Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1200 - Don’t You Want This Family Anymore?

Chapter 1200: Don’t You Want This Family Anymore?

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“Must you do this?” Mo Zichen’s heart ached…

“I don’t want my family to milk you dry,” Qian Lan said with certainty. She then stretched out her right hand, “I will free myself from my family. Wish me luck.”

Mo Zichen took a deep breath and finally nodded his head as he shook Qian Lan’s hand, “If you have any difficulties in the future, don’t hesitate to look for me.”

“I don’t want to trouble you…” After speaking, Qian Lan left as soon as possible; if she stayed any longer, she was afraid that she would feel regret.

She knew that Mo Zichen was a great guy. But, the problem was, she hadn’t fully understood her family.

After leaving Mo Zichen, Qian Lan kneeled on the ground and cried for quite some time. But, she also reminded herself that from that day onwards, she was going to do all that she could to reject her family’s​ involvement in her life. She was going to gain their respect and take back control.

Otherwise, she was never going to date again.

As soon as Qian Lan returned home, Mother Qian quickly approached her and asked, “Weren’t you supposed to go to Hyatt Regency for dinner? Why didn’t you go? Where’s that young man?”

“I’m not going today nor will I ever go,” Qian Lan replied with seriousness. “Because you and the rest of the family disgust me.”

“Qian Lan, how could you say that? We only want what’s best for you.”

“Stop saying that,” Qian Lan growled. “By the way, Mo Zichen and I broke up. Your wish came true. I won’t be seeing him ever again.”

“Qian Lan…”

“If there’s nothing else, I’m returning to my room.” After speaking, Qian Lan stormed past her family and stubbornly returned to her room.

Mother Qian and the rest of the family could only sigh, “That kid has no idea that we are thinking on her behalf.”

“She is completely clueless.”

Qian Lan snorted when she heard these words and decided that she was definitely leaving the household.

The next morning, Qian Lan went to school and handed in her resignation. However, just as she left, Mo Zichen walked past her with his textbooks.

At that moment, Mo Zichen acted as though she was a complete stranger. He walked straight past her without a trace of emotion.

Since they had ended their relationship, there had to be a clean end. There was no point showing any pain and making the other feel bad.

Qian Lan’s heart ached, but she also grew stronger.

To free herself from her parents, she went ahead and signed up for the military without her parents knowing. By the time that Mother Qian found out, Qian Lan had already passed all the tests and checks.

Mother Qian was quite surprised; she didn’t expect her daughter to be so unreasonable. But, to get into the military, Qian Lan even cut her hair without discussing a thing with her family.

Before attending her recruit training, Qian Lan was at home packing her bags. Mother Qian approached her room with Qian Hui and said, “Qian Lan…why don’t I ask dad to remove your name from the military. Don’t go.”

“If you ask dad to do that, then I’ll go report him,” Qian Lan said stubbornly. “Entering the military is my choice, you have no say in this matter.”

“Why would a woman go join the military?”

“It’s because I don’t want to see you,” Qian Lan laughed. “Apart from entering the military, I have no other choice.”

“Qian Lan!” Mother Qian began to feel anxious. “I’m only doing it for your own good.”

“We’ve already been on this topic for too long. There’s no point talking about it any further,” Qian Lan said as she closed her suitcase. “Mom, I wish you the best of health. Sis, I hope you have a baby soon.”

Mother Qian was furious, but there was nothing she could do. Qian Lan had become a lot more stubborn and she couldn’t do anything about her.

Qian Lan carried her luggage and started to head out of the house. But, just as she got downstairs, she ran into Xu Chunhao.

Qian Lan did not say a word as she continued out the door, however Xu Chunhao called out, “Don’t you want this family anymore?”

“Let me escort you.” However, Qian Lan waved her hand and walked out without turning back.

How badly was she hurt for her to be so decisive?

No one understood how she felt and how much pain she suffered. But, she simply wanted control over her own life. Was that too much to ask for?

No matter how the Qian Family clung to her, she was going to follow through with her decision. She couldn’t live the rest of her life following someone else’s plan.

This was the only thing that Qian Lan wanted.

So, she completely immersed herself into the training that was closed off to the world. She needed build a stronger will and firmer faith.

That night, during his mission, Mo Zichen’s colleague asked, “Did you know that the girl you dated has joined the military?”

Mo Zichen nodded his head, “Yes, I heard.”

“Holy sh*t! I’ve never met such a tough heiress. Just to free herself from her family, she sent herself to the toughest place on earth!” the man laughed. “And you, my dear brother, you are so pitiful. Your relationship was much too short!’

“Even a dangerous situation like this can’t shut you up!” Mo Zichen humphed.

“But, I can understand why you were interested in her. Hasn’t there been a ‘sister’ that you grew up with? After all these years, you haven’t even felt a thing for her.”

“Qian Lan simply appears weak on the surface. She’s actually got a strong mindset,” Mo Zichen sighed.

“Forget about it. No matter how strong she is, she is no longer yours. In our line of work…what right do we have to be in a relationship?”

Mo Zichen did not say a word. Only time could allow them to become their best selves.

A few days later, Tangning asked Mo Zichen home to attend Hai Rui’s Anniversary Celebration.

In reality, it was just an excuse to see her son.

Mo Zichen figured that showing his face briefly would be enough. After all, keeping a low profile was key to his safety. So, he returned to Hyatt Regency before the event.

At that time, Tangning and her good friends were gathered at home.

“Zichen’s home.”

Mo Zichen approached the three women and greeted them sweetly, “Auntie Long, Auntie Lin, Mom.”

“Why are you suddenly back?” Tangning immediately held onto his hand.

“I had some free time…” Mo Zichen replied. “You guys continue chatting. I’ll go back to my room and get changed.”

“Don’t take too long,” Tangning said. After he turned away, the aunties began to chatter.

“Zichen’s teaching far from home. Aren’t you worried about him?” Long Jie asked. “Look at the child, his lost a lot of weight.”

“I may worry about him, but it’s his life. He has the right to make his own decisions,” Tangning replied.

“Who would believe that the beloved son of the almighty Mo Ting and Tangning would be a mere teacher at a school? That’s unbelievable.”

“As long as he’s happy.”

Mo Zichen leaned against the wall and listened to his mother protect and support him.

In this world, probably no one else understood him better than Tangning.

Mo Zichen suddenly felt grateful but also heartbroken.

He didn’t want to see his mother grow old and die someday…

(Even though Tangning currently looked no different to a thirty year old…)

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