Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1264 - Are You Saying That You're Quitting?

Chapter 1264: Are You Saying That You're Quitting?



Rumors spread back and forth and eventually landed in the ears of Gu Qingli. Of course, he did not refute these claims because he knew that denial would only make things worse. Besides, what they were saying was true anyway.

Eventually, the University Chancellor called Gu Qingli into his office to speak to him. The rumors were getting out of hand and it was affecting the image of the university's professors.

"Oh, Qingli, modern society may be open-minded and relationships between a student and teacher may not be a big deal, especially between two people of a similar age, you know, you have always attracted a lot of attention on campus. So, naturally, your every move is under the scrutiny of our students."

"The entire university is currently talking about your relationship with a student. Is it about time that you step forward and clear your name?"

"Chancellor, there's nothing to clear. What they are saying, is the truth," Gu Qingli replied calmly.

" still need to think of a solution. You don't want the students to continue gossiping, do you? Qingli, you need to take your future into consideration!"

After hearing this, Gu Qingli began to laugh, "Chancellor, everyone has the right to freedom of speech. I think we should respect that."

"That may sound good, but it doesn't look good. Look at how people are pointing at you and calling you the professor who's messing around with his student. Doesn't it make you feel bad?"

"No, it doesn't," Gu Qingli replied straightforwardly. "Chancellor, I've been at this university for a while now. I'm sure you know the kind of person I am. If the university has no place for me, then I'll have to end my services here."

"What do you mean by this?" the chancellor could tell there was an extra layer of meaning to Gu Qingli's words, "Are you saying that you're quitting?"

"If you guys can't accept my private life...then I have no other choice."

Gu Qingli had already come to this decision: if the university reacted too seriously, then his career as a professor had reached its end.

The chancellor sighed helplessly as he waved his hands at Gu Qingli, "Step out for a second. Let me think this over."

Gu Qingli nodded and stepped out of the office. Although people were gossiping about him, Gu Qingli did not feel embarrassed. After all, this was his private life and he had a clear conscience.

However, Mo Ziyan's roommates quickly called her to notify her of the drama.

"Ziyan, when you visited the campus the other day, someone saw you and everyone's gossiping about Professor Gu as a result. They're all saying that he has a messed up private life. If we think about it, you should be taking responsibility for this."

"But, Brother Four never mentioned this to me."

"Professor Gu is a thoughtful person. He would never complain in front of you," Mo Ziyan's roommate reminded her. "You need to be more thoughtful too. Stop focusing on yourself. Do you know how tough it's been for Professor Gu to face the university all on his own?"

"Yes, thank you for telling me about this. I know what to do," Mo Ziyan said thankfully as she hung up the phone. She then fell into deep thought.

Of course, she did not act straight away because she still needed to find out what the students were actually saying.

So, she sent her secretary into action and quickly discovered the effect that the rumors had on Gu Qingli.

The first rumors weren't so bad. But, after circulating for a while, people were now saying that he had slept with multiple students!

And, even though Gu Qingli had the ability to clarify everything, he didn't want to waste his time on it...

So, when he returned home that night, Mo Ziyan looked at him unhappily and asked, "Brother Four, are you hiding something from me?"

Gu Qingli went downstairs to check on his grandfather before he returned and wrapped his arms around Mo Ziyan. But, he changed the subject, "Aren't you tired from a full day at work?"


As soon as Mo Ziyan replied, Gu Qingli immediately lifted her in his arms, "Since you're not tired, let's do something together."

Mo Ziyan was stunned. By the time she realized what was happening, Gu Qingli had already carried her into the bathroom.

One piece of clothing fell onto the floor after another until the couple faced each other in their bare state. Mo Ziyan was suddenly reminded of their 'first time'. That night, they were also in the bathroom when they completed a very important 'ritual'.

Initially, she was still chasing up the matter at the university, but Gu Qingli's kisses began to light up a trail of fiery passion across her body.

This man was an expert. After just one time, he had already evolved and knew exactly how to take control of her body.

It didn't take long before Mo Ziyan gave herself up to his tenderness. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were dewy; a mesmerizing look that Gu Qingli couldn't resist.

Afterwards, the two bodies combined, causing them both to let out moans of pleasure.

Meanwhile, the outline of their perfect figures once again showed up on the glass behind them...

This time, the couple lasted 2 hours. By the time Mo Ziyan returned to the bed, she had already run out of energy to question Gu Qingli about the incident at the university. She simply fell asleep - all the way until the next day.

When she woke up, Gu Qingli had already left.

Gu Qingli's message was clear. He was telling her not to worry about what others thought; it was a complete waste of time.

But, how could Mo Ziyan let others judge and criticize Gu Qingli?

As a result, Mo Ziyan turned up at work as usual, but she instructed her secretary to arrange a meeting with the university's chancellor; Hai Rui was going to use the university as a backdrop for one of their projects.

When Mo Ziyan's secretary heard her reasoning, she couldn't help but find it amusing and shocking at the same time. This was a massive example of husband-doting...

But, the secretary did as she was told. After all, Mo Ziyan was the new CEO.

Soon, news started spreading around the university that Hai Rui was planning to film on campus. This wasn't something that the students should have known about, but Mo Ziyan deliberately leaked the information out.

"Apparently, the CEO of Hai Rui is coming here to discuss the usage of our campus as a backdrop for one of their projects."

"Is the CEO coming here in person for something like that?"

"Supposedly, the CEO is a part of the university's alumni and has already donated a few million to the campus."

" rich!"

On that day, to emphasize her identity, Mo Ziyan deliberately drove to the university in her family's limited edition Rolls Royce accompanied by a few bodyguards. She was there to tell everyone that Gu Qingli belonged to her!

Soon, she arrived on campus and stepped out of the car in front of everyone. Her every move demonstrated her power and influence.

This was the presence of a CEO...

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