Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 76: Personal Manager

Chapter 76: Personal Manager



Tangning turned around. The look in her eyes were so indifferent it would cause others to tremble in fear as she gave off a sense of ridicule and disdain.

Tangning wanted to say, "Not everyone is like you", but...she couldn't be bothered because she knew Mo Yurou would find a way to twist her words around.

In the doorway, Han Yufan looked at the two with an icy gaze. He was especially cold after hearing Mo Yurou's last words; was it really because of Star Age that Tangning had gotten to where she was today? Han Yufan was upset so he sneered at Tangning, "Come to my office."

Tangning got out of her seat and followed behind Han Yufan, they both entered his office one after another. Han Yufan leaned over his desk. Without looking at Tangning, he asked, "Is what Yurou said true? Do you have an unspeakable relationship with the CEO of Star Age?"

"No, I don't," Tangning replied straightforwardly.

"How could you still lie to me. That night at the Bright Night Gala, the CEO of Star Age told me personally he had been trying to poach you multiple times in the past. Tangning, who would have thought you'd act all innocent and pure in front of me. You even made me feel guilty."

"Since everything Mo Yurou says is the truth to you, then what's the point of asking me?" Tangning's reaction was unfazed; towards Han Yufan, her heart was cold.

"Great, that's great Tangning! All along you had been criticizing Mo Yurou and I, but it turns out you were actually the most skilled cheater." Han Yufan turned around and approached Tangning full of hatred. He really wanted to know when Tangning had started hooking up with the CEO of Star Age; was it when they were still together?

3 years ago, Star Age had already started scouting Tangning - 3 years...meanwhile he was fearfully trying to hide Mo Yurou!


Although this was a word he had wanted to say for a long time, today was the first time he had actually said it - right in Tangning's face.

Tangning's eyes went icy cold as she glared at Han Yufan and responded articulately, "Because of what you said, I swear I will destroy Tianyi ten times faster."

"Han Yufan, not everyone is as despicable as you. Just because Mo Yurou and Han Ruoxue can't do anything to you, do you think I wouldn't be able to either?"

"In half a month! I will let you experience what it feels like to lose everything."

Han Yufan looked at Tangning as she made her vow. He suddenly felt feeble compared to her; after all the recent clashes he had with Tangning, he knew Tangning was not someone to easily give up. Above all, she kept a low-profile, so it was hard to predict what her next move would be. Every time he thought he had her figured out, she would turn the tables miraculously.

Han Yufan was a bit regretful of the words he just said, but...Tangning had already walked off into the distance.

How could he have called her a sl*t...he was way too emotional.

At this time downstairs, there were indeed people from Star Age who had arrived. Star Age's CEO came to invite Tangning to dinner, but she refused just as she did in the past 3 years; not giving him even half a chance.

"Sorry President Zhou, I have my own car."

He was once again rejected as he watched Tangning drive off into the distance and around the corner. It was at this time that Lan Yu appeared out of nowhere, stretched her arms out and blocked their way; her appearance was at least 70% similar to Tangning.

"If Tangning doesn't want to go, can I go in her place?"

Zhou Yanqing furrowed his brows; this girl was too brave, how dare she jump in front of their car. But, he couldn't deny that although Lan Yu did not have the professionalism and elegance of Tangning, she was indeed younger - being younger was a huge advantage. If they couldn't get Tangning, then picking up a Lan Yu wouldn't be too bad of a consolation prize; it would simply mean they'd have to invest more in the early stages.

He considered this option even though deep down, he still wanted Tangning more.


On the way home, Long Jie noticed Tangning's expression wasn't well; something was wrong. She promptly asked, "What happened? Tangning, did you have an argument with the sl*t and jerk again?"


Upon hearing this word, Tangning was reminded of what Han Yufan said earlier; it seemed she had been too gentle on Tianyi. Luckily...the awards ceremony was just around the corner, she would definitely destroy Mo Yurou this time! Everything that was in the past was in the past, but what Han Yufan and Mo Yurou owed her, she was going to make them pay her back; no holding back.

Long Jie saw Tangning's expression was gloomy so she stopped asking. She simply escorted Tangning back to Hyatt Regency and told her to rest early. After all, TQ magazine's photo shoot was about to start, so it was important for her to recharge her batteries.

Upon returning to the villa, Mo Ting was already home. Next to his hand sat a few documents. As usual, this was all for her.

Seeing one side of Mo Ting's charmingly handsome face, Tangning took a deep breath. She already had such an amazing person by her side, she couldn't wish for everything to always go to plan, so she tried her best to calm her emotions.

"What are you looking at?" Tangning walked over to Mo Ting and sat down as she asked.

"Helping you select a suitable management agency. Although I can assist you from behind, still don't have anyone to represent you. So after leaving Tianyi, you require a better and stronger team," after explaining, Mo Ting placed some information in front of Tangning.

Tangning thought Mo Ting would suggest she join Star Age, but instead, he placed the name Cheng Tian in front of her.

Although Cheng Tian couldn't be considered as a leading entertainment agency and was still far from top agencies like Hai Rui and Star King, they were still considered as a top-notch company. On top of that, in terms of creating international supermodels, they were well experienced.

According to Tangning's current status, going to Cheng Tian seemed to be asking for too much.

"Has an appointment been arranged with Cheng Tian?"

"No, you will need to fight for it yourself. They will be holding auditions soon. When that time comes, I'll take you there to give it a try."

Tangning nodded, she never doubted Mo Ting's decisions. Mo Yurou wanted to enter Creative Century while Lan Yu wanted to steal Star Age's offer from her, yet, Mo Ting didn't select either of them. Instead, he wanted Tangning to join Cheng Tian Entertainment who were on a much higher level. If they succeeded, the announcement would once again create chaos.

Thinking of Mo Ting's thoughtfulness, Tangning grabbed onto his hand and intertwined her fingers with his, "During the day you need to deal with your company's issues, and at night, after returning home, you need to look through my documents, aren't you tired?"

"No matter how tired I am, I don't want to see you be at a disadvantage. I can't allow my wife to suffer," Mo Ting planted a kiss on Tangning's lips.

"Like this, could we consider that you created me?" Thinking about how Mo Ting had supported her behind the scenes all along, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think this way.

"My dear wife, I am waiting to become your personal manager!" Mo Ting smiled.

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