Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1251 - You Know Everything I Like

Chapter 1251: You Know Everything I Like

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“Why did you leave the university? I’ve checked your course, don’t you want your degree anymore?”

Could Mo Ziyan tell him that it was because she couldn’t continue with her one-sided crush?

Since Gu Qingli had seen her letter and heard her confession, from what standpoint was he questioning her? Was he going to continue acting clueless?

“You have one of my classes tomorrow. Make sure you come on time.”

“OK,” Mo Ziyan replied, forgetting how hard it was for her to come to the decision she had made.

Gu Qingli only said a few words, but it was enough to change Mo Ziyan’s mind and reignite her motivation

“Sleep early, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Gu Qingli remained calm because he had always been a classy person. But, he didn’t clearly express how he felt either, he simply showed concern like a teacher speaking to his student.

Even so, Mo Ziyan was satisfied. At least, this meant that she had a special place in Gu Qingli’s heart. If not, he wouldn’t have sent her a private message just to tell her to attend his class tomorrow.

Early the next morning, after Mo Ziyan got ready, she put on her backpack to go to the university. But, Tangning looked at her confusedly.

“Didn’t you say you’d be going to work, Miss CEO?”

“Mom, let me attend this class first,” Mo Ziyan said before she placed a kiss on her mother’s cheek and left.

Actually, over the years, with Fang Yu and Lu Che’s existence at Hai Rui, the company didn’t really need Mo Ziyan’s presence. Moreover, Mo Ting was relatively lenient towards her, so it was still OK for her to act lazy in front of her mother.

Soon, Mo Ziyan turned up cheerily at the university. Her first class was the one taught by Gu Qingli.

As soon as Mo Ziyan entered the lecture room, she saw Gu Qingli approach the lecture stage and her heart began to race.

Although Gu Qingli was quite a laidback person, he was extremely lively and fun when giving his lectures, so Mo Ziyan found herself laughing and clapping along with her classmates. In the end, Gu Qingli stepped off the stage and started handing out some information, “You guys can make copies of this and study it. The upcoming exam is very important, I won’t hand this information out again.”

“As for those that don’t come to my classes, they will not receive any test results.”

After Gu Qingli was done talking, all the students gathered to make copies of the information, while he stood to the side.

But, just as Mo Ziyan stood up to join the other students in copying the information, she received a message from Gu Qingli, “I’ve already made a copy for you, you can get it from the cafeteria at lunchtime.”

Mo Ziyan’s​ cheeks flushed red as she returned to her seat; her heart filled with joy.

“Thank you…Professor Gu,” Mo Ziyan replied.

“See you in the afternoon,” Gu Qingli’s ​response was simple.

He was reminding her that he still had another class in the afternoon.

To not make things awkward for Mo Ziyan, Gu Qingli directly left the classroom after the class was finished. At this time, Mo Ziyan immediately got up and went to the cafeteria for lunch.

When the boss of the cafeteria saw Mo Ziyan, she was extremely happy, “Young lady, you seem to have your ways…”

Mo Ziyan received the information left for her and saw that the main points were highlighted and circled. This made her feel slightly moved. As she flipped to the last page, she even noticed Gu Qingli’s firm handwriting, “Study hard and attend your classes.”

The meaning behind his message was…’don’t leave’.

Mo Ziyan held onto this information and returned to her dorm room. When her roommate saw her, she immediately asked, “Didn’t you say you were leaving?”

“I’ve thought it over. I’m not leaving yet.”

“In that case, let’s go to class together this afternoon.”

“OK,” Mo Ziyan nodded. Just the thought of attending another one of Gu Qingli’s classes made her especially excited.

She never expected something to come from her years of one-sided admiration.

By the time Gu Qingli’s afternoon class came around, Mo Ziyan had already calmed down a little. But when she saw Gu Qingli’s charming face, she was once again mesmerized.

A moment later, her phone vibrated. As soon as Mo Ziyan saw the message on her phone, she blushed, “Focus properly…”

The good teacher caught the bad student…

Mo Ziyan put down her phone and pretended to be extra serious, but, in reality, it was impossible for her to focus.

Soon, class finished. Just as Mo Ziyan thought that she could finally breathe normally again, she received another message from Gu Qingli, “Let’s have dinner together.”

How could he speak in such an expected tone?

But, then again, could Mo Ziyan reject him?

All she could do was respond, “OK.”

So, after class, she waited outside for Gu Qingli to finish work.

When Gu Qingli finished everything, he stepped out and joined her…

As they walked, Mo Ziyan felt like everyone was staring at her, but Gu Qingli did not feel anything out of the ordinary.

After all, everyone knew that she was his student.

“What do you want to eat?” Gu Qingli asked gently.

“Anything, I’m not a picky eater,” Mo Ziyan replied.

“I know of a decent restaurant, let’s go there,” Gu Qingli led Mo Ziyan to the parking lot and drove her across Beijing to a fancy restaurant on the other side of town.

The two then sat down at a table beside the window. Mo Ziyan’s gaze was glued to the man in front of her, unable to look elsewhere.

But, Gu Qingli did not mind at all.

“This is my first time having dinner with a woman.”

“Didn’t you say you were married yesterday?”

“That was just a lie,” Gu Qingli replied as he took a sip of his coffee. “In fact, if you hadn’t said what you said to me yesterday, I may have continued with that lie.”

Mo Ziyan felt a little embarrassed, unsure of how to face Gu Qingli.

“Where did your courage from yesterday go?” Gu Qingli couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Mo Ziyan’s expression.

“I’m a woman. I’m very sensitive,” Mo Ziyan said quietly.

“Ziyan, you’re a good student that everyone likes,” Gu Qingli appraised. “Have you read through the information I gave you?”

Gu Qingli finally changed the subject, so Mo Ziyan quickly nodded her head, “Yes, thank you, Professor Gu.”

“If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always ask me,” Gu Qingli said. “I’m not sure how I can help you apart from this.”

Mo Ziyan felt like Gu Qingli was still being too reserved. After all, she had already expressed her feelings clearly to him.

So, to prevent herself from fantasizing, she once again gathered her courage and asked, “Professor Gu, you know how I feel about you, right?”

“You made it very clear yesterday.”

“Well…since you know how I feel and you’re willing to contact me in private, does that mean…”

“It means I also notice you,” Gu Qingli replied in seriousness. “The university has its rules: there can be no relationships between students and teachers. But, I still want to try and get to know you.”

“So, Ziyan, don’t feel uncomfortable around me. Let’s let things develop naturally, OK?”

This man was much too gentle and caring. So much so, that Mo Ziyan was completely charmed by him. So, of course she agreed.

She had wanted this even in her dreams.


“Let’s order then. I’ll order what you like.”

Mo Ziyan held onto the menu and picked out exactly what Gu Qingli liked. After observing him for 4 years, she knew his tastes well.

“It appears, you know everything I like.”

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