Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1269 - You Should Notify Your Family First

Chapter 1269: You Should Notify Your Family First

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After a night of cheerfulness, Gu Qingli took Mo Ziyan to the hospital the next day to get a thorough examination done.

Since it was their first time being parents, both of them were quite excited.

But, after the examination, the couple sat inside the doctor’s office and noticed her furrow her brows, “You guys didn’t use contraception and accidentally fell pregnant, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Gu Qingli replied. “Is there a problem, Doctor?”

“We usually recommend that young couples come for a full body check-up before having children. That way, we can guarantee the health of their child by checking if the parents have any health concerns.”

“But, both of us are relatively healthy.”

“You can’t make assumptions like that. For example, we didn’t just discover an embryo in your wife’s ultrasound, we also found a tumor in her uterus,” the doctor said as she pointed to the ultrasound results.

As soon as they heard the word ‘tumor’, both Gu Qingli and Mo Ziyan were dumbfounded.

“But, I’ve never felt anything out of the ordinary.”

“Many illnesses develop symptoms, but some don’t,” the doctor explained. “Our main priority now is to confirm the location of the tumor because it may affect the baby.”

“I just want to know if my wife’s body will…”

“Mr. Gu, don’t worry. According to current medical technology, it should be no issue removing the tumor and it’s likely benign, you don’t need to worry too much. Right now, we just need to confirm the location of the tumor and see if there are any other lumps anywhere, so we will need to do more examinations.”

“What about our child?” Mo Ziyan couldn’t help but worry about this matter.

“If we discover that the location of the tumor may trigger a miscarriage or premature birth, then you will need to consider an abortion so you can undergo treatment. You are both still young so you can have plenty of kids in the future.”

When she heard the word abortion, Mo Ziyan shook her head, “This is my child, I don’t want to give up on it.”

“Mrs. Gu, you don’t need to make a decision yet. Don’t worry.”

The couple never expected that letting nature take its course would be so frightening.

Gu Qingli wrapped his arm around Mo Ziyan’s waist and apologized, “It’s all my fault…If I had been more careful, this would not have happened.”

“Brother Four, if I insisted on letting things happen naturally, you couldn’t have done anything anyway. The issue, in the end, was that I was too reckless.”

“The situation isn’t that bad yet, OK? Let’s not overthink things and get this treated first.”


“Listen to me,” Gu Qingli said gently.

Mo Ziyan’s mind was a blur; she never imagined that she’d have a tumor in her body. Worst of all, she didn’t discover it before but discovered it when she had a child…

“I’m scared…”

“You don’t have to be scared. I’m here,” Gu Qingli comforted. “After today’s examinations, we will go home first. After the doctor gives us a result, we will decide what to do next.”

Mo Ziyan looked at Gu Qingli and took a deep breath. She then calmed down, “I’ll do as you say.”

But, the fact that a happy event was suddenly turned into an incident like this, naturally affected their mood.

Of course, Gu Qingli was more worried about Mo Ziyan and the condition of her body.

The child was important, but his precious Mo Ziyan would always be his main priority.

After returning home, Mo Ziyan returned to the bedroom and lay in bed without a sound.

At first, Gu Qingli wanted to notify Tangning and Mo Ting, but Mo Ziyan stopped him, “Before we receive the results, let’s not tell Mom yet; she’s going to worry. Let’s see what the doctor says.”

“Silly, when something happens, you should notify your family first. Mom and Dad have experienced a lot in their lives, they won’t be frightened so easily. If you keep things from them, you will only appear immature. How could you keep such an important piece of news from them?” Gu Qingli explained gently.

After Mo Ziyan heard this, she did not refute. After all, Gu Qingli was older than her and his decisions were careful and flawless.

Since Gu Qingli felt it was necessary for her to tell her family, then she was going to follow his advice.

In the end, this man always put her mind at ease, so she did not stop him.

Gu Qingli patted Mo Ziyan on the head and called Tangning. He then told her about everything that happened at the hospital. After hearing what happened, Tangning immediately said to Gu Qingli, “Send her to the military hospital. We have so many doctors in the family, I’m sure someone will be able to treat this small illness of hers.”

This was the other reason why Gu Qingli wanted to notify Tangning. After all, they not only had Yao Anqi in the family, they also had Tang Yichen and Lu Guangli. Those two were highly skilled in medicine; what illness hadn’t they seen before?

So, Tangning gave Tang Yichen a phone call soon after.

When Mo Ziyan heard about Tangning’s response, she couldn’t help but blame herself, “I almost made a huge mistake…”

“How was keeping this from family ever considered a thoughtful thing to do? Even if it makes me stressed out, I’d still rather know about your illness, understood?” Gu Qingli said.

Mo Ziyan nodded her head. How could she not understand?

It didn’t take long before Mo Ziyan was escorted over to Tang Yichen’s hospital. As soon as Tangning saw Gu Qingli, she immediately praised him, “You handled this well.”

“Mom, I was wrong,” Mo Ziyan immediately admitted to her fault.

“I won’t punish you for now, but I’ll chase you up on it after you recover.”

Mo Ziyan was immediately admitted to the hospital for an examination. Of course, Auntie Tang Yichen put in extra effort for her niece. As soon as she saw the results of the examination, she immediately explained it to Tangning.

“The diagnosis from the previous hospital was correct, but they were a bit slow. It’s confirmed that the tumor is located inside the uterine wall and it will affect Ziyan’s pregnancy. But, we can’t confirm whether it is cancerous or benign.”

“I trust in you, so tell me how we should resolve this,” Tangning replied.

“Let’s keep it under observation first and if the tumor doesn’t grow any bigger, we can eliminate the possibility of it being cancerous. If that’s the case, then treatment will be a lot easier. But, if it changes in size, then we will need to cut it out and run some tests.”

“What about the child…”

“I know Ziyan loves children, so I will definitely do all I can to help her keep it. You don’t need to ask me about that,” Tang Yichen smiled. “Now that I think about it, I haven’t met my nephew-in-law yet.”

“Qingli, come meet your Auntie,” Tangning said as she turned around and looked at the man behind her.

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