Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1271 - You Are More Important

Chapter 1271: You Are More Important

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Gu Qingli sat down in front of Tang Yichen and finally said after a short pause, “I know you don’t particularly like me and you may even have a bias against me. Although I don’t know the reason why you feel this way and why you’re so frustrated around me, I hope I can sit down and chat with you so we can clarify everything.”

“Otherwise, it will be tough for Mom and Ziyan to be stuck in the middle.”

“So, you’re aware of that,” Tang Yichen humphed. “In that case, let me ask you a question: have you ever been to this hospital before?”

“This is my first time here.”

“But, I’m sure I’ve seen you come here with a woman to get an abortion,” Tang Yichen replied. “It’s not often that I see men like you here. That’s why I remember you.”

After hearing this, Gu Qingli felt a little lost, “In that case, Auntie, do you remember what day that was?”

“It wasn’t that long ago; less than a year.”

Gu Qingli thought for a second and answered innocently, “Ziyan is my first and only girlfriend. I’ve been a professor for many years, living life between work and home and never coming in excessive contact with women. If I had been with a woman, I’m sure Ziyan would have known, since she was watching me for 4 years.”

“So, you’re saying that I made a mistake?” Tang Yichen asked with a raised eyebrow.

“If you saw me in the hospital, Auntie, I’m sure the hospital has surveillance cameras and hospital records for you to check.”

“Then, before I check those out, you don’t need to suck up to me. That will only make me dislike you more.”

“OK,” Gu Qingli nodded his head. “I’ll leave Ziyan in your hands then.”

After speaking, Gu Qingli stood up and left, not giving Tang Yichen any chance to hate him more. He then did as he promised. Even when Tang Yichen visited Mo Ziyan’s room to run some tests, Gu Qingli did not say a word. This made Tang Yichen feel a lot more comfortable around him.

At least, his patience wasn’t bad.

Of course, after Tangning discovered that Tang Yichen was suspicious of her son-in-law, she knew Tang Yichen was bound to give him attitude, so she told Mo Ting about the situation and asked him to do some research into Gu Qingli’s history.

The Mo Family all had reason to believe Gu Qingli’s innocence, but they had to make Tang Yichen believe him too.

At this time, Mo Zichen heard about the situation. So, before Mo Ting got the chance to investigate Gu Qingli’s background, he handed Tangning a case study, “Back when I first discovered Ziyan’s interest in Gu Qingli, I already ran a background check on him. You can show this information to Auntie.”

“Qingli is indeed someone that deserves our trust.”

Tangning accepted the information and had a read through Gu Qingli’s history. It was so thorough that she even learned about his childhood.

From this information, she finally understood why Mo Ziyan liked Gu Qingli so much. He was a man that had gone through a lot of hardship, yet he still had such a gentle heart. It was no surprise that Mo Ziyan found him attractive.

“Oh, this Auntie. In the past, she didn’t like seeing you argue with Tang Xuan, so she hid from the conflict and stayed at the hospital all day, refusing to take sides. Yet, she can’t help but fight against unfairness.”

“Your Auntie’s always been like that,” Tangning laughed.

She then took the information with her to the hospital.

However, Gu Qingli had already received a scolding from Tang Yichen.

After all, she had never been nice to him. But, even so, Gu Qingli did not make a single complaint.

Where did he learn this tolerance from?

Soon, Tangning arrived at the hospital with Gu Qingli’s case study and handed it to Tang Yichen, “Even if you don’t believe what Gu Qingli said, I’m sure you believe in Hai Rui and Zichen’s research. If Zichen’s never objected against this relationship, then shouldn’t you question whether you made a mistake?”

Tang Yichen took a deep breath and waited a few seconds before she opened up the information. She then looked through everything from beginning to end, “This child went through all this?”

“That’s why you should treat him nicer. With his wealth, he’s actually a very clean and honest person to only have Ziyan.”

Tang Yichen sighed and finally nodded her head, “I understand…”

Actually, Gu Qingli’s performance was worthy of brownie points from the start.

He was attentive of Mo Ziyan and he was respectful towards Tangning. As for the way he treated Tang Yichen…

Even when her attitude was extremely unreasonable, he did not lose his temper once. So, after Tang Yichen looked at all the information, her image of Gu Qingli began to change.

“If you’ve realized that you wrongly accused him, you should go and apologize.”

“But, I’m sure I saw him that day.”

“People have similarities. How could you be so sure that the person you saw was Gu Qingli?”

“Forget it, I was wrong this time, OK?”

So, when it came time for her to do her rounds, Tang Yichen walked into Mo Ziyan’s room and said to Gu Qingli, “You were right, I misunderstood you.”

Gu Qingli shook his head, gesturing that he didn’t mind. Meanwhile, Mo Ziyan smiled and said, “Auntie, I practically knew where Brother Four was at all times during the four years that I watched over him. So, from the moment that you said he came in contact with another woman, I was the first to not believe you.”

“It’s lucky that you trusted Gu Qingli so much. Otherwise, I would have been a disgusting person that drove a wedge between you.”

“Brother Four wouldn’t think of you like that,” Mo Ziyan said. “By the way, how’s my body doing?”

“That’s right, Auntie, how’s Ziyan’s condition?”

When it came to Ziyan’s condition, Tang Yichen immediately turned serious, “Over the last two days, we’ve discovered that your tumor has grown larger. So…”

“So is it malignant?” Gu Qingli asked as he stood up.

“We will keep it under observation for another two days, if it continues to grow, then you will need to prepare yourselves; the child needs to go…”

After hearing this, Mo Ziyan gripped onto the blanket in front of her and her eyes began to turn red, “Auntie, do I have no choice but to have an abortion?”

“What do you think? You can always have another child, but you can’t ignore the well-being of your body. This is not a choice but a notification.”

Gu Qingli took this opportunity to hold onto Mo Ziyan’s hand, “Don’t be afraid. Listen to Auntie, OK?”

Mo Ziyan took a deep breath. She couldn’t bear to let go. After all, it was a life, and most importantly, it was her and Gu Qingli’s child.

“Brother Four…”

“You’re from the Mo Family, can’t​ you pull through a small matter like this?” Tang Yichen challenged.

“Of course I can,” Mo Ziyan said as she held onto Gu Qingli’s hand. “Auntie, everything’s fine here, you can go back to what you were doing.”

Tang Yichen nodded her head. After all, Gu Qingli was by her side, so she assumed he would be able to comfort her.

“Brother Four, can I really not keep this child?”

“You are more important,” Gu Qingli replied firmly.

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