Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1266 - President Mo, If You're Jealous, Then Just Say So

Chapter 1266: President Mo, If You’re Jealous, Then Just Say So

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But, previously when Gu Qingli met with Tangning, she had already warned him that he passed her test, but he hadn’t passed Mo Ting’s yet. So, as soon as Mo Ting recovered a little from his illness, he naturally invited this future-son-in-law for a chat.

And he did it without Mo Ziyan knowing.

Although Gu Qingli expected this day to come, he was still very nervous when he saw Mo Ting.

As always, it was difficult to tell what Mo Ting liked.

Probably, the only person that knew what he was thinking was Tangning.

If it was anyone else, Gu Qingli could have prepared himself a little, but when it came to Mo Ting and Tangning, he couldn’t guarantee he’d please them even if he did everything he could.

Soon, Gu Qingli arrived at Hyatt Regency.

This time, without Mo Ziyan around, Gu Qingli was a lot more tense, even though Tangning kept telling him not to be nervous.

Mo Ting remained in the study room because his flu hadn’t completely cleared and Tangning wouldn’t let him out.

Even though this was the only time he caught the flu in 3-4 years!

“Go in, Ting’s inside.”

Gu Qingli looked at Tangning and nodded his head. He then pushed open the door to the study room.

There standing beside the window was Mo Ting, dressed in a set of black clothes looking into the distance.

“Come in.”

Gu Qingli approached Mo Ting. This man obviously looked no different to how he looked 20 years ago, but his king-like presence was stronger than ever.

“Uncle Mo.”

“Sit,” Mo Ting said as he turned around. He then sat down at his desk. However, he did not place his gaze on Gu Qingli, instead, he focused on a document in his hand, “I’ve looked at Ziyan’s progress at Hai Rui over the past few days. I deliberately gave her a few challenges, but she resolved them easily; I’m sure you must have helped her.”

Gu Qingli froze, unsure how to respond.

If he said ‘yes’, it wouldn’t seem very appropriate. After all, he was an outsider and it wasn’t right for him to get involved with the agency’s confidential operations.

But, if he said ‘no’, he would sound too fake.

“I guess nothing can be hidden from uncle…Actually, Ziyan already knew what to do, she was just being lazy…”

In other words, he loved Ziyan and he was simply helping her do what she wanted to do.

“I know better than you do, what she’s capable of,” Mo Ting said as he lifted his head. “I know about your family situation, so I would like to know how you define a family. Be honest, you don’t need to sugar-coat it.”

“Actually Uncle, I don’t really have a particular idea of how a family should be like. Before Ziyan appeared, my life simply alternated between work and home. I lived that kind of life for 7 years, so I had no idea what family meant. Only after Ziyan appeared did I start to anticipate a future with her and our own kids,” Gu Qingli replied in seriousness.

“Do you have your own business?”

“I have some assets.”

“If I asked you to give up your career as a professor and take on an identity that’s more suited to my daughter, what would you say?” This question obviously meant that Mo Ting knew the reason why Gu Qingli was teaching.

Gu Qingli thought for a second and replied, “Ziyan wouldn’t let you do that because she knows it would make me unhappy. She can tell when I’m unhappy.”

“OK.” After asking this question, Mo Ting paused for a moment. “To be honest, I don’t have that much of an opinion. I simply asked questions that Ziyan’s mother was curious about. Now that she’s gone, I don’t need to ask anymore.”

It turned out, Tangning had been eavesdropping all that time.

Gu Qingli couldn’t help but laugh.

“I don’t expect too much. The Mo Family doesn’t tolerate bullying. If you make Ziyan unhappy, then I have no choice but to destroy your reputation and make you bankrupt. This isn’t just a threat, I always do as I say. I hope you’re aware of this.”

“I understand, Uncle Mo.”

“If you ask me, I think it’s best if you don’t hold a wedding. I don’t want her mother to stress about it. If you must hold one, then prepare everything yourself and notify us when the time comes.”

Gu Qingli understood Mo Ting’s request as he sensed his king-like presence. He was completely a man that doted his wife down to the bone.

He was a good husband and father.

But of course, Tangning knew that if she didn’t stand by the study room door, Mo Ting would have told Gu Qingli to take Mo Ziyan with him and never come back.

What kind of father did that?

However, things had already been like that for the last couple of decades. Mo Ting’s biggest fear was for his kids to stress Tangning, even though the kids belonged to both of them. After all, Mo Zichen and Mo Zixi had already stressed Tangning enough. So, now that Mo Ziyan had someone to take care of her, Mo Ting couldn’t wait for Gu Qingli to take her off their hands.

Of course, he had already done his research on Gu Qingli; from his personality to his temper and from his capabilities to his social standing, there was nothing to complain about. Most importantly, his daughter liked him.

“I understand what you’re saying. I’ll make sure not to bother Auntie.”

“That’s all, you can leave.”

Gu Qingli realized the meeting was a lot easier than he expected. It turned out, Tangning was the one that had more concerns.

Of course, this was because Mo Ziyan’s judgment still seemed decent at that point.

By the time Gu Qingli got up to leave, he had only been in the study room for roughly 20 minutes.

Tangning waited until Gu Qingli was gone and entered the study room helplessly, “Is that the end of your test?”

“Ziyan’s already had her eye on him for 4 years. Do you think our tests would make any difference?”

“I really don’t know what to do about you,” Tangning gave up. “After all these years, why are you still so worried about me stressing over our kids?”

“You’ll remain younger when you’re happy. That means you can stay with me longer…”

“Which father can bear to marry off their daughter? Yet you can’t wait to send our Yan Er away,” Tangning complained. “Yan Er’s actually the one that I’ve stressed about the least, yet you gave her away so easily.”

“What else did you want me to do? You need to trust Yan Er’s judgment,” Mo Ting replied gently. “By the way, my flu isn’t gone yet, how could you nag me like this?”

“President Mo, if you’re jealous, then just say so,” Tangning had no choice but to fetch a jacket for her husband. “You’re already a grandfather, yet you’re still so childish.”

“That’s because I worry about you,” Mo Ting said as he hugged Tangning. “The world now belongs to our children and grandchildren. We’ve already produced films for many years. I think both of us are tired. Why don’t we go on a holiday?”

“What holiday? You’re just worried that I’d stress over our daughter’s wedding. I promise I won’t get involved, OK?”

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