Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1150 - Couldn't Give Him Any Opportunities

Chapter 1150: Couldn’t Give Him Any Opportunities

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To clear the film crew of suspicion, Mo Ting brought Nangong Quan along with him to the set of ‘The Ant Queen 2’.

Of course, to prevent anyone from finding out, no one knew that Nangong Quan was also sitting inside Mo Ting’s black Rolls Royce.

But, even after scanning through all the faces in the crew, Nangong Quan didn’t see any trace of his grandfather, nor did he find an old man with a black mark on the back of his hand. In fact, there wasn’t even a man in the crew that matched his grandfather’s age.

“He’s not here.”

“Have you looked in detail?” Mo Ting reminded. “If even you can’t recognize your grandfather, then no one can do it.”

“It’s been many years since I’ve seen him…” Nangong Quan said in a slightly cold tone. “In these 20 years, I practically only saw him three times.”

“Since that’s the case, let me drive you back home,” Mo Ting replied.

“Wait…” All of a sudden, Nangong Quan’s gaze was drawn to a tall and skinny man. His back looked similar. But…as he turned around, Nangong Quan realized it was a young man in his early twenties that simply looked old from behind.

In the end, he had no choice but to give up, “Let’s go.”

Mo Ting closed the windows and drove the car out of the studio. But, just as the two men left, Elder Nangong appeared where the car was just standing.

The two punks were alert and cautious, but, if they wanted to find the old man, it wasn’t an easy task to achieve.

After his years in the underworld, all the tricks he learned weren’t about to go to waste.

A good friend from prison had already notified Elder Nangong that Nangong Quan discovered he was out of prison. It seemed, Nangong Quan was sitting in Mo Ting’s car because he already guessed that he had plans to go against the Mo Family. What an ungrateful rascal!

But, of course, there was no way that Nangong Quan would recognize him. Not only did he style himself to look ten years younger, his body and appearance also changed a lot.

“Did the two punks think they could find me? They must be dreaming.”

The old man lowered his head and continued to work. As he was willing to do anything on set and want afraid of getting dirty, the other crew members respected him and trust in him. But, like a wolf, they would not know the consequences of trusting the wrong person until he revealed his teeth in the end!

Nangong Quan couldn’t find his grandfather, but he didn’t give up on his search.

After Su Youran found out what happened, she immediately comforted him, “You’ve already done your best.”

“If I had visited him more often when he was in prison, we may not be in this predicament right now,” Nangong Quan sat on the sofa with regret.

“It’s not your fault,” Su Youran said as she wrapped her arms around Nangong Quan. “That’s enough, stop blaming yourself, you’ve already helped a lot.”

Nangong Quan had a feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

He kept feeling a sense of familiarity when he looked at the crew of ‘The Ant Queen 2’, but he couldn’t pinpoint a particular person.

The old man was definitely on set!

He simply didn’t pick him out.

After Mo Ting returned home, Tangning immediately asked him how Nangong Quan went on set. But, Mo Ting told her that they had no luck finding the old man.

So, Tangning smiled and comforted her husband, “How are we going to live the rest of our days if we get frightened by something like this? All we need to do is remain cautious.”

Mo Ting did not say a word, he was simply relieved that he was the one filming ‘The Ant Queen 2’ and not Tangning. He could relax knowing that Tangning didn’t have to go somewhere dangerous.

No matter what Elder Nangong had planned, as long as Tangning was fine, then he had nothing to worry about.

After all, Tangning was his biggest weakness.

The next day, the crew began to prepare for the explosion scene. As the explosives technician, this was Elder Nangong’s most happy and exciting moment. He was going to set up the perfect trap to create the perfect accident.

As long as Mo Ting stepped on it, he would blow up into a million pieces.

That morning, when Mo Ting left the villa, Tangning had a bad feeling, but she couldn’t explain what it was.

Lin Qian arrived at Hyatt Regency to update her on Superstar Media’s latest news, but Tangning’s mind was elsewhere.

“Ning Jie, what’s wrong?” Lin Qian asked. “Is something the matter?”

Tangning waved her hand, gesturing for Lin Qian not to speak, “Let me think.”

“Doesn’t President Mo have some important scenes over the next couple of days? Does it have something to do with that?”

As soon as Tangning heard this, she snapped out of her daze and immediately called Qiao Man, “Qiao Man, can we create the explosions in post production?”

“If your team can do it, then go ahead. That way our actors won’t have to do anything.”

“In that case, can we cancel all the upcoming explosion scenes?” Tangning urgently requested.

Although Qiao Man didn’t know why Tangning suddenly got involved with the filming process, she had no reason to reject her request, “I’ve already prepared today’s scene. Let’s film this one first and put the rest on hold.”

“Qiao Man, I have a bad feeling about today’s shoot, can we cancel today’s one as well?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Just trust me, I’ll explain to you later.”

Although Qiao Man didn’t understand why Tangning was stopping her from filming these scenes, she understood that Tangning wasn’t an unreasonable person that created drama out of nothing. Since Tangning specifically made a request, then Qiao Man had no choice but to stop the day’s shoot.

“We will be postponing today’s explosion scene. Let’s film the next scene instead,” Qiao Man notified the crew. “Explosives team, please remove all equipment and clear the set.”

Everything was already set up, why did Qiao Man suddenly postpone the scene?

“Director Qiao, what’s the reason? You need to give us an explanation, otherwise, everything we did today would go to waste.”

“This is the producer’s instructions​. If you have any questions, you can directly speak to her.”

Qiao Man gave this answer because she had no idea why Tangning made the decision to interfere with the shoot.

When Mo Ting and the other actors in the makeup room heard of Tangning’s decision, they all looked at each other curiously, “What’s with the sudden change?”

“Ning Jie barely gets involved with filming.”

“There must be a reason. It’s best you guys don’t speculate. Just follow the arrangements…”

Tangning did not get a chance to notify Mo Ting about the situation beforehand because she was in such a rush to protect him from danger.

Since Elder Nangong was watching them and they couldn’t find him, they couldn’t give him any opportunities, especially not explosion scenes. They couldn’t let their guard down for him to sneak through.

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