Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1256 - Don't You Like Professor Gu Anymore?

Chapter 1256: Don’t You Like Professor Gu Anymore?

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Gu Qingli had a detailed and accurate judgment, so he gave Mo Ziyan some great advice. But, because of this, Mo Ziyan ended up staying at Gu Qingli’s place for longer than expected. So, by the time she returned to the campus, the main gate was already closed.

Gu Qingli had no choice but to turn around and take Mo Ziyan back to his place.

“Brother Four, why don’t I return to Hyatt Regency…”

Gu Qingli ignored her as he searched for a set of pajamas and told her where the bathroom was.

“Don’t worry about staying here. Before you’re willing, I will never overstep my boundaries.”

Mo Ziyan still felt a little wrong. But, this was her boyfriend’s home, what was wrong with her staying there?

So, she no longer resisted as she stepped into the bathroom and had a proper bath. Afterwards, when she came out of the bathroom, she noticed the study room light was still on.

Seeing that Gu Qingli was preparing for his classes the next day, Mo Ziyan decided not to disturb him. But, he still ended up spotting her, “Ziyan?”

“I’m going to go rest,” Mo Ziyan said as she blushed. After all, she had no experience with situations like this. How long had it been since she confirmed her relationship with Gu Qingli, yet she was already staying at his place? If the Mo Family were to find out, she would definitely be scolded badly.

But, Gu Qingli wasn’t about to let her escape.

He quickly got up, grabbed onto Mo Ziyan’s arm and drew her into his embrace.

Even with this gesture, Mo Ziyan still felt he was so charming and mesmerizing.

“Are you that afraid of me?”

Mo Ziyan took a deep breath. After she got used to the fragrance on Gu Qingli’s body, she replied quietly, “I…don’t have any experience and…I don’t think women should do something like this so soon…”

“In that case, when do you think is the right time?” Gu Qingli asked gently.

“I don’t know…”

“You’ve already known me for 4 years. Can’t you let me see you more often and understand you better?” Gu Qingli asked.

After Mo Ziyan heard this, she didn’t know what else to say. Her entire heart was already stolen by Gu Qingli.

“Keep me company while I prepare for my class. I’ll let you go to sleep after.”

Mo Ziyan buried herself in Gu Qingli’s arms and nodded her head. She then kept him company on the sofa, rested her head on his shoulder and slowly nodded off to sleep.

When Gu Qingli saw this, he revealed a helpless smile. He then ran his finger across Mo Ziyan’s nose and carried her into the bedroom. After covering her with a blanket, he turned off the lights and left.

Amidst the darkness, Mo Ziyan opened her eyes. She then relaxed and closed them back up. Gu Qingli indeed did as he promised.

But, Mo Ziyan was worried that people would call her ‘easy’ for sleeping over at her boyfriend’s place so quickly.

Especially when her roommate questioned her about it the next day, “Where did you go yesterday? You didn’t return to the dormitory and you didn’t get changed either.”

“I went to a friend’s place last night,” Mo Ziyan explained guiltily.

“In other words, you were at your boyfriend’s place, right? We all understand. But, does that mean you don’t like Professor Gu anymore? You had a crush on him for 4 years, though.”

On the lecture stage, Gu Qingli was teaching in seriousness, but off the stage, two particular students weren’t paying attention.

So, Gu Qingli pointed Mo Ziyan and her roommate out.

“Listen carefully…do you want to fail?”

“Sorry,” Mo Ziyan quickly apologized.

“Sorry, Professor Gu,” Mo Ziyan’s roommate also apologized. But, as soon as Gu Qingli turned around, she secretly said to Mo Ziyan, “Professor Gu may be gentle, but he’s also very strict.”

“That’s enough!” Mo Ziyan cried as she tugged her roommate’s sleeve.

“Fine, when we get back to the dorm, you better give me a proper explanation.”

Gu Qingli cleared his throat and sent Mo Ziyan a message, “You’ll be punished for not being serious in class.”

“This is all your fault. My roommate keeps asking me where I was last night.”

“You can honestly tell her that you stayed at your boyfriend’s place.”

“Professor Gu, we are in the middle of class.”

After Mo Ziyan finished typing this last sentence, she put down her phone. At this time, Gu Qingli glanced over at Mo Ziyan and smiled.

After the morning class was over, Mo Ziyan returned to her dorm, had a bath and got changed. But, to her surprise, her roommate once again clung to her and asked, “Is it the guy that drives a Maybach? Did you accept him?”


“Then…is it the guy that has an entire family of lawyers?”

“Not him either,” Mo Ziyan shook her head. “I went to my sister-in-law’s place last night to see Xingzhe.”

“Fine, your answer is so boring.”

Mo Ziyan didn’t want anyone to know about her relationship with Gu Qingli yet because she didn’t want anyone to place judgment on him.

Things were perfect the way it currently was…

But, after not seeing her daughter for a few days, Tangning naturally started missing her daughter. So, she gave Mo Ziyan a phone call and told her to go home for dinner.

Although seeing Gu Qingli was important, Mo Ziyan had to first see her mother.

Therefore, when Gu Qingli called her later that night, she was already back at Hyatt Regency. “Brother Four, you’ll have to have dinner on your own tonight. I’ve already gone home.”

“What a shame, I was originally planning to have a candlelit dinner with you.”

When she heard the words, ‘candlelit dinner’, Mo Ziyan’s eyes immediately lit up, “Wait for me then…”

“No rush. I can wait as late as 10pm. Take your time with your mother,” Gu Qingli replied thoughtfully.

But, Mo Ziyan was not interested in staying at home anymore. Her heart had already flown away…

When Tangning noticed that her daughter’s mind was elsewhere, she realized she couldn’t hold onto her anymore, so she asked, “When will you bring him home to meet us?”

“I’ll eventually find a chance.”

“Is it the guy that you’ve had a crush on for many years?” Tangning asked.

“Uh huh,” Mo Ziyan nodded.

“Fine, you should get going then,” Tangning did not hold her daughter back. She was a grown up now and had her own thoughts. Plus, she had already liked this guy for 4 years; there was no way she was going to give up on him easily.

But, after Mo Ziyan left, Tangning said to her husband, “Daughters are different to sons. That’s why I need to test this future son-in-law properly.”

“Fine, we’ll do as you say,” Mo Ting replied.

After all, marrying his daughter wasn’t an easy thing. How could he hand his daughter over so easily?

Mo Ziyan was completely unaware of her parent’s thoughts as she rushed off to meet Gu Qingli.

When Gu Qingli saw her covered in sweat, his heart ached. So, he asked, “Didn’t I tell you not to rush?”

“I didn’t want you to wait too long!”

“Since I’m waiting for my girlfriend, it doesn’t matter how long I have to wait,” Gu Qingli said as he pulled out a tissue and helped Mo Ziyan wipe away her sweat. He then helped her pull out a chair like a gentleman, “Come.”

Mo Ziyan sat down and said, “My mom asked when I can bring you home to meet the family…”

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