Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 75: Mo Yurou's Explosive Reaction

Chapter 75: Mo Yurou's Explosive Reaction



After the Bright Night Gala, Tangning's fame once again increased dramatically, however her agency continued to drag her down. Tianyi's higher-ups had reached their limit with Han Yufan; he couldn't suppress Tangning and he couldn't win her over either - he was even more useless than the security guard guarding the front door. He was the reason Tianyi had become such a foul place.

A few shareholders expressed their intention to withdraw their shares; they had lost hope in Tianyi as they mocked and pressured Han Yufan. After returning to his office, Han Yufan was so angry he smashed everything in sight; every single bone in his body was filled with hatred towards Tangning.

At this time, the newcomer models Han Ruoxue had scouted previously, arrived at the office to sign their contracts. Upon seeing Lan Yu, Han Yufan immediately called her over, "Have you ever done a runway show?"

"Yes I have. I am the winner of the Model Search Competition," Lan Yu replied respectfully.

That's right, Han Ruoxue had discovered this girl at the Model Search Competition.

"In that case, you don't require any training," Han Yufan exclaimed. A thought crossed his mind; many companies had contacted the agency directly in hopes of working with Tangning as they didn't want any disputes with their contracts. Hence, in his hands were multiple collaborations that weren't selected for Tangning. He decided to select one and recommend Lan Yu. If the client rejected the recommendation, he would simply cancel the contract preventing Tangning from ever contacting them again.

"Lan Yu, I will prepare a manager for you soon and she will help guide you."

"Thank you, President Mo." Lan Yu was only 16 years old, so as expected, she wasn't as mature as Tangning; revealing a childish smile. Upon seeing her smile, Han Yufan felt a little taken aback; once upon a time, Tangning was also this easy to work with, but...the thought of Tangning now made him want to tear her to pieces.

Looking at Lan Yu, Han Yufan felt a mix of emotions; she was too similar to Tangning. He couldn't help but feel angered when he saw her, but he was determined to quickly make her famous. So he had to get her to imitate Tangning in order to borrow Tangning's fame.

"That's it, you may leave."

Outside the door, Mo Yurou listened in on Han Yufan and Lan Yu's conversation. She immediately pushed open the door and questioned Han Yufan, "Are you still planning to use this fake copy?"

"I'm planning to give Tangning's resources to her and let her give them a try," Han Yufan calmly explained.

"Although Tangning does not possess any big awards, she has the same amount of resources as an A-Grade model. Why are you giving such good resources to a newcomer that hasn't even officially debuted? Yufan, why don't you give them to me?" Mo Yurou's mood became a bit agitated, "Haven't you considered that I will be receiving an award soon? Not only that, I also have your child in my stomach. No matter what, you should have my best interests in mind..."

"That's enough! In my meeting with the shareholders, they were already unhappy that I was showing you too much favoritism."

"Han Yufan, you are so fake. Is it because you found someone younger that you've decided to dump your second woman?" Mo Yurou sneered, "Your sister was right, you have no loyalty and all you care about are profits. In order to reach your goals, you could sacrifice anyone."

Hearing Mo Yurou's words, Han Yufan's expression showed a trace of ridicule, "Anyone has the right to say this to me except you. Mo Yurou, I sacrificed Tangning for you."

"In that case, you should give Lan Yu's resources to me."

Han Yufan looked at Mo Yurou's greedy face and how she had no self-awareness; he suddenly felt like laughing, "Must you wait until I am kicked out of Tianyi for you to be happy?"

Mo Yurou was dumbfounded.

The couple argued loudly. At this time, a tall figure was eavesdropping from outside. A mocking expression swept across her childish face before she walked downstairs to Tangning's room.

"Come in," Tangning's voice resounded from the room. She was here because every couple days she would visit the office to see if her fans had left her any presents. While here, she would also check on Tianyi's progress.

Lan Yu pushed open the door and entered the room. She had a timid expression on her face, but upon seeing Tangning's calm and introverted demeanor, she was lost for a moment before speaking, "I am a new model that just signed on with Tianyi, I am called Lan Yu."

She had previously left a deep impression on Tangning, "I remember you."

Tangning remembered her as the substitute Han Yufan had found for her.

"Can I discuss a trade with you?"

Were all 16-year-olds this mature? Tangning couldn't help but smile as she responded, "Let me know what your conditions are first."

"Actually, President Han has decided to give me one of your resources and the manager that was originally intended for you. But I know, it's pretty much impossible for me to fully take advantage of this opportunity. Since you have plenty of runway shows lined up, could you just give this one to me? I can report to you about Han Yufan and Mo Yurou whenever you want."

"No need," Tangning replied calmly. "Right now, I am already used to Han Yufan's actions, even if he was to find a substitute for me and get you to steal my resources."

Lan Yu was silent...she looked a little disappointed.

"You are still young, I don't want to get you involved in the adult's battle. Of course, if you manage to secure the show yourself, then it would mean you are capable and I will not stop you."

All her shows and magazine cover jobs were currently being selected by Mo Ting, whereas the companies that went via the agency weren't aware of the situation and just wanted to seek benefits, how good could they be?

"Thank you, Miss Tang," Lan Yu's eyes suddenly lit up.

Tangning smiled in disapproval. The fact that she was so young and already knew how to negotiate with others to benefit herself proved she wasn't a very innocent person. Tangning decided not to do anything and just sit back and watch what troubles this 16-year-old would cause.

After Lan Yu left, Mo Yurou stormed into Tangning's room and glared at her in hatred, "I can't believe you would actually support a newcomer."

"Mo Yurou, you should be careful. Lan Yu seems to be younger and more beautiful than you. The fact that Han Yufan could get rid of me to be with you, means he could also get rid of you for her."

Mo Yurou glared at Tangning's back and sneered, "Tangning, you must have had support to get to where you are today too, right?"

"I've suspected it for a long time. All along, everything has been going your way; don't tell me it's because you are capable. The CEO of Star Age has already revealed he's been trying to poach you multiple don't appear to be very clean. Stop acting all pure and innocent in front of other people."

"You've claimed that I've bribed the judges, what about you? What has the CEO of Star Age promised you? Is his bed soft?"

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