Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1270 - Don't Call Me Auntie, I Haven't Acknowledged You Yet

Chapter 1270: Don’t Call Me Auntie, I Haven’t Acknowledged You Yet

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This was the first time that Tang Yichen met Gu Qingli. Originally, she didn’t have much to say to this nephew-in-law, but, as soon as she saw Gu Qingli, she immediately looked at him with doubt.

She analyzed Gu Qingli carefully and seriously. She was so focused that she didn’t even hear Tangning’s cries, “Sister Two?”

Eventually, she snapped out of her daze and replied, “Gu Qingli, right? I’ve familiarized myself with him now.” However, her response was neither cold nor enthusiastic.

Although Gu Qingli didn’t know how he had offended Tang Yichen, he did not complain. As long as she took good care of Mo Ziyan, he didn’t care about anything else.

Of course, Tangning had some questions she wanted to ask, but she did not ask them at that moment because the main priority was Mo Ziyan.

Since Tang Yichen said she was putting Mo Ziyan under observation, it was best for her to stay in the hospital to do any necessary examinations.

Initially, Mo Ziyan planned to hand Hai Rui back to Mo Ting for a while, but Gu Qingli told her, “Your father has already handed the business to you, how could you hand it back? While you’re in the hospital, I’ll help you manage everything. I’ll update you on what’s happening and after you’ve confirmed what to do, I’ll go back and do it for you.”

“What about the university?”

“I’ve already taken time off,” Gu Qingli replied. “Nothing is more important than you right now.”

Mo Ziyan nodded her head, but she still couldn’t forget how Tang Yichen reacted earlier, “Brother Four, have you met my auntie before?”

Gu Qingli carried his wife up to the VIP hospital room and shook his head, “I don’t have any impression of her. I’m not sure what your auntie has against me, but I’m in no rush to question her about it. Time will eventually reveal all, so I’m sure your auntie will eventually realize the kind of person I am.”

“My auntie is relatively straightforward, she doesn’t beat around the bush like my mother does sometimes. So, if you’ve offended her in some way, you can just talk to her and the problem will be resolved quickly.”

Gu Qingli nodded his head. He was actually quite curious as to what he had done wrong.

Meanwhile, Tangning and Tang Yichen were in Tang Yichen’s office discussing Mo Ziyan’s condition. However, Tangning couldn’t help but ask what she was curious about, “Judging by the look on your face, have you met Qingli in the past?”

“You can tell?”

“Your emotions are written all over your face. I’m sure I’m not the only one that noticed; my observant son-in-law definitely felt it too. You were so cold towards him,” Tangning said with a glare.

“If I tell you the reason, don’t get angry.”


“I think I’ve seen your son-in-law come to the hospital with a woman to see one of our gynecologists before! I can remember him because of his good looks,” Tang Yichen explained. “You know I’m a straightforward person. These words may trigger discomfort between you and Gu Qingli, but I can’t lie. Now that Ziyan is in this situation, I don’t want to see her end up with an irresponsible man.”

“OK, you just focus on taking care of Ziyan for now!” Tangning remembered what Tang Yichen told her.

But, this was still something that happened before Gu Qingli married Mo Ziyan. As an elder, was it right for her to chase up this matter?

Besides, it wasn’t clear whether Tang Yichen actually saw what she thought she saw. What if she simply saw someone that looked similar?

With this thought, Tangning decided to keep her doubts to herself.

Afterwards, she returned to Mo Ziyan’s hospital room to check if she was missing anything. If she was, she would help her prepare it. But, after she was done and started walking towards the doorway, Gu Qingli offered, “Mom, I’ll walk you out.”

When did she ever need someone to walk her out?

Gu Qingli obviously had something to ask her.

But, it was a good thing.

“Let’s go,” Tangning said.

Gu Qingli gestured for Mo Ziyan to wait and walked out to join Tangning.

“You noticed, didn’t you?” Tangning laughed.

“Auntie’s expression was so obvious that I wasn’t the only one that noticed it; Ziyan noticed it too,” Gu Qingli smiled gently. “Although I can’t figure out what Auntie has a misunderstanding about, I can tell that she doesn’t have a good impression of me.”

“Qingli, I know it isn’t right for the older generation to interfere with the matters of the younger generation. In particular, I don’t think we have the right to question your past. But, I hope you take Yan Er’s feelings into consideration before you do anything. She needs your care at a time like this.”

“Mom, I don’t know what Auntie’s seen or what she’s misunderstood, but Ziyan is my first love. Although we haven’t known each other or been married for long, I can guarantee that I’ve always kept a distance from women and never overstepped my boundaries,” Gu Qingli replied in seriousness.

“If I’ve been in a relationship before or I’ve been entangled with another woman in some way, I have no reason to hide it.”

“All I needed was for you to tell me this.”

After Tangning finished listening to Gu Qingli’s response she nodded her head. Gu Qingli had been very patient.

Tangning trusted Gu Qingli, but she also trusted Tang Yichen, so she was sure that there was a misunderstanding.

“By the way, have you been to this hospital before?”

“Today was my first time,” Gu Qingli replied.

“OK,” Tangning replied. “Go back and take care of Yan Er. Nothing is more important than her and your child at the moment.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Gu Qingli was smart. Tangning’s questions obviously meant that Tang Yichen had seen him at the hospital before, and on top of that, she had seen him there with a woman.

But, it was true that he had never been there before.

Perhaps, Tang Yichen had seen someone else or she had remembered incorrectly.

After realizing what was happening, Gu Qingli returned to the hospital room. But, Mo Ziyan immediately questioned him, “What did Mom say?”

“Judging by what your mother said, it seems as though your auntie saw me at the hospital with another woman and is unhappy because of that,” Gu Qingli explained calmly.

“In that case, have you been here before?” Mo Ziyan asked.

Gu Qingli shook his head, “Of course not. You’ve familiarized yourself with my life over the last 4 years, haven’t you?”

“That’s true.”

“But…” Gu Qingli dragged out this word, gesturing that he had some uncertainties, “…I believe what your auntie saw because she has no reason to slander me.”

“Either way, I trust in you, Brother Four. No one understands you better than I do.”

“I’m glad you do. Now, get some rest,” Gu Qingli said as he helped Mo Ziyan lie down. “Everything else aside, I’m worried about you because you’re both pregnant and unwell.”

“Don’t worry, Auntie and Uncle are both highly skilled doctors. I will definitely be OK.”

Gu Qingli nodded his head before he gestured for her to close her eyes.

Afterwards, he decided it was time to meet with Tang Yichen. If this misunderstanding continued and Ziyan got hurt in the process, what would he do?

So, after Mo Ziyan fell asleep, Gu Qingli stepped out and headed to Tang Yichen’s office…

At that time, Tang Yichen was in the middle of looking at some hospital records. When she lifted her head and saw Gu Qingli, she felt a strong dislike towards him.


“Don’t call me Auntie, I haven’t acknowledged you yet,” Tang Yichen replied. “What do you want?”

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