Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1252: I'm Not As Scary As You Think

Chapter 1252: I'm Not As Scary As You Think



Mo Ziyan realized she may have been too direct and revealed too much. So she started to worry that Gu Qingli would think she wasn't very reserved.

"I simply took notice of and there."

Gu Qingli revealed a handsome smile and did not ask any further. Women were sensitive, so he couldn't embarrass her.

"It seems, I need to work harder."

"Huh?" Mo Ziyan didn't understand what Gu Qingli was trying to say.

"To understand you better."

Mo Ziyan had to admit that she cherished this meal, but she also felt really restrained by it. She wanted to show her best side to Gu Qingli, but it made her feel like she was holding back.

Perhaps, Gu Qingli could sense that she was tiptoeing around him, so after they finished eating, he said to Mo Ziyan, "From now on, you can act normally at dinner. Since I'm already seated here, I'm not going to leave that easily."

Mo Ziyan lifted her head and saw Gu Qingli's smile; it was extremely warm.

This was the gentle person he was. That's why Mo Ziyan couldn't let go of him...

"Let's go, I'll take you home."

"I live on campus," Mo Ziyan replied.

"I'll escort you nearby," Gu Qingli said as he locked his car and walked in front of Mo Ziyan. Mo Ziyan was a little surprised as she realized that Gu Qingli meant he was going to walk her home.

Like a little student, Mo Ziyan followed behind Gu Qingli and Gu Qingli couldn't help but laugh at this.

"Come walk beside me..."

Mo Ziyan caught up and walked next to Gu Qingli. At this time of the night, they still ran into some students along the way. However, no one thought there was anything out of the ordinary between Mo Ziyan and Gu Qingli. After all, students often went to look for Gu Qingli.

Soon, the two reached the outside of Mo Ziyan's dormitory. While no one was around, Gu Qingli said to Mo Ziyan, "I thought you were brave after what you said yesterday, but it seems, you're just a little chicken."

"Yesterday...I was a little impulsive," Mo Ziyan said as she lowered her head.

"Ziyan, I'm not as scary as you think," Gu Qingli said as he patted Mo Ziyan on the head. "Go up and have a good rest so you can focus on class tomorrow."

"Yes, Professor Gu," Mo Ziyan nodded.

After he watched her leave, Gu Qingli laughed to himself, "I thought she was a sly fox, but she's just a gentle little rabbit."

Mo Ziyan was actually disappointed with her performance that day; she had appeared too dopey in front of Gu Qingli.

She couldn't understand why she had acted that way.

She obviously had no trouble interacting with other people...

That night, Mo Ziyan and Gu Qingli did not message each other. It was as though nothing had happened between them.

This made Mo Ziyan feel like everything was just a dream.

The next morning, Mo Ziyan had another one of Gu Qingli's classes. As she sat mesmerized through his class, she couldn't believe that this high and mighty man actually had a slight connection to her.

When the bell rang for the end of class, her classmates quickly piled out of the room. Mo Ziyan also stood up to leave. But, she was suddenly called back by Gu Qingli.

"Ziyan, stay back. Were you listening properly during that class?"

When the other students heard this, they realized she was in trouble, so they immediately left.

Meanwhile, Mo Ziyan looked cluelessly at Gu Qingli.

Gu Qingli stepped off the stage and said to her, "I have a private lesson for you, would you like to listen?"

"Don't you have any other classes?" Mo Ziyan asked happily.

"No. I've already looked at your schedule and I know you don't have any either." After saying this, Gu Qingli removed his jacket and placed it on his desk, he then pulled out his laser pointer, pointed at the blackboard and began to explain the topic that was on there in detail.

Was this a class that he was especially holding for her?

Or did he actually notice that she wasn't listening, so he deliberately held her back?

Mo Ziyan felt sweet inside and realized that Gu Qingli treated her differently. So, underneath the bright sunlight, her cheeks were rosy. Her mind couldn't help but wander a little.

The two ended up staying in the classroom for an entire class.

Only after Mo Ziyan nodded and confirmed that she understood the topic, did Gu Qingli let her go.

"I still have one class. Help me order food from the cafeteria at lunchtime," Gu Qingli instructed as Mo Ziyan left.

Mo Ziyan nodded and did an OK gesture with her hand, "Same spot. I'll wait for you."

Mo Ziyan kept reminding herself to have some restraint and not act so obsessed around Gu Qingli, but there were plenty of people that were obsessed with Gu Qingli, yet she was fortunate enough to have some connection with him.

After arriving at the cafeteria, Mo Ziyan happily ordered a set meal for Gu Qingli. She then sat in the spot that she usually sat in; a spot where she could see Gu Qingli clearly, but wasn't too close.

Soon, Gu Qingli finished class and arrived at the cafeteria. When he saw the food sitting on his usual table, he smiled to himself.

As he thought, Mo Ziyan understood him well...

Not too far away, Mo Ziyan watched as the students around Gu Qingli started swooning over him. This man attracted too much admiration. It made Mo Ziyan slightly jealous.

The two understood each other as they sat on their separate tables in the cafeteria. But, no one noticed the sparks being transmitted between the two.

After Gu Qingli finished eating, he immediately left the cafeteria. At this time, the boss lady approached Mo Ziyan and said to her, "I though you ordered two meals for yourself. I never expected one of them to be for Professor Gu."

"Shhh...don't let anyone know."

"OK, I won't. If you need anything else, just let me know," the boss of the cafeteria said enthusiastically.

Mo Ziyan gestured thank you and quickly got up to leave, following a few meters behind Lu Guangli.

A moment later, she received a message from Lu Guangli, "Have you finished your homework?"

Mo Ziyan's face turned red; he caught her following him.

"Be good, go home and get some rest. I'll call you after your class this afternoon..."

After receiving this order, Mo Ziyan stopped following Gu Qingli and returned back to her dormitory.

When her roommate saw her, she couldn't help but ask, "Ziyan, you've been a little strange these last two days, you haven't lost your mind because your pursuit of Professor Gu failed, right?"

"You must know that there's enough Professor Gu admirers at our university to circle the earth twice, right? So it's normal that you failed, especially since it was a one-sided crush."

"I'm fine, I haven't lost my mind," Mo Ziyan laughed. "I know I'm not the only one that failed at pursuing Professor Gu, others failed too. I'm still sane."

"Good," her roommate said as she patted Mo Ziyan on the shoulder. "I'm suspecting that Professor Gu likes men. Look at how many beauties there are on campus. Not just students, but teachers are also mesmerized by him, yet he's never been interested."

"You're analysis sounds logical," Mo Ziyan nodded.

"So...I must say that all the good men in this world have been taken by other men."

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