good picture of her in front of the curious relatives…

With the added fact that Long Jie was in the entertainment industry and often appeared in the news, the Lu Family had an even worse impression of her…

Everyone thought that Lu Che married a wife like this because he had something wrong with his brain…

But, while all this was happening, Lu Che and Long Jie were on their way…

“All your relatives are going to be there, but I haven’t officially met any of them even though we’ve been legally married for so long.”

The couple had a low profile wedding and didn’t even host a big ceremony. Afterwards, they were troubled by having a child for a long time before they finally gave birth to a daughter!

Probably, even Lu Che didn’t know that Mother Lu and Father Lu’s fuse was already lit back when he first announced his marriage!

Hence, they never introduced their daughter-in-law to family and friends either.

So, after she gave birth to a daughter, Mother Lu hated her even more!

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