Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1267 - You Haven’t Even Proposed

Chapter 1267: You Haven’t Even Proposed

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Mo Ziyan did not know that Gu Qingli had met with her father until afterwards.

When she first heard about it, she thought her father had started a fight with Gu Qingli. After Gu Qingli heard what she thought, he was quite surprised, “I’m afraid, apart from you, no one would think of their family like that.”

“Uncle isn’t as scary as you think.”

Mo Ziyan thought about it and realized that the old child she had at home probably wanted to marry her off as soon as possible. That way she wouldn’t bother Tangning all the time.

So, what Gu Qingli said, actually made sense. Mo Ting would never do anything extreme because it would scare his son-in-law away!

“You made me worry about nothing!”

“I never wanted you to worry,” Gu Qingli laughed. “You were the one that let your imagination run wild. But, what I gathered from your father was, he doesn’t want us to hold a big wedding…”

“Of course not. If we hold a wedding, my mother will definitely stress about it. He wouldn’t want that to happen. What are your thoughts regarding this?”

“I will do as you say.”

“Wait, what wedding are we talking about? You haven’t even proposed,” Mo Ziyan suddenly realized that she had received the shorter end of the stick. “Did you think I was stupid enough to be fooled by you?”

Gu Qingli chuckled and quickly comforted Mo Ziyan, “You simply don’t have your guard up around people that you care about, so you end up giving your entire heart.”

“That sounds about right,” Mo Ziyan was satisfied with this comment as she stretched out her hand, “Since you’re already talking about our wedding, aren’t you going to propose with a ring?”

When Gu Qingli heard this question, he pulled out a diamond ring from his pocket. But, the ring was not completely new.

“My grandfather passed this ring to my father, but my father ended up passing it to me. You know how much my father meant to me, so I’m giving my most valued possession to you.”

As soon as Mo Ziyan heard Gu Qingli mention his father, she immediately softened. So, before Gu Qingli said anything else, she grabbed the ring and put it on her ring finger.


Seeing how adorable she was, Gu Qingli chuckled and pulled out his real proposal ring from his other pocket. He then kneeled down on one knee, “Dopey, what are you saying ‘yes’ to? I haven’t even proposed yet.”

Mo Ziyan was a little dumbfounded; she realized she had been tricked. But, seeing Gu Qingli with one knee on the ground, she did not get angry, instead, she looked into his eyes seriously.

“God’s actually been very unfair. You’ve known me for 4 years, but I’ve only known you for a few months.”

“However, I don’t think it’s too late. Ziyan, you have the gentlest heart and you’re always willing to give everything. You’ve given me the warmth that I’ve been missing in my life.”

“So, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, even though we haven’t experienced much together yet.”

“Since we’ve already acknowledged each other, then…please let me be your husband. Let me take care of you, protect you and accompany you forever. What do you say?”

Mo Ziyan remembered the 4 years she spent having a crush on Gu Qingli and started to get teary.

At least, in the end, she received everything she wanted.

“Yes, I would like that. But, Brother Four, I have one request: neither of our families have ever held big fancy weddings because they don’t believe it has anything to do with having a happy marriage, so, is it OK if we register our marriage but not host a wedding?”

Gu Qingli understood what Mo Ziyan was thinking.

So, he held onto Mo Ziyan’s hands and nodded his head, “A ritual like that is generally held for the elders. Since our elders are open-minded, we can get married the way that we want. I don’t have any elders except for my grandfather. Since he is in his current state, I don’t think a wedding is that important. I just don’t want you to feel like you’re missing out.”

“I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all. As long as we are together, then I’m not missing anything.”

Mo Ziyan felt very happy and, of course, lucky.

She was actually not prepared for Gu Qingli’s proposal.

But, now that she received a ring in the living room, what about flowers?

Afterwards, she headed to the bedroom and was shocked by what she saw behind the door. The entire bed was covered in bright red roses.

Gu Qingli couldn’t stop himself from hugging Mo Ziyan. He then grabbed her chin and placed a kiss on her lips.

As they enjoyed the romantic atmosphere, the couple decided not to waste the perfect moment. So, atop the rose-covered bed, the couple started to get affectionate as they filled the void in each other’s hearts…

Gu Qingli had always been a refined man. But, when it came to things like this, he did not know how to be gentle.

Even so, Mo Ziyan was deeply in love with his expressions when they were intimate. The loving look in his eyes made her forget who she normally was as she immersed herself in the heat of the moment…

The rose petals beneath the two bodies got crushed while the couple enjoyed themselves until the next morning came around.

By that time, Mo Ziyan had already fallen asleep due to exhaustion. Meanwhile, Gu Qingli was tired but he still helped Mo Ziyan wipe down her body. Only after he confirmed that she was comfortable, did he lie down beside her and hug her to sleep.

That night was unforgettable, and it wasn’t only because Gu Qingli had proposed.

2 days later, Mo Ziyan and Gu Qingli went to register their marriage and officially became a married couple.

Afterwards, Mo Ziyan invited her roommates out for a catch-up.

When her roommates saw the sparkling ring on her finger, they gasped in admiration, “It’s great that you got married like this…”

“You girls should hurry up too!” Mo Ziyan said with a happy smile.

“But, let’s get back to the main topic, Ziyan, you are still the daughter of the Mo Family; you’re an heiress that’s sitting on a huge fortune. The professor, on the other hand, may be refined and handsome, but he doesn’t have a strong background. Does this mean he’ll become your dependent?”

After hearing this, Mo Ziyan couldn’t help but laugh, “Who said he doesn’t have a strong background?”

“What do you mean?”

“He has investments in half the real estate that’s being constructed in Beijing.”

As soon as the roommates heard this, their eyes opened wide in shock, “Does that mean, Professor Gu is a hidden tycoon?”

“Pretty much,” Mo Ziyan replied.

“You’re certainly lucky to snag such a great man.”

“You girls can try too.”

The girls scoffed, gesturing that they were clueless about the lives of the rich.

In the end, Mo Ziyan did not tell her family that she had married Gu Qingli and instead shared the news with her friends.

After all, even though they were married, their lives didn’t change much at all.

But, that was until two months later…

Mo Ziyan had been so busy that she didn’t even take notice of her menstrual cycle. So, Gu Qingli prepared a pregnancy test for her one day and handed it to her when she woke up.

As soon as Mo Ziyan looked at the pregnancy test, she finally noticed that her stomach had a small bump. Was she pregnant?

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