Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1247 - Why Are You Apologizing To Me?

Chapter 1247: Why Are You Apologizing To Me?

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Mo Zixi was really excited and proud of himself. After all, every time he saw Yao Anqi, they would be up all night. So, it was no surprise that Yao Anqi was pregnant.

But, this time, he wasn’t about to let Yao Anqi suffer the pains of childbirth on her own. Hence, that very night, he immediately rushed home from the special forces.

As soon as the door opened and he saw Yao Anqi, he couldn’t help but wrap his arms around her waist and lift her up, “Anqi, Anqi…”

Yao Anqi was a little surprised as she quickly asked him to put her down, “Be careful of the child.”

Mo Zixi immediately put Yao Anqi down and looked at her excitedly like he had gone mad.

“How many days has it been? What did the gynecologist say? What do we need to do now? I feel like I should buy some books to read. I’m so nervous that I’m losing my mind.”

Seeing Mo Zixi like this, Yao Anqi hooked her hands around his head and placed a kiss on his lips, “Don’t be nervous. You don’t need to do anything. Since I already gave birth to Xingzhe, this time won’t be so difficult.”

Mo Zixi took this opportunity to tighten his grip around Yao Anqi’s waist and deepen their kiss. The couple ended up losing themselves as they kissed passionately in the living room.

This was until Mo Zixi could no longer control himself and rushed off to have a cold shower in the bathroom.

He knew, from then on, he would have to be abstinent again.

Although Yao Anqi felt bad for him, she understood that they had to restrain themselves during important times like this…

“Have you shared this good news with the family yet?” Mo Zixi asked as he stepped out of the bathroom.

Yao Anqi shook her head, “I didn’t get the chance yet. You can tell them.”

Mo Zixi immediately thought about Mo Zichen and his wife and how they hadn’t produced any good news. So, he couldn’t resist giving Tangning a phone call, “Mom…”

“What is it? Speak.”

“Anqi’s pregnant again,” Mo Zixi said excitedly, “She’s almost one month.”

After Tangning heard this, she couldn’t help but feel surprised by Mo Zixi’s speed. In the end, she couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re not holding back at all, huh? You’ve got two and your brother hasn’t even had one yet.”

“My intention is to make Zichen jealous,” Mo Zixi chuckled. “What’s the point of being a physics teacher? He should hurry up and have a child.”

“His situation is different to yours.” Mo Zichen did not have a child for the sake of the child and Qian Lan’s safety. After all, his identity was too special.

He couldn’t casually have a child like Mo Zixi and risk having it used as collateral by his enemies.

That’s why Mo Zichen wasn’t planning to have a child in the meantime. However, Mo Zixi had no idea about this.

He always thought that his brother was just a mere physics teacher, but he was completely unaware of the shocking things he had done over the years.

“Fine, I know you’re here to show off. I’ll hassle him about it a little later,” Tangning laughed helplessly.

But, for the Mo Family, Yao Anqi’s pregnancy was still good news. After all, who didn’t like having a family full of grandchildren.

Mo Ting didn’t have any brothers and sisters, but he and his wife gave birth to 3 kids and now Mo Zixi had gotten things off to a good start. So, Tangning was certain that the other two rascals would soon catch up.

Mo Zixi happily hung up the phone. Afterwards, Tangning actually called Mo Zichen as promised, “Your sister-in-law’s pregnant again. Your brother asked when we’re going to hear some good news from you.”

“Mom…” Mo Zichen glanced at Qian Lan helplessly. “We’ve only just started enjoying our life together. Who would want to copy Zixi?”

“It’s almost the right time. If you and Qian Lan have no time to take care of a child, your sister can help you. She’s more than willing.”

“Mom, next time Zixi shows off, don’t tell me about it. Qian Lan and I have our own plans.”

“How long haven’t you seen your brother?” Tangning couldn’t help but ask. “I think there are some things you should let your brother know.”

“I understand.”

“We will have a family gathering in two days time. Bring Qian Lan back with you,” Tangning instructed.

Mo Zichen had no choice but to agree. Afterwards, he looked painfully at Qian Lan and said, “Sister-in-law’s pregnant again.”

“That means your big brother and his wife are living happily together,” Qian Lan lay on the bed after changing into her pajamas. “Aren’t you planning to get some rest?”

“Qian Lan, why don’t we…have a child too?”

“What about your identity?” Qian Lan asked. “It’s fine, I know you have a lot to worry about. I can wait. After all, we are still young. Plus, we can wait for your brother’s kids to grow up so they can help us take care of our kids. Isn’t that a good idea?”

Mo Zichen had no choice with his identity.

So, after he lay on the bed, he hugged his wife and apologized, “I’m sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing to me?” Qian Lan asked.

“I’m sorry that I can’t provide you with a normal family,” Mo Zichen said as he kissed Qian Lan on the back, “And I’m sorry for making you worry every single day. I realize I’m not a good husband.”

“It’s up to me to evaluate whether you’re a good husband or not.”

Qian Lan turned around and buried herself in Mo Zichen’s arms, “As long as you stay by my side, that is already enough.”

After hearing this, Mo Zichen gently pressed Qian Lan beneath him and rubbed his nose against hers, “I want you…”

“Can I say no?” Qian Lan said before she hooked her arms around Mo Zichen’s neck.

Afterwards, one kiss after another made their way across Qian Lan’s body, lighting up a burning desire inside her that drove her crazy.

That night, perhaps due to guilt, Mo Zichen was particularly gentle and remained attentive to Qian Lan’s feelings.

But, just before the two of them reached their climax, he ripped off his condom and left the entire content of his burning passion inside of her.

However, Qian Lan was so tired that she didn’t even notice…

Afterwards, she gently zoned out as she allowed Mo Zichen to clean her up. She then lay relaxed in Mo Zichen’s arms.

Amidst the darkness, Mo Zichen held onto Qian Lan and gently mumbled beside her ear, “I want a child. I want a daughter that’s as well-behaved as you.”

Qian Lan gave a gentle moan but did not say a word. She thought she was in the middle of a dream…

Mo Zichen chuckled and also went to sleep, hoping that in one month’s time, he too, would receive news that he was to become a father.

Meanwhile, Chen Jingrong finally discovered where Li Shengyuan had been hiding out. However, she did not reveal herself impulsively

Hai Rui had already removed their ban on him, but he had no idea and was still at the videographer’s studio trying to plead for an opportunity.

Chen Jingrong ended up following Li Shengyuan for a good few days.

The cool man from the bar had disappeared. All that was left was someone that was completely worn out.

This made Chen Jingrong feel especially bad.

Although Li Shengyuan wasn’t a particularly good person, he never once chased her for compensation even though he lost everything because of her. Instead, he shouldered the pain himself and hid far away from her…

It was impossible for her to not develop feelings for a man like that.

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