Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1250 - It’s Tiring To Have A Crush

Chapter 1250: It’s Tiring To Have A Crush

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Mo Ziyan had plenty of admirers because she never put up a front around people. But, she was extra mindful about keeping a distance from the opposite sex, especially when Gu Qingli was around.

Gu Qingli was 30-years-old; the youngest professor on campus. And, he was charismatic and classy.

He was always slow-witted, but Mo Ziyan was completely in love with his calmness. While she loved him, a few years passed.

From the moment she first entered the university, she already took notice of this man. Even after she graduated, she still refused to leave because she wanted more chances to cross paths with Gu Qingli. However, Gu Qingli seemed to live in his own world where he didn’t get close to anyone.

Mo Ziyan had once gathered the courage to write Gu Qingli a letter, but afterwards, it was as though the letter had sunk to the bottom of the ocean, never to be heard from again.

She assumed that Gu Qingli didn’t like women like her, that’s why he couldn’t be bothered responding to her, or perhaps…there were too many people that admired him, so he never even noticed her.

But, a one-sided crush was a tiring thing, especially now that her two brothers were married and even had kids.

She finally realized that if she continued to like Gu Qingli and he didn’t like her back, then there was no way of forcing it.

“Ziyan, are you packing your things because you’re preparing to move home?” her roommate quickly asked as she noticed Mo Ziyan packing her belongings.

“Yes, it’s more convenient at home.”

“Are you giving up on Professor Gu?”

“Perhaps, he can only be a distant dream for me,” Mo Ziyan said as she threw her backpack on and walked out carrying some textbooks in her hands.

As she had familiarized herself with Gu Qingli’s lifestyle and habits, she knew exactly how to see him at any given time of the day. The impressive man arrived on campus at 8am every day and he would spend one hour sitting in the campus cafe.

He seemed to have a large collection of suits; Mo Ziyan had counted them all, he had roughly 30 sets.

He liked wearing Quartz watches, and all of them were very expensive.

He was classy, eloquent and he looked less like a professor and more like a high-class businessman.

He was noble like a refined scholar, but he preferred reading science and technology textbooks.

One time, Mo Ziyan even saw the edge of his underwear and recognized it as a famous Italian luxury brand; one that the normal person couldn’t afford.

But, no matter how much Mo Ziyan knew about Gu Qingli, she couldn’t find a way to attract his attention.

So, that day, she decided to end her crush on the man…

As usual, Mo Ziyan sat beside a window and watched as Gu Qingli arrived on campus and drank his usual British-style coffee. His eyes were glued to the book in front of him, looking classy and charming.

By the time lunch came around, she knew he would order a set meal and sit in his seat leisurely, taking every last bite of his food.

And at night time, he would return to his apartment near the university.

Mo Ziyan knew this clearly.

But, she had reached her end for the day…After eating the food in front of her, she put on her backpack and got up. However, a female student suddenly ran over to Professor Gu and handed him a confession letter, “Please take this, Professor Gu.”

Gu Qingli lifted his head and looked at the woman. He then brushed the letter aside and replied, “I’m sorry but I’m already married.”

As soon as she heard these words, Mo Ziyan felt her heart tighten. Although she had already guessed that he was married, actually hearing it from him, hurt her so bad that she began to cry.

She grew up witnessing the love between her parents and deeply admired it, but she understood that every love story was one of a kind.

She had no idea why she was so obsessed with Gu Qingli to the point where she couldn’t turn back.

But, now that Gu Qingli personally admitted that he was married, it was perhaps the opportunity for her to finally give up.

However, just as she was about to leave, the boss of the cafeteria walked over to Gu Qingli with a slight smile and asked, “Why do you keep telling people you’re married?”

“Kids these days aren’t mature enough. They throw the word ‘love’ around so easily, when all they’re interested in are my looks.”

As soon as she heard this, Mo Ziyan felt her heart light up again, as though it had been revived. So, she gathered her courage and walked over to Gu Qingli, “Professor Gu…I’ve actually been interested in you for a long time too.”

Both Gu Qingli and the boss lady were stunned.

“I also wrote you a letter once, but I assume you’ve forgotten it already.”

“I’m leaving the university for good today. When I saw someone confessing to you, I simply came to join the audience for a bit. Don’t worry, I may like you, but, I’ve decided I’m giving up on you…”

“I wish you the best, Professor Gu.”

After saying this, Mo Ziyan turned around and walked out with her head held high.

At this time, the boss lady said to Gu Qingli, “I recognize that child. She comes here every day, moments after you arrive. It’s been like that for the last 3 years.”

Although Gu Qingli did not show any physical reaction, his heart was slightly moved.

Afterwards, he returned to his office and started searching around the room for a while. It wasn’t easy, but he finally found a yellowed confession letter. Gu Qingli opened it to have a look – this was written 4 years ago.

How did it feel to have an admirer for 4 years?

Gu Qingli didn’t understand. But, his image of Mo Ziyan was an optimistic young woman that all the teachers and students liked. He never expected that this soft and gentle woman would like him.

Especially not for so many years…

After Mo Ziyan returned home, she buried herself in Tangning’s arms and broke down in tears. Afterwards, she blinked back her tears and decided that, starting from the next day, she was going to focus on working at Hai Rui.

At least, without romantic love, she still had her family’s love.

Tangning’s heart ached for her daughter. She had never had to worry about Mo Ziyan before because she always had things planned out and knew what she was doing.

“Mom, it’s tiring to have a crush on someone.”

“My capable daughter will definitely find someone better,” Tangning said as she patted her daughter on the head.

“Mom…I want to sleep with you tonight.”

“You’ll need to ask your father,” Tangning chuckled.

Mo Ziyan was simply whining a little; she was well aware that Mo Ting would never hand his wife over to her. So, after wiping away her tears, she returned to her room and locked everything related to Gu Qingli away.

But, to her surprise, before she fell asleep that night, she suddenly received a message from an unknown number. The words in the message once again ignited her heart.

“I never read the letter.”

The professors all had access to their students’ contact details, so Mo Ziyan didn’t find the message strange. She was simply in disbelief, “Is this Professor Gu?”

“Yes,” Gu Qingli replied swiftly.

Mo Ziyan’s heart rate increased as though she had won the lottery.

“What should I say now? How should I reply?”

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