Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1259 - Please Tell Mother-In-Law That I’ve Been Behaving

Chapter 1259: Please Tell Mother-In-Law That I’ve Been Behaving

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As a result, news of how the big celebrity hit a dead end with Gu Qingli became known to everyone. After so many years as a professor, Gu Qingli had never spoken to anyone in such a rough manner except for Ji Meiyi.

So, rumors started spreading about the celebrity and the professor…

“I feel like there’s something going on with Professor Gu and Ji Meiyi. Otherwise, why would a big star like her come to our university to study?”

“I also feel like they’ve got a love-hate relationship going on. Ji Meiyi seems to be interested in Professor Gu, but Professor Gu has been treating her coldly.”

“Professor Gu is the most eligible bachelor in our university. It’s no surprise that Ji Meiyi is interested in him. Now that I think about it, hasn’t Professor Gu appeared on television to promote our university before?”

As they walked through the campus, Mo Ziyan and her roommates heard plenty of discussions like this that tied Gu Qingli and Ji Meiyi together. They made it sound like they were completely in a love-hate relationship.

“Ziyan, your Professor Gu hasn’t been snatched away, has he?”

Mo Ziyan chuckled and shook her head, “Professor Gu can’t be snatched away that easily.”

“Oh, you never know, Professor Gu always tells people that he’s married and he’s always been polite, but he treats Ji Meiyi differently.”

“How come all I see is rejection?” Mo Ziyan replied.

“That’s the weird thing. When has Professor Gu ever been so fierce to anyone? He’s obviously treating her like family!”

The roommates were getting more and more farfetched with their speculation.

So, Mo Ziyan gave up responding to them and left. However, she shared what her roommates said with Gu Qingli during lunchtime.

“Everyone thinks that you are treating Ji Meiyi different to everyone else; too different. To them, different means something is going on!”

“Really?” Gu Qingli couldn’t help but laugh. “In that case, what do I need to do to show everyone that I truly hate her?”

“I don’t care what others think. I trust you,” Mo Ziyan reassured. “Besides, she’s from Hai Rui, so I don’t think I’m in any position to complain.”

“I’m glad that you know.”

However, from Gu Qingli’s point of view, he felt it was necessary to reassure Mo Ziyan’s roommates.

But, he didn’t share this thought with Mo Ziyan.

He knew that Mo Ziyan would consider this as too big of a risk and she would worry that he may ruin his reputation and lose his job because of it.

After all, a student-teacher romance didn’t seem like much on the surface, but it was still an immoral relationship between two people of different hierarchy.

However, Gu Qingli didn’t mind. He wanted to reassure Mo Ziyan. He wanted the people around her to stop criticizing him and to praise him instead.

But, he couldn’t find a chance to do this, not until Mo Ziyan notified him that she would be returning home late because she was having dinner with her roommates.

Gu Qingli nodded his head and told her to be careful. He then asked for the location where they were meeting and told her he would pick her up later.

As she was afraid of being discovered, Mo Ziyan simply gave him the address but told him not to pick her up because she could catch a cab home herself.

However, the Gu Qingli that had been waiting for a chance wasn’t about to give up on this opportunity so easily.

So, when he saw the address that Mo Ziyan sent him, he couldn’t help but smile…

Mo Ziyan and her roommates ended up sharing dinner at a beautifully decorated steak restaurant. During this time, her three roommates teamed up to attack her.

“How long has it been since you shared a meal with us? Speak.”

“Have you been dating recently? What happened to Professor Gu?”

“You guys are getting too farfetched,” Mo Ziyan surrendered. “Eat your steak! Hurry, before it gets cold!”

“While we’re on the topic of Professor Gu, I would like to mention Ji Meiyi. Is there something going on between them?”

Mo Ziyan rolled her eyes helplessly. She didn’t want to join this conversation at all, “Can’t you girls talk about something else?”

“Ohhh, does someone still care about Professor Gu? Is that why you’re protecting him?”

The girls broke out in chatter like young and naive university students and talked until late into the night.

Afterwards, they all agreed to share a cab home. But, just as Mo Ziyan pulled out her phone, a charming voice suddenly called beside her ear, “Ziyan.”

Mo Ziyan turned around to find Gu Qingli standing behind them holding a jacket for her.



“Professor Gu!”

Mo Ziyan’s three roommates each had a different response, especially when they saw Mo Ziyan’s jacket in Gu Qingli’s hands.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come?”

“Did you think I’d be OK with you going home on your own?” Gu Qingli asked as he covered Mo Ziyan’s shoulders with her jacket. He then placed his arm across her shoulder and said to the three roommates, “I assume I don’t need to introduce myself?”

“No need…no need,” the girls waved their hands.

“In that case, please take good care of Ziyan for me.”

Gu Qingli made his standpoint clear and completely stunned the roommates.

“Of course, of course!”

“I guess I should take her home now. Do you girls need a lift?”

“That’s not necessary!” the roommates quickly shook their heads.

After all, they still needed some time to gossip. If they didn’t discuss this hot topic into the middle of the night, then they would not be doing Mo Ziyan and Gu Qingli justice, right?

Mo Ziyan looked at her roommates helplessly before she left with Gu Qingli.

“I suddenly discovered that you’re as sly as a fox…”

“If I don’t act like a fox, how could I make enough money to support my family?” Gu Qingli laughed.

“How could you laugh at a time like this. What if word gets out? Do you still want to be a professor?”

“Of course I do, don’t you trust your roommates?” Gu Qingli was confident that Mo Ziyan’s roommates would only enjoy this news amongst themselves and not spread it.

“Of course I trust them.”

“Then, this matter ends here.”

Gu Qingli’s reasoning was logical, but Mo Ziyan still felt uncomfortable.

However, this man’s trick made it hard for her to react properly.

“I feel like I’m no match for you. You’re too good at deceiving people!”

“Ziyan, you’ve already watched me for 4 years. Haven’t you seen the tricky side of me?” Gu Qingli laughed as he stopped the car. He then held onto Mo Ziyan’s chin and placed a kiss on her lips, “For you, I don’t mind making a small loss. I simply don’t want you to hear gossip about me and another woman from your roommates.”

“I want them to know that I belong to you, that I’m already stamped with the Mo Family’s logo.”

After hearing this, Mo Ziyan didn’t know how to refute. This man was such a tease and his methods were so tricky that it didn’t leave any trace.

“I want to find a chance to tell my mother that we’re living together.”

“Is this considered as living together? We’re simply sharing a roof for a little while…” Gu Qingli emphasized. “Please tell mother-in-law that I’ve been behaving.”

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