Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1100 - The Socialite World Is Too Deep

Chapter 1100: The Socialite World Is Too Deep

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“Unfortunately, the rascal is ill and won’t be able to have a child for a while,” Mother Bei said in pity.

Tangning and Mo Ting looked at each other but did not say a word.

It wasn’t until the reception that Han Xiner secretly told Tangning about her situation. After Tangning heard about it, she knew she wasn’t in any position to object, but she still didn’t like Bei Chendong’s risky approach.

Women liked stability, especially when it came to marriage. Xiner was already at a disadvantage to begin with, yet Bei Chendong created another obstacle between her and his parents. Although it didn’t appear like they’d be discovered at that very moment, being discovered was only a matter of time. What would they do when that happened?

“Xiner, since things have gotten to this point, there’s nothing I can say. But, you are honestly too lenient towards Bei Chendong. When he wants something, he often forgets about the consequences, but you can’t go with the flow, you need to be more forward thinking.”

“Today’s your big day, so I shouldn’t say too much. But, I really can’t believe that Bei Chendong lied to his parents like this…”

“Ning Jie, I understand what you’re trying to say,” Han Xiner smiled. “Since I’ve allowed him to do something like this, I’ve definitely prepared myself for the day that we get exposed.”

“But, not everyone is like you and President Mo; we don’t have strategies mapped out for every possible situation. I understand him. Although he appears to have a temper because of his bad habits and has the image of a spoilt heir, I’m well aware of his positives and negatives. So, I’m ready to face anything that comes our way.”

Tangning nodded her head in response, “I’m simply worried that you’ll be bullied…”

“As long as he is around, no one can bully me. Don’t worry.”

Tangning had never actually witnessed the way that Bei Chendong protected Han Xiner.

So, she let the matter go. After all, everyone had their own way of living and had the right to choose their own path. Although she was worried about Han Xiner, she had no right to judge her.

“As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. But, if one day, you suffer in any way, make sure you tell me. I am family.”

“I understand, Ning Jie,” Han Xiner spread her arms and hugged Tangning tightly. Although marrying Bei Chendong wasn’t as stable as marrying Mo Ting, Han Xiner was satisfied as long as she got to be with the person she loved. Even if it meant taking risks and doing the wrong thing.

Soon, the fairytale-like wedding came to an end.

But, there was still a fireworks show organized for the night.

Bei Chendong had specifically prepared it for Han Xiner.

So, all the guests remained on the island to enjoy the beautiful night scenery, including Tangning and Mo Ting.

“Thanks to Bei Chendong, I get to watch fireworks tonight,” Tangning smiled as she leaned into Mo Ting’s arms. Even though Tangning was lucky to have married Mo Ting, he was not the type to plan romantic gestures.

“You don’t think I’m romantic enough?” Mo Ting asked.

Tangning shook her head, “I’m glad that you don’t do showy things like this. Stuff like this is only suited to a weirdo like Bei Chendong. He’s the only one that has so much spare time on his hands.”

Mo Ting smiled, suddenly annoyed by the daughter in his arms, “How good would it be if Yan Er wasn’t here…”

They were on a private island surrounded by nothing but stars. If their daughter wasn’t there, he could have done whatever he desired.

“Stop thinking too much, Daddy Ting. It’s time to feed your daughter.”

While everyone was immersed in the beautiful night scenery, Mother Bei was busy preparing the bedroom for the newlyweds. But, that was when she discovered a collection of books underneath Bei Chendong’s pillow; they were all about depression.

When Mother Bei saw the books, her heart ached. She felt that her son’s illness was due to her lack of care. But, when she looked at the books in detail, she discovered that depression needed to be treated with medicine. However, she didn’t see a single pill in Bei Chendong’s home.

Even when she searched thoroughly, she still did not find any, nor did she come across any medical reports from the hospital to confirm his illness.

Perhaps, he was simply attending therapy?

With this possibility in mind, Mother Bei put the books away and left the bedroom.

Unfortunately, this uncertainty would eventually be clarified in a surprising way…

After Bei Chendong and Han Xiner got married, there was one less good man in the industry. Of course, all the young socialite heiresses knew that Bei Chendong wasn’t easy to deal with, so they did not place any hope on getting with him anyway. They were simply curious as to the kind of woman that managed to tie down a weirdo like Bei Chendong.

Due to a pregnancy checkup, Long Jie was extremely regretful that she couldn’t attend Han Xiner’s wedding with Tangning.

But, when she found out that Bei Chendong lied to his parents to get approval to marry Han Xiner, Long Jie actually disagreed with Tangning’s opinion.

“I know you like being honest and can’t accept deception of any kind. But, are you really capable of telling your family everything?”

“Sometimes, white lies work well; this is the trick to getting along.”

“There were a lot of rich socialite women at the wedding that were gossiping and judging Xiner, I simply don’t want her to be bullied by the Bei Family after they find out the truth. If someone is to take blame for the lies, Bei Chendong should shoulder it himself.”

Tangning’s predictions were correct; the Bei Family wasn’t stupid.

“This may be true. I hope Bei Chendong can protect Xiner well. As for you, I think you should stop stressing over other’s matters. It’s almost time for the Fei Tian Awards. I think you should worry about your film instead.”

“Also, I heard that Boss picked up a child the other day. The Zhai Family is currently looking everywhere for it,” Long Jie mentioned. “Since their daughter will be abused after they find it, why can’t they just let the little girl go?”

Tangning shook her head in response, “You wouldn’t understand, from the perspective of the law, a child has inheritance rights regardless of its gender. What would the Zhai Family do if their daughter reappears in the future and fights with her brother for inheritance?”

“Haiz…the socialite world is too deep. It’s so frightening…”

“Keep your eye on this matter, don’t let the Zhai Family know about it. The Zhai Family doesn’t hold Liang Yongyu with any regard. I saw how the second son appeared at Xiner’s wedding with another woman.”

“That’s why I don’t understand why the young and beautiful Liang Yongyu insists on condemning herself this way. Moreover, apart from money, what’s so good about the second son of the Zhai Family? Why are women throwing themselves at him?”

After hearing these questions, Tangning threw Long Jie’s words back on her, “Stop stressing over other’s matters. It’s almost time for the Fei Tian Awards. I think you should worry about our film instead.”

“As for Xiner, I simply hope she can hold out on her secret for a little longer.”

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