Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1263 - Who Would Dare To Bully Professor Gu? Unless, They Want To Fail!

Chapter 1263: Who Would Dare To Bully Professor Gu? Unless, They Want To Fail!

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The atmosphere in the meeting room suddenly turned tense. Everyone assumed that Mo Ziyan was young and could be easily fooled so they only told her the good things and avoided the bad.

But, they never expected her to see through their lies.

“Our singer Qin Jian was recently caught cheating, but you guys didn’t grab onto the right timing to clear the scandal. As a result, the media blew up the incident and Qin Jian was forced to hide overseas. This could have been avoided.”

“And what about our actor, Lai Jia? He was exposed for working in a nightclub before he debuted. But, not only did the PR department fail to suppress the matter, the media ended up latching onto this scandal. This is the most embarrassing period in Hai Rui’s PR history.”

“What are you guys thinking? My father may be sick, but I’m clear-headed. So, the Head of the PR department will be dismissed from his position and the Vice President will take over temporarily.”

“Everyone else, continue as usual.”

No one expected that this harmless-looking young woman would be so deadly when she opened her mouth.

Everyone had been fooled by her appearance.

Actually, if they had thought about it carefully, they would have remembered that she was Mo Ting’s daughter; the person that he personally selected to take his place as CEO. Did they really think that she was as naive as she looked? They were the ones that were naive.

Afterwards, the meeting became much more serious.

As Fang Yu peeked in through a gap in the door, he couldn’t help but smile. This brat had been kind for too long; these people had no idea how powerful she was. Mo Ziyan seemed oblivious, but she had actually been keeping an eye on Hai Rui and she knew exactly what was going on. On top of that, Mo Ting and Tangning had taught her well.

Would the child taught by these two be simple?

This was how a meeting should be like!

Mo Ziyan drew the line as soon as she arrived and made an example of the PR department, establishing her power in the office. This allowed everyone to know that she couldn’t be fooled even though she looked young.

Afterwards, the planning department began to make a whole heap of suggestions and briefed Mo Ziyan on everything that was scheduled for the following 6 months, including where they would be putting most of their focus and which artists they were planning to promote.

At that moment, Mo Ziyan remembered the business plans she discussed with Gu Qingli a few days ago. She felt that two of the proposed collaborations had a lot of potential, so she placed the plans on the table and said to the planning department, “Put everything you suggested aside and continue with all current collaborations. As for new collaborations, I have a couple of decent ones here.”

The planning department staff looked at each other.

Luckily, Mo Ziyan only dismissed people from the PR department. If she had researched further into the other departments, everyone would be shaking in their boots.

But, Mo Ziyan’s actions were clear. The fate of the PR department already set the best example for everyone else!

This meeting left the staff at Hai Rui very unsettled.

But, it made them realize that they had to change their view towards Hai Rui’s new CEO.

After a full day at Hai Rui, Mo Ziyan returned home feeling as though she was returning from battle. The CEO of Hai Rui was indeed a difficult position to hold.

Mo Ziyan had actually prepared herself for everything she said in the meeting that day and Gu Qingli had given her a lot of useful advice as well. That was how she avoided being disregarded by the old fools at Hai Rui.

Now that she thought about it, it was true that people underestimated the young.

Gu Qingli watched as Mo Ziyan returned home and randomly left her shoes around the house. So, he quickly helped her pick them up, “How many days have you been there? You already can’t handle it?”

“Brother Four, that’s because you have no idea how difficult those people are.”

“President Mo was in that position for a good few decades; you’ve only been there a few days. If you really don’t like this job, then your role is just tying you down.”

“I know. You talk too much,” Mo Ziyan said as she lay on top of Gu Qingli. “How could I not like the entertainment empire that my father built? Hai Rui’s sci-fi films, Hai Rui’s artists and everything related to Hai Rui is the best in the industry. As a part of the Mo Family, it is my responsibility to protect our family’s honor.”

“I’m glad that you know,” Gu Qingli carried Mo Ziyan into the bedroom. “Have a bath and come out for dinner after.”

Mo Ziyan nodded her head and headed into the bathroom with her pajamas. However, she did not come back out after she went in.

In the end, Gu Qingli went into the bathroom to check on her and froze when he saw her.

That’s when he found Mo Ziyan leaning against the edge of the bathtub, fast asleep.

It seemed, she was really tired.

It wasn’t easy to escape the heavy responsibilities of Hai Rui.

With this thought, Gu Qingli scooped Mo Ziyan out of the bathtub and carried her to the bed. This was his woman, so it was his job to dote on her.

But, Mo Ziyan was so tired that they didn’t seem to have an opportunity to be affectionate except for after work.

Mo Ziyan couldn’t accept this.

That’s when she remembered that she hadn’t given her roommates an explanation yet. So, she took the opportunity to visit the university and see her roommates.

When the roommates saw Mo Ziyan, they immediately fought to hug her, “Where did you go? We haven’t seen you for ages.”

“I’ve been working. As you know, work is tiring.”

“What work have you been doing?”

“Oh…just a simple employee in the clerical field.” In other words, she was just a simple employee for her father.

Mo Ziyan wasn’t lying.

“Does that mean you won’t be attending classes anymore? It seems, you only care about your lover!”

The girls chatted happily in the cafeteria until Gu Qingli arrived in front of them. When Mo Ziyan saw Gu Qingli, she immediately made space for him to sit down. The two leaned in close to each other and appeared very affectionate.

“Hey…I saw your rings. Did he propose?” one of the roommates asked nosily.

Mo Ziyan looked at the ring on her finger and shook her head, “I don’t know what this is all about either. I somehow ended up with this on my finger.”

“I thought you had good news. But, instead, it seems as though you don’t care what people think about you.”

“I won’t be visiting the university often anymore,” Mo Ziyan humphed. “You girls better not bully my Brother Four in class.”

“Please, who would dare to bully Professor Gu? Unless, they want to fail!”

The group continued to chat amongst themselves, completely unaware that someone spotted the rings on the couples’ fingers. Gu Qingli had previously told everyone that he was already married, but the person wearing the other ring turned out to be one of his female students…


Was Professor Gu involved in a student-teacher relationship? But, the university didn’t allow it. Did this mean that his reputation was about to be destroyed?

Mo Ziyan never expected the effect that her visit would have on Gu Qingli.

However, Gu Qingli noticed the strange looks he began to receive from the students and professors at the university!

“That’s the fraud, Professor Gu. He looks decent on the surface, but he’s nothing like he appears!”

“Exactly! He said he’s already married, but he still seduced a student! What a sanctimonious pr*ck!”

Gu Qingli overheard conversations here and there, but he didn’t care. However, the gossip continued to grow.

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