Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1255 - When A Couple Works Together, They Won’t Be Tired

Chapter 1255: When A Couple Works Together, They Won’t Be Tired

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Mo Ziyan stood in the shade looking at Gu Qingli and her heart began to hurt a little. So, she walked over to the grave and said to Gu Qingli’s father, “Hello, Uncle.”

“I am Mo Ziyan, Brother Four’s girlfriend. I hope you don’t mind that I’m relatively young.”

“Don’t worry, your son is very capable and impressive. He is a professor at the university and he has a lot of admirers. I’m just the luckiest one amongst them.”

“I hope you can like me.”

After hearing what Mo Ziyan said to his father, Gu Qingli stretched out his hand and patted Mo Ziyan on the head. That night, inside the cemetery, Gu Qingli’s once lonely heart suddenly felt warm because of Mo Ziyan’s company.

So, as they exited the cemetery, he couldn’t help but wrap his arms around Mo Ziyan and place a kiss on her lips.

Mo Ziyan was quite surprised. Afterwards, she heard Gu Qingli apologize, “Sorry, I couldn’t control myself.”

“I don’t mind,” Mo Ziyan replied in seriousness. “You’ve been lonely for so long, but from now on, I will accompany you.”

Gu Qingli’s mood improved as he gave a gentle laugh, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to dinner…”

“You’re…not going to ask about my family background?” Mo Ziyan asked Gu Qingli while they drove to dinner.

“No matter what your family background is – whether you’re rich or poor – I can support you. You don’t need to worry,” Gu Qingli reassured.

“I am Mo Ting’s youngest daughter,” Mo Ziyan revealed.

As soon as Gu Qingli heard this, he immediately stepped on the brakes and stopped the car on the side of the road, “What did you say?”

“I said, I’m the daughter of Mo Ting and Tangning.”

Gu Qingli maintained a slight smile on his face even though he was a little shocked. According to logic, Mo Ting and Tangning’s daughter should have been a flashy second-generation celebrity, not a cute, innocent, student like Mo Ziyan.


“Why should I be scared?” Gu Qingli asked.

“Aren’t you afraid of being chased by paparazzi?” Mo Ziyan exaggerated, “Don’t you know that my family is consistently being monitored by the media?”

“But they’ve protected you well…” At this time, the couple arrived downstairs at Gu Qingli’s apartment block. Mo Ziyan didn’t quite understand why they were there.

After parking the car, Gu Qingli said to Mo Ziyan, “Come to my place, I’ll cook you dinner.”

They had only been together for a few days and she was already visiting his home. Wasn’t this a little too quick?

“Silly, relax, we’re simply having dinner at my place.”

Mo Ziyan lowered her head shyly as Gu Qingli teased her. It turned out, he had completely seen through her thoughts.

Afterwards, the couple headed up to the 27th level.

Mo Ziyan expected that Gu Qingli lived on his own, but when they entered the living room, Mo Ziyan spotted a helper pushing an old man.

“Mr. Gu’s home.”

“How’s my grandfather?” Gu Qingli asked as he kneeled before the old man.

“The Old Master’s doing well,” the helper replied.

“Ziyan, come in,” Gu Qingli said as he dragged Mo Ziyan over to the old man. “This is my grandfather. He received a huge shock and fainted when my father passed away. When he woke up again, he lost his memory.”

“This is…” the helper asked excitedly as she looked at Mo Ziyan.

“My girlfriend,” Gu Qingli replied. He then added, “Auntie Qin, take grandfather downstairs. Don’t bring him back until I tell you to.”

“OK, Mr. Gu.”

After speaking, the helper pushed Elder Gu into the elevator and went downstairs.

As soon as they were gone, Gu Qingli entered his bedroom and changed into some comfortable home clothes. He then said to Mo Ziyan, “You can look around. I’ll go prepare dinner.”

Mo Ziyan nodded as she walked around her dream man’s home. When she saw the trophies and awards in his study room, she worshipped him even more.

A little while later, she also noticed a 3D model of a building in Gu Qingli’s study room.

After Gu Qingli finished cooking dinner, Mo Ziyan was nowhere to be seen, so he went to look for her in the study room. When he discovered her looking at his building model, he smiled and asked, “Do you like this building?”

“I think I’ve seen this property in Hyatt Regency.”

“Yes,” Gu Qingli nodded. “We can move there in the future if you like it.”


“I am an investor in this property,” Gu Qingli replied. “I’m not just involved in real estate. I also have investments in the gaming and cultural industries.”

Mo Ziyan knew that Gu Qingli wasn’t lacking in money because everything he wore on his body had a decent price tag, but she never imagined him to be this wealthy.

This thirty-year-old man was so rich, yet he was a professor at a university.

“It was my father’s wish for me to teach. He had always hoped for me to work in education.”

That was how Gu Qingli became a professor.

“Then, should I feel fortunate that my boyfriend is a CEO?”

“That’s not necessary. I’m simply honored that I’m on a similar level as you, my dear princess” Gu Qingli laughed. “Ziyan, do you know how hard it is to meet someone that you like who’s also on the same level as you?”


“So, I will treat you with all my heart and I will try my best to make you my wife as soon as possible,” Gu Qingli said as he hugged Mo Ziyan from behind. After a short moment of affection, Gu Qingli let go of Mo Ziyan, “You can come out to eat dinner in a moment.”

“Let me help you,” Mo Ziyan requested.

“OK, when a couple works together, they won’t be tired.” After saying this, Gu Qingli held onto Mo Ziyan’s hand and led her to the kitchen.

As Mo Ziyan expected, Gu Qingli was just as charming in the kitchen. Even when he chopped vegetables, she was completely mesmerized by him.

She couldn’t believe that this man was hers. So, she couldn’t help but reveal a silly smile as she thought about this.

When Gu Qingli saw her silly smile, he couldn’t hold back his smile either. This dummy was incurable.

The best food that Mo Ziyan had ever eaten, came from the hands of Mo Ting. Although she had the honor of eating this amazing food thanks to her mother, Mo Ting’s cooking skills were incomparable.

But, Gu Qingli was now on a different level.

Even watching him cook was an enjoyable experience…

“If you’re just going to look and not eat, then isn’t that a waste of my efforts?” Gu Qingli asked as he knocked Mo Ziyan on the head. “Hurry and eat. I’ll take you back to the dormitory when you’re finished…”

“Wait, Brother Four, you like investing in things, don’t you?”

“I know a thing or two about it!”

“Great,” Mo Ziyan pulled out Hai Rui’s latest contract and showed it to Gu Qingli, “Help me take a look at these business plans and let me know if they’re worth investing in.”

“This is your family’s business. How could you show it to other’s so easily?”

“You’re no ‘other’? Don’t you know who you are to me?”

Gu Qingli looked at the contracts and replied helplessly, “It seems, I’m not just your professor, but also your secretary.”

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