Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1257 - Can Your Words Not Be So Cryptic?

Chapter 1257: Can Your Words Not Be So Cryptic?

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“In that case, when do you plan to introduce me to Auntie and Uncle?” Gu Qingli asked back.

Mo Ziyan’s face suddenly turned red, unsure of how to respond. Although she had liked Gu Qingli for 4 years, she felt that everything happened too quickly and she hadn’t mentally prepared herself yet.

Gu Qingli appeared as though he had seen through her heart. With a gentle laugh, he said, “Don’t worry, I won’t make things difficult for you. When the time is right, I will go meet with Auntie and Uncle.”

“Are you bullying me?”

Mo Ziyan couldn’t help but glare at Gu Qingli, “It seems, I haven’t truly understood you yet.”

“Are you feeling regretful?”

Mo Ziyan shook her head, “My Brother Four is so charming.”

After they finished their candlelit dinner, the couple shared a dance in the restaurant. As a pleasant melody entered their ears, the couple danced perfectly in sync.

Mo Ziyan was deeply touched by that moment. In particular, when she leaned against Gu Qingli and felt the warmth of his body, it made her slightly giddy. It was like she was floating amongst the clouds…

This was the Gu Qingli that she liked; the most noble and charming Gu Qingli…

After dinner, the couple walked home hand-in-hand. But, on the way back to Mo Ziyan’s dormitory, Gu Qingli suddenly said, “My home actually has a lot of rooms, don’t you think?”

“Yes, you have a lot and they all feel very warm and inviting. I really like them,” Mo Ziyan did not pick up on the hidden meaning behind Gu Qingli’s words.

“What I’m trying to say is, even if another person moves in, it should still be quite spacious, don’t you think?”

“Do you have a guest visiting?”

After hearing this response, Gu Qingli couldn’t help but laugh. In fact, he laughed for quite some time, “I’m not sure if I’ll get any guests in the future, but when will you, the lady of the house, move in?”

At this moment, Mo Ziyan finally understood what Gu Qingli meant.

“Brother Four…can your words not be so cryptic?”

After Gu Qingli finished laughing, he patted Mo Ziyan on the head, “I wasn’t being cryptic at all. You’re simply too dopey.”

“Are you…serious?”

“Yes, take it into proper consideration,” Gu Qingli nodded and gently placed a kiss on Mo Ziyan’s forehead. “Good night.”

Because of this matter, Mo Ziyan struggled to think straight. Especially when she returned to her dormitory and lay in her bed, she found that her entire mind was filled with Gu Qingli’s words: “When was she, the lady of the house, moving in?”

How she wished that she could move in, but she didn’t think they were at that stage yet.

In the end, Mo Ziyan ended up disturbing her roommates.

“Ziyan, just because you can’t sleep, you don’t need to take your frustration out on the rest of us,” her roommate said frustratedly as she looked at Mo Ziyan with dark eye bags.

“Let me ask you girls, how long do you think it should take before a couple moves in together?”

“What fuss are you making in the middle of the night?” another roommate complained.

Mo Ziyan originally assumed her roommates would complain a little, flip over and fall back asleep. She never expected that a few minutes later, someone would reply, “Relationships aren’t determined by time. Did you really think that the longer the relationship is, the deeper the love? Those are all lies.”

“So, I believe that when a relationship has matured enough, then a couple can naturally move in together.”

“I think that when two people’s values are in line with each other, then moving in is a natural step to take. They don’t need to wait for their parents to set off firecrackers to celebrate and give them permission before they can move forward,” another roommate added.

“I think the main point is whether you trust your partner or not. Every relationship has its difficulties. It depends on how determined you are. If you worry about everything and are concerned about what others think, especially your family, then it’s only a matter of time before your lover leaves you.”

After listening to the responses of her three roommates, Mo Ziyan decided that the last response resonated with her the most. Every time Gu Qingli spoke about progressing further in their relationship, she always worried about whether her parents would think she was being too easy.

So, she started to question herself: since she actually liked and desired Gu Qingli, why couldn’t she just follow her heart and make an honest decision?

“Thank you, girls.”

“Stop fussing about in the middle of the night. Get some sleep.”

After receiving an answer, Mo Ziyan felt a lot more relaxed, so she quickly fell asleep. The next morning, as soon as she opened her eyes, she pulled out her phone and messaged Gu Qingli, “I think I could give it a try.”

“Huh?” Gu Qingli didn’t quite understand her message.

“What I mean is, I’m willing to try being the lady of your house.”

“In that case, pick a day with good weather and pack your bags. I’ll come to pick you up.”

After Mo Ziyan saw this, she smiled sweetly.

However, another shocking event happened at the university that day. One of the four divas of the current film industry had decided to pursue her studies again and selected Mo Ziyan’s university to study at.

As a result, the campus was surrounded by reporters early that the morning.

This was the power of the media.

Soon, Mo Ziyan arrived at her class. However, she discovered that a woman that everyone was familiar with, but no one actually knew, was also there. This woman’s body was sexy, her face was beautiful and she was a person that everyone often saw on television, but never expected to see in real life (especially not in class).

For Mo Ziyan, this woman was just another one of Hai Rui’s artists.

But, for everyone else, they couldn’t stop themselves from surrounding her.

Mo Ziyan simply wanted to attend Gu Qingli’s class in peace, but obviously, this woman’s presence caused quite a stir.

Even when the class finished, there was still a commotion in the doorway.

Gu Qingli naturally furrowed his brows. Mo Ziyan could tell that he was starting to get angry, even though he barely showed his anger.

“I know a famous student has appeared in our class, but I hope you can respect the public and not disturb others. Today’s class will be a self-study session.”

As there was too much of a disturbance, it was impossible for Gu Qingli to give his lecture.

The actress lifted her head and glanced at Gu Qingli confusedly. She then lowered her head again, but no one knew what she was thinking.

This actress’ name was Ji Meiyi.

It was rare for Mo Ziyan to see Gu Qingli angry, so she sent him a message, “If you get angry, you’re going to age faster.”

“Focus on self-studying. I’m going to teach you a lesson after class.”

Mo Ziyan stuck her tongue at Gu Qingli and Gu Qingli looked back at her dotingly. But, these actions all fell into the eyes of Ji Meiyi.

So, she waited until the bell rang for the end of class and raised her hand, “Professor Gu, I have some questions for you after this.”

“Ask them here,” Gu Qingli said.

“But, it’s not convenient here. You don’t want me to turn up to class in such a high-profile way in the future, do you?”

“That’s your problem, not mine,” Gu Qingli did not yield.

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