Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1260 - Slightly Lost Control!

Chapter 1260: Slightly Lost Control!

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After Mo Ziyan’s roommates found out about her relationship with Gu Qingli, they couldn’t help but tease her every now and then.

“You’re so boring. Since you’re already dating Professor Gu, why didn’t you tell us?”

“I know, right? You caused us to badmouth Professor Gu so much!”

“We haven’t been together for long, so I didn’t think the time was right,” Mo Ziyan explained. “Fine, I was wrong. Let me apologize and treat you to a meal later, OK?”

“That’s more like it!” her roommates humphed.

“But, Ziyan, what are you going to do about that celebrity? She obviously likes Professor Gu as well.”

Mo Ziyan looked at her roommates confidently and replied, “Brother Four isn’t like that!”

“Brother Four, Brother Four. Are you picking on us because we’re single?”

Mo Ziyan smiled and did not respond any more. As long as she trusted Gu Qingli, that was all that mattered.

However, the latest rumors claimed that Ji Meiyi was successfully clinging to Gu Qingli. Wherever he appeared, Ji Meiyi would make an appearance as well. It seemed, she was trying really hard to create an image that she was in a relationship.

As a result, the news was filled with articles about Ji Meiyi falling in love with a university professor. And this innocent love was slowly making her popular.

This was obviously the second stage of her test; Gu Qingli was well aware of this. After all, for many men, being followed by a celebrity that was beautiful and capable was a dream come true. A man that wasn’t loyal would be easily tempted.

Even the people around Gu Qingli began to question him, “Ji Meiyi obviously came to this university because of you. How could you resist her?”

“She’s so beautiful and has all the right curves. Are you still not satisfied with that?”

“Because of you, Ji Meiyi bought cake for the entire office. She sure knows what to do. You should accept her already.”

Every time he heard ‘advice’ like this, Gu Qingli would reply, “Teachers and students aren’t supposed to be in a relationship.” This immediately shut everyone up.

For him, even ten Ji Meiyi’s couldn’t compare to one Mo Ziyan. So, he wasn’t about to break the rules so easily!

“You’re impossible to reason with!”

Gu Qingli smiled and continued to ignore them.

After returning home, he turned into an old man and started lecturing Mo Ziyan on her bad habits. For example, her tendency to lie in bed and play on her phone.

“Am I not as good looking as your phone?” Gu Qingli asked.

“Brother Four…is Ji Meiyi really clinging to you like they say?” Mo Ziyan put down her phone as she began to feel paranoid.

Gu Qingli couldn’t help but laugh at this question. Afterwards, he pulled Mo Ziyan into his arms and replied, “I only have you in my heart. Even ten Ji Meiyi’s would have no effect on me.”

“But…she can’t continue to hassle you like this.”

“Are you getting anxious?” Gu Qingli asked as he pinched Mo Ziyan’s cheeks and nodded his head. “Fine, let me think of something…”

Mo Ziyan lay in Gu Qingli’s arms and breathed in the fresh forest fragrance on his body; it was so intoxicating and pleasant that she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

But poor Gu Qingli could only watch as his beloved woman lay in his arms, while he couldn’t do a thing. It wasn’t like he could wake her up either…


“You dopey woman.” Even though he complained on the surface, Gu Qingli still went to fetch a pair of rings that he had prepared. He then placed the female one on Mo Ziyan’s finger and placed the male one on his own.

As a result, the next day at the university, everyone once again started saying that Professor Gu was married. After all, he was deliberately wearing a ring to avoid rumors.

He was clearly telling everyone that he was married.

“Who would have thought that Professor Gu was already married. It seems, Ji Meiyi was putting on an act.”

“Exactly. Professor Gu must love his wife a lot. That’s why he was able to reject someone like Ji Meiyi so easily.”

At this time, all the students in the university were discussing this topic while Gu Qingli was in the office setting his colleagues straight.

“From now on, if Ji Meiyi delivers any gifts to the office, please don’t touch them. I will treat everyone to a meal later to celebrate my marriage.”

“OK. Old Gu, we always thought you were just joking. When are you planning to introduce us to sister-in-law?” Gu Qingli’s colleagues asked.

“You’ll get the chance to meet her very soon.”

Like that, the entire university was made aware of Gu Qingli’s marriage status. He even turned up wearing his wedding ring! If Ji Meiyi continued to cling to him, then the news would no longer be talking about an innocent campus romance, but a marriage-breaking homewrecker.

Ji Meiyi understood the seriousness of the matter, so she had no choice but to avoid Gu Qingli and temporarily let him off the hook.

Meanwhile, the most clueless person in this entire fiasco was Mo Ziyan. All she knew was, when she woke up in the morning, Gu Qingli was nowhere to be seen, but there was suddenly a sparkling ring on her finger.

What did this mean?

Was it a proposal?

Were they engaged?

Were they married?

This man put a ring on her finger without saying a word.

Afterwards, Mo Ziyan went to the university to attend her class. When she heard from a classmate that Gu Qingli appeared on campus wearing a ring, she almost spat all over their face. After that, she immediately removed her ring. This man had obviously bought it to avoid Ji Meiyi.

However, she couldn’t deny that her heart was cheering in glee!

Especially when they ran into each other in the cafeteria at lunchtime.

Mo Ziyan noticed the ring on Gu Qingli’s finger and discovered that it matched hers; this made her even happier.

“Where’s your ring?” Gu Qingli asked.

“In my pocket,” Mo Ziyan said as she patted her jacket. “Brother Four, everyone thinks you’re married now.”

Gu Qingli swallowed but he did not say a word as he sat down and enjoyed his meal. It wasn’t until they returned home later that night that he pressed Mo Ziyan against the wall and questioned her, “Since the university is already saying that I’m married, when are you planning to help me make this true?”

“Who proposes like this?” Mo Ziyan pouted unhappily.

“Silly,” Gu Qingli said as he patted Mo Ziyan on the head. He then let her go, “Of course it doesn’t count until I ask for your hand in marriage in front of your parents.”


Gu Qingli nodded his head, “Go have a bath and sleep…”

“OK, I’ll go have a bath then.”

Over these past few days, Gu Qingli deliberately stayed in the study room while Mo Ziyan had a bath because he was afraid that he would lose control. But, the silly woman was obviously not cautious of him; she even kept the door unlocked while she bathed.

As the bathroom walls were made of a frosted glass, it wasn’t transparent, but when the lights were on, Gu Qingli could clearly see the outline of Mo Ziyan’s body.

Because of this, Gu Qingli slightly lost control that night…

Especially when Mo Ziyan stepped out of the bathtub and he saw the outline of her long slender legs…

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