Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1248 - You've Lost Against Me

Chapter 1248: You’ve Lost Against Me

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As a result, Chen Jingrong contacted the videographer and setup a trap for Li Shengyuan.

The videographer discovered that Li Shengyuan’s ban had been lifted, so he was happy to co-operate with Chen Jingrong. Hence, he told Li Shengyuan that he agreed to let him partake in his shoot and gave him a location to show up at.

The next night, Li Shengyuan turned up on time. But, as soon as he turned up at the shooting location, he saw Chen Jingrong walk towards him holding a rose.

Li Shengyuan was stunned, but Chen Jingrong continued to approach him.

Li Shengyuan didn’t know what to do. At this moment, Chen Jingrong got down on one knee and said to him, “Sorry…I was wrong, I would like to apologize to you. Shengyuan, I want to be with you, but I’m not sure if you are still willing to be with me.”

“I will change what I’ve done wrong in the past and I will forget the person I once loved. I just want to have a fresh start with you. Can you give me that opportunity?”

Li Shengyuan watched as Chen Jingrong kneeled on the ground like a man. At that moment, how could he endure any longer?

He immediately lifted Chen Jingrong up and threw her onto a bed behind him. He then removed his jacket and pants, got on top of Chen Jingrong and pressed her firmly beneath him.

Afterwards, he lost control as he bit down on her and started seizing what he wanted from her body. His strength was too much for Chen Jingrong, but because he was the man she liked, she accepted it no matter how rough he was.

After their moment of pleasure, Li Shengyuan finally calmed down, hugged Chen Jingrong and asked her, “Why did you come here?”

“I’ve been following you for a few days already,” Chen Jingrong confessed. “Didn’t you notice that someone was following you and watching you?”

“Do you like me that much?” Li Shengyuan asked with uncertainty.

“If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have gone to the Mo Family on my own to plead for you. I know you have your pride, but you turned out this way because of me. I feel​ like it’s my responsibility to resolve this matter. If you can’t accept my good intentions, then I will feel guilty for life…” Chen Jingrong explained.

“No wonder the videographer noticed me again. It turns out…” Li Shengyuan let out a bitter laugh.

“Are you unhappy?”

“No, I’m fine, I’ve already let go of everything. Originally, I planned to look for you after I resolved the matter here. But I never expected you to show up here instead.” Li Shengyuan hugged Chen Jingrong even tighter because of this.

“Do you want to marry me?” Chen Jingrong took this opportunity to ask. “Do you?”

Li Shengyuan didn’t reply, instead he directly used his body to show her how much he wanted it…

This was perhaps the best ending for these two…

A couple days later, the Mo Family gathered to have dinner together. That day, both Mo Zixi and Mo Zichen were ordered to return home.

That was also the first time that Qian Lan and Yao Anqi met. The sisters-in-law got along really well and quickly forgot about the men beside them as they started their own conversation.

Mo Zixi felt a little helpless when he saw this, so he turned to his brother instead, “When you had trouble, I was too late to the show.”

“I watched your show though,” Mo Zichen teased.

It had been a long time since the two brothers saw each other, so Mo Zixi acted like an older brother and started to lecture Mo Zichen, “Since you’re just a physics teacher, you should hurry up and have a child.”

“Why are you being so kind and showing concern for me?”

“You can’t accept it? Don’t forget, your brother is currently in the toughest special forces,” Mo Zixi humphed.

“How about this, Big Bro? Let’s have a friendly fight. If I can win against you, then you will have to follow my orders tonight. And if you win, I’ll follow yours,” Mo Zichen suddenly suggested.

But, Mo Zixi looked at him confusedly, “A physics teacher wants to challenge me? Are you asking to be beaten?”

Mo Zichen gave a secretive smile as he headed for the garden, “Come on, you can choose whatever fighting style you want.”

Mo Zixi humphed, unwilling to admit defeat, “If you can win against me, I won’t just listen to you tonight, I’ll listen to you from now on.”


“You have a death wish!” Mo Zixi rolled up his sleeves and followed his brother. The two brothers then started exchanging moves on the lawn in the garden.

Originally, Mo Zixi thought that Mo Zichen had simply picked up a few amateur moves from the gym. How dare he challenge him? But…as soon as Mo Zichen showed his true skills, Mo Zixi was stunned.

He was absolutely no match for him!

Mo Zichen appeared skinnier than Mo Zixi, but his every punch was solid and the force was stronger than any of his colleagues.

Mo Zixi began to question this.

Originally, he thought that Mo Zichen was an amateur, but it turned out, his moves were more precise than his.

“Zichen, where did you learn these moves from?”

“Why don’t you try to investigate it yourself, Major Mo,” Mo Zichen raised an eyebrow playfully. “Brother, you may have been in the army for many years and your skills may be above average, but you haven’t actually been in many real battles. I bet you have no idea how it feels to stabbed by a dagger or shot by a bullet.”

“You sound as though you know…”

Mo Zichen stood up straight and smiled as he suddenly peeled back the clothes on his body.

When Mo Zixi saw the variety of scars on Mo Zichen’s body, he was shocked.


“Let me officially introduce myself: Deputy Director of the 9th Bureau, Mo Zichen.”

9th Bureau?

Mo Zixi froze for a second before he realized, “Isn’t that national intelligence?”

“Yes,” Mo Zixi nodded, “It’s been over a decade.”

Mo Zixi gathered his thoughts properly before he truly understood his brother’s identity, “You’re so bad*ss!” Mo Zixi couldn’t help but hug his brother. “I knew it. I was always saying that, with your smarts, how could you settle as a physics teacher? I never expected that you’d be in national intelligence without the family knowing.”

“Now you understand why, a few years ago, I barely returned home?” Mo Zichen explained, “I signed an agreement.”

“How could I not understand everything now?” Mo Zixi patted his brother on the shoulder. “All these years, I’ve always had a thought. I thought that my brother was so smart that if he used his brain to protect the country, it would be an amazing thing. I never expected that my wish would come true. No wonder I couldn’t win against you. You’ve had so many years of experience in battle.”

“It’s been dangerous. There were 5-6 times where I almost died and barely came back alive,” Mo Zichen said with a bitter smile. “Bro, you wouldn’t be unhappy with this, would you?”

“Why would I be unhappy? I am honestly happy for you. Zichen, even when we were kids, I’ve never been as capable as you. But…there’s one thing that you’ve already lost against me, that you can never win back.”

“I have two kids now, and you don’t even have one!”

Seeing his brother act childishly, Mo Zichen couldn’t help but laugh, “And here I was, worried that you’d be unhappy!”

“Deputy Director, did you actually think that your brother is such a petty person? From now on, if you are in any danger, do whatever you can to contact me, OK?”

Mo Zichen nodded his head. Even after all these years, his relationship with his brother was still just as good.

Of course, this was all thanks to their mother, Tangning…

Children that didn’t lack love, naturally didn’t fight amongst each other…

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