Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1249 - If She’s Your Precious Little Gem, Then What Am I?

Chapter 1249: If She's Your Precious Little Gem, Then What Am I?



That night, the Mo Family Home was extremely lively. As Tangning looked at her two sons and saw that they each had their own family - and on top of that, Mo Zixi was a father - she felt overcome by unexplainable emotions.

A flash marriage at 26-years-old ended up giving her the happy family before her today. When Tangning realized this, she began to cry in front of her children.

"Mom, why are you crying? When Dad gets home, he's going to think that we bullied you. He's going to beat us up for this," Mo Ziyan immediately helped her mother wipe her tears.

"Your two brothers have both settled down, what about you?"

"I'm still young," Mo Ziyan clung to her mother like a child.

Tangning didn't know what to do about her, so she lectured, "You're already the CEO of Hai Rui. Young? When I was in my teens, I was already walking runways."

"I still want to study for a few more years."

"Fine, keep studying, do what you want to do."

Tangning did not get involved with Mo Ziyan's love life, just like how she didn't get involved with Mo Zixi and Mo Zichen's love lives either. For her, relationships were destined and couldn't be forced, especially when it came to love.

So, she let Mo Ziyan stumble around on her own. Even if she hit her head and it started bleeding, it didn't matter.

That night, the Mo Family Home was filled with joy and laughter and all their conversations were focused around the topic of children.

The entire family doted on Xingzhe, so he wasn't afraid at all that he was about to have a sister to compete with for affection.


One month later, Yao Anqi surprisingly received an invite on her office desk. It was something that she had never expected: Chen Jingrong was getting married to Li Shengyuan.

Yao Anqi took the invite home and gave it to Mo Zixi so he could make a decision as to whether they would attend or not.

But, Mo Zixi's mind was completely focused on Yao Anqi's body. How did he have time to worry about anything else?

So, he handed the decision-making right back to Yao Anqi.

Yao Anqi thought carefully and finally decided to drop by. After all, she sincerely felt Mo Zixi's love and she didn't mind if he saw Chen Jingrong again. Besides, Chen Jingrong now had her model fiance, so she wouldn't be interested in Mo Zixi anyway.

One week later, Yao Anqi and Mo Zixi made an appearance at the grand wedding.

When Chen Jingrong saw the couple, she was extremely moved and personally went over to thank them, "I thought you wouldn't come."

"He happened to be home, so we decided to come join the celebration."

"Anqi, I'm honestly thankful to the two of you, did you know that?" Chen Jingrong raised a glass to thank Yao Anqi, but Mo Zixi quickly stopped her.

"She's pregnant, so let's forget the wine."

Chen Jingrong never expected that they'd have a second child so soon. In the end, she revealed a relieved smile, "Congratulations and I wish you both the best. Without you, I wouldn't have found a love that truly belonged to me."

"From now on, don't go to such extremes," Mo Zixi reminded Chen Jingrong.

"Of course, I'll cherish this love that didn't come easy."

Afterwards, Chen Jingrong and Li Shengyuan went to greet their other guests while Mo Zixi secretly left with Yao Anqi; he felt a little upset.

"What's wrong?"

"I feel sorry towards you. When I married you, we never held a proper wedding ceremony and I never gave you a proper proposal, nor did you get to wear a beautiful wedding dress before I made you fall pregnant again," Mo Zixi felt bad.

"I don't mind. Our love never followed convention anyway," Yao Anqi smiled. "Look at Mom and Dad, they never held a wedding, right? Yet, they still stayed by each other's side until they got old. Weddings are just a formality. For me, it's not as important as you think."

Mo Zixi patted Yao Anqi on the head; he still felt like he owed her.

At this moment, their thoughts were interrupted by good news from the Mo Family Home: Qian Lan was also pregnant.

However, Qian Lan was a bit flustered when she first saw the result on the pregnancy test, "I was sure we used a condom. How did I fall pregnant?"

"Silly, I removed it," Mo Zichen replied.

"You didn't even ask me if I was willing."

"What do you want me to do now? You're already pregnant." Mo Zichen began to comfort his wife, "Instructor Qian, women recover faster when they give birth earlier."

"I don't believe you."

The main issue was, Qian Lan had just accepted the task of training some new recruits. Now that she was pregnant, what was she to do?

Of course, she was scolding Mo Zichen on the surface, but she was actually happy on the inside. After all, she had already dreamed about having a child with Mo Zichen for a long time.


"Now that Big Bro has two kids and we have one, what about your sister?"

Qian Lan began to worry about Mo Ziyan.

Mo Zichen humphed and said with disdain, "Why are you concerned about her? Are you worried that no one's pursuing her?"

"I've never seen Ziyan in a relationship before."

"That's because she likes someone that's above average."

When it came to gathering intel, there was nothing that Mo Zichen couldn't find. So, he had already discovered a while back, the reason why Ziyan insisted on staying at the university: it was because she had a crush on one of the professors.

But, the man had yet to make a move.

"From what you're saying, does that mean Ziyan's not going to succeed?"

"Not necessarily."

According to his sister's personality, if she wanted something, she would wait patiently for it, no matter how long it took.

Now, it depended on whether the other party would realize.

"It's just a little embarrassing that someone from the Mo Family is chasing a man around everywhere."

What Mo Zichen meant was, Mo Ziyan wasn't charming enough. That's why she still couldn't get this man yet.

A few days later, the Mo Family once again had a gathering for dinner. This time, they were celebrating Qian Lan's pregnancy. Whenever there was good news, Tangning was happy to celebrate. This way, their family would grow closer.

But, due to the fact that both her brothers had already fulfilled two big milestones in their life, Mo Ziyan naturally became the target of ridicule.

"Look at you, you don't even have a boyfriend!"

"That's right, stop holding onto my son all the time and not letting him go. You should go give birth to one of your own," Mo Zixi complained.

Mo Ziyan didn't know how to respond, so while no one was looking, she quickly snuck out.

Tangning saw her leave but did not expose her. After the dinner, she privately asked her husband, "Ting...why don't you take note of the friends around you and see if there are any young eligible men that you could introduce to our daughter?"

"Do you think she'd like that?" Mo Ting asked back.

"But, she can't keep persisting with this one-sided crush," Tangning replied. "Although I don't normally get involved with our children's love lives, I don't want to see my precious little gem being humiliated like this."

"If she's your precious little gem, then what am I?"

Tangning couldn't help but laugh at Mo Ting's question, "You're my everything..."

Mo Ting was satisfied with this answer. "Just wait a little longer. Give our daughter a bit more time..."

Meanwhile, Mo Ziyan was hiding in her room feeling a little upset.

She was starting to question whether, after persisting for so many years, she could still hold on.

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