Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1265 - I Heard Your Wife Is The CEO Of Hai Rui! That’s Amazing!

Chapter 1265: I Heard Your Wife Is The CEO Of Hai Rui! That’s Amazing!

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While the students and professors looked at Hai Rui’s CEO in amazement, they were also surprised that she looked very familiar.

In the end, someone responded, “Isn’t that the student that Professor Gu is involved with?”

“Now that you mention it, she does look similar, but she’s dressed very differently.”

“No way! Is Professor Gu’s girlfriend from Hai Rui? Does that mean he gets to see a lot of celebrities?”

Mo Ziyan strutted proudly over to the chancellor’s office. Of course, the chancellor was shocked to see her, especially when he discovered her identity. When he thought about the way he made things difficult for Gu Qingli in the past, he immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

“I never expected that Miss Mo is actually the daughter of the infamous Mo Family! I’m sorry if I offended you in the past!”

“Chancellor, my family wanted to keep a low profile in the past, so I never used my real identity in front of everyone. But now that I’ve officially taken over the role of CEO, it doesn’t matter anymore. When I realized that Hai Rui needed to use a university campus as a backdrop, I went ahead and recommended the university I attended. I hope you can understand my intention.”

Being spotted by Hai Rui was the best form of promotion.

“Of course, this is a wish come true for us. Our dream is for our alumni to contribute to their university more.”

“Great,” Mo Ziyan stood up to leave after her brief chat in the office. She then headed to her usual classroom and watched as everyone attended the class inside.

Soon, someone spotted Mo Ziyan and was a little curious by the way she was dressed.

As soon as the bell rang for the end of class, Mo Ziyan’s roommates ran out towards her.

“Why are you suddenly visiting us?”

“I’m here to discuss something…”

“Are you here for Professor Gu? All you care about is your lover!” After the roommates ridiculed her, they added, “Go to his office. You should be able to find him in there.”

“I’ll get going then…You guys continue with your classes.”

At that moment, her roommates had not realized her identity yet. Only after the other students started talking, did they react in shock.

“Hey, do you girls know the CEO of Hai Rui?”

The roommates looked at their classmate in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you know that the person you just hugged is the daughter of the Mo Family? A.K.A. the CEO of Hai Rui?”

That’s when they realized what was going on with Mo Ziyan, the brat!

But, Mo Ziyan had already forgotten about them and wandered off to Gu Qingli’s office. As she approached and saw Gu Qingli preparing notes for class, she gently knocked on the door, “Can I come in?”

When Gu Qingli saw her, he already knew about the commotion she had caused at the university, “Didn’t I tell you that the rumors didn’t matter?”

“But, I don’t want to see people talking rubbish about you,” Mo Ziyan humphed.

Gu Qingli let out a gentle laugh and walked over to her. He then held onto her hand and said, “So, am I innocent now?”

“At least, no one will dare to talk about you recklessly anymore!” Mo Ziyan was quite confident with this. As long as her identity changed from being a student to a CEO, she was sure that people would look at their relationship differently.

Gu Qingli didn’t know what to do about her, so he simply held onto her hand and asked, “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat before you leave?”

“Of course,” Mo Ziyan laughed.

The couple walked hand in hand through the campus as word quickly spread.

“So that’s Hai Rui’s CEO…”

“Does that mean Professor Gu can see a lot of celebrities? Can he see my favorite Zhuangzhuang?”

“I’m so jealous of Professor Gu…”

“If we think about it, the CEO must have revealed her identity to help Professor Gu establish some power.”

Just like before, everyone at the university was still talking about the couple. But, their conversations had now changed to speculation like this, rather than criticism and judgment.

Mo Ziyan was very satisfied with this outcome.

But then, rumors started to claim that Professor Gu was leeching off his partner!

Mo Ziyan was frustrated with these claims. Her Brother Four was worth much more than they thought!

Of course, Gu Qingli did not let Mo Ziyan clarify any further, “They can say that I’m leeching off you if they want. It’s no big deal…”

“These people are really…”

“You should have expected this result when you came to the university.”

“I simply didn’t want you to leave the university. I know it was your father’s wish,” Mo Ziyan explained. “I wasn’t acting recklessly.”

After Gu Qingli heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh, “You don’t need to explain yourself. Even if you did something wrong, I wouldn’t be upset at you.”

When she heard this, Mo Ziyan immediately jumped into Gu Qingli’s arms, “I knew you were the most accepting of me.”

The couple was entangled affectionately in each other’s arms, completely unaware of the approach of Mo Ziyan’s angry friends.

“Mo Ziyan!”

“You’ve certainly worked hard to keep this a secret from us!”

“You haven’t been very reasonable!”

As she watched her friends approach, Mo Ziyan couldn’t help but laugh, “I was wrong!”

“Unless you give us tickets to an upcoming concert, we will never forgive you.”

“As my roommates, you definitely have that privilege,” Mo Ziyan winked.

“That’s enough, you don’t need to waste any more time here because of me…” Gu Qingli rushed Mo Ziyan out because he knew how busy she was.

“In that case, let’s continue chatting at home later.”

After bidding farewell to Gu Qingli and her roommates, Mo Ziyan left the university while Gu Qingli returned to his office. However, his colleagues quickly started teasing him.

“I heard your wife is the CEO of Hai Rui! That’s amazing!”

“She made such a huge fuss today just to help you establish some power in the university. She’s certainly put in a lot of effort.”

“You’re so lucky, Qingli.”

In reality, Gu Qingli’s personal assets weren’t actually far off from the Mo Family’s. He actually had an investment in at least half of the properties that were being constructed in Beijing at that very moment. But, he did not explain anything.

He knew that Mo Ziyan did what she did because she truly loved him, so even though people said he was leeching off her, he didn’t mind.

Besides, after what she did, the treatment he received in the university did indeed change.

People that previously judged and criticized him, were now asking him for autographs; their attitudes were definitely a lot friendlier.

One could imagine how attractive young idols were to their fans.

It actually made him feel quite proud. After all, these people that often appeared on everyone’s television screens, now had a new boss, and this person was…

…his wife.


With the thought of this word, Gu Qingli realized it was time for him to do something, especially since he and Mo Ziyan never used contraception. He had to finalize things before a baby came along.

Of course, it was Mo Ziyan’s request to not use any contraception. After all, she desperately wanted a child like Xingzhe!

But, Gu Qingli simply let nature take its course…

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