Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1246 - But, You Are A Monster

Chapter 1246: But, You Are A Monster

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Chen Jingrong waited 3 days and searched for her man during these 3 days, but she heard nothing from neither Tangning nor Li Shengyuan.

Finally, after pulling through those 3 days, Tangning sent someone to fetch Chen Jingrong and brought her to a meeting room inside Hai Rui.

Chen Jingrong was extremely nervous. After all, Tangning was the very definition of a wise and farsighted woman, plus, she was well known for seeing through people with one glance. So, Chen Jingrong felt her thoughts were completely exposed in front of Tangning.

“Mrs. Mo…”

Tangning turned around, looking elegant and wise. Although she was already in her fifties, she did not show any signs of aging; on the surface, she did not look much over 30 years old.

This mother appeared much too youthful.

“Relax, don’t be so nervous,” Tangning reassured. “I know about everything between you and my son…”

“I’m embarrassed to bring it up,” Chen Jingrong explained.

“I don’t mean to get involved. Everything has been resolved using standard industry methods. Of course, this also included the man that helped you,” Tangning replied. “Us old people don’t understand you young people and we don’t want to get involved, but there are limits to everything. I’m sure you understand what I mean. I didn’t ask you here today because I want to make things difficult for you. I understand your motive and I know that you want to help your model friend.”

“But, I have something that I want to ask you: what’s the relationship between you and that model?”

Chen Jingrong looked at Tangning nervously. After a bit of hesitation, she finally replied, “We like each other.”

“Don’t you like my son?”

“Zixi had always been a dream for me. When I knew that he was about to propose to me, I truly felt like my dreams had come true. But, I’ve woken from my dream now and I’ve been thrown back into reality. Towards Zixi, I simply felt unfairness, but towards this man, I honestly can’t let go,” Chen Jingrong replied honestly. “I can guarantee that as long as you find Li Shengyuan, I am willing to distance myself from Mo Zixi and Yao Anqi.”

Tangning observed Chen Jingrong the entire time and could tell that she wasn’t lying.

“Child, go home. I understand your request,” Tangning replied. “Since you truly like him, then put your heart into. Don’t lie anymore. Lying is the most painful poison in a relationship.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Mo.”

“When I was your age, I didn’t necessarily do any better than you. I also fought and snatched. I simply don’t care about that stuff now,” Tangning replied. “That’s why I can’t completely hate you. I can tell that you still have a conscience.”

“Since that’s the case, can I be brave and ask one thing of you? Can you please help me find Li Shengyuan?”

Tangning did not give Chen Jingrong an answer. She simply asked her to go home first.

For Hai Rui, finding a person was child’s play, but why did they have to help her with this favor?

Tangning once again kept Chen Jingrong hanging for 3 days. Only on the 4th day did she contact Chen Jingrong and tell her that Li Shengyuan was currently at a particular videographer’s place, pleading to let him participate in a film…

When Mo Zixi returned home and heard Tangning mention this matter, he couldn’t help but sigh.

But, after sighing about Chen Jingrong’s matter, he still hugged his mother, “Mom, thank you. After stressing over Zichen’s matter, you had to worry about my problems as well.”

“Don’t let your father hear this.”

“He’s not stupid. You don’t think he understands? The only reason he tolerates us is because he loves you and he knows your heart aches for us.”

These words were very effective on Tangning. After all, she relied on Mo Ting’s love to get to where she was today.

“You are such a sweet talker. You sure know what to say.”

“Now, there’s only one person left.”

Mo Zixi was referring to Ziyan, but it didn’t seem like Ziyan had any intention of being in a relationship. She was busy every day and would take Xingzhe over to the Mo Family Home whenever she had time.

Tangning smiled and did not say a word. As a mother, she roughly understood what her daughter was thinking.

There were some people that only loved one person in their life…

“Judging by your reaction, does Ziyan already have someone in mind?”

Tangning did not say a word; it was like a silent admission. Why else did Mo Ziyan still study when she had already taken over Hai Rui? It wasn’t like she was really that studious.

It was all because she had someone she was interested in at the university!

Mo Zixi did not ask any further, after all, he was going to find out sooner or later, but when he returned home and shared this information with Yao Anqi, Yao Anqi suddenly thought of Ziyan’s cheeky antics.

“The person that Ziyan likes must be very impressive.”

“His appearance must be pretty good too.”

After all, with a father like Mo Ting setting the bar at home, Mo Ziyan naturally had high expectations for men.

“Let’s stop talking about Ziyan. Let’s talk about us now,” Yao Anqi grabbed onto Mo Zixi as her expression turned serious.

“What’s wrong?”

“My period is late. I’m planning to go to the hospital tomorrow for a checkup. Medically speaking, it’s not easy for a body like mine to fall pregnant again.”

“Rubbish, with me around, nothing’s impossible.” After all, every time Mo Zixi was around, the couple didn’t get to sleep. So, how was falling pregnant difficult?

Although the doctor had said something similar to what Yao Anqi said, the doctor had simply said that she couldn’t have an abortion.

Yao Anqi glared at Mo Zixi. How could he be so unrestrained, yet so proud?

Mo Zixi didn’t care as he lifted his wife in his arms.

Yao Anqi was immediately stunned, “You can’t touch me tonight. What if I’m actually pregnant?”

Mo Zixi smiled and replied, “Do you think I’m a monster? I simply don’t want you to walk, so I thought I’d carry you.”

“But you are a monster.”

“Anqi, help me give birth to a daughter. That way I can have a son and a daughter,” Mo Zixi said as he placed Yao Anqi on the bed and kissed her stomach.

Yao Anqi’s gaze immediately softened. She had a feeling that if she was really pregnant, then the child in her stomach was definitely a girl.

The next day, Yao Anqi went to work and also dropped by the gynecology unit for a check-up.

2 hours later, she received her blood test results: she was pregnant…there was no doubt.

Although Mo Zixi was at the special forces base, Yao Anqi soon received a phone call from him to check how she went. Yao Anqi helplessly replied, “Your dream came true. I’m pregnant.”

“I’m about to become a father again!” Mo Zixi yelled excitedly.

Luckily, he added the word ‘again’ and did not forget the existence of Xingzhe.

“Yes, you’re about to become a father again,” Yao Anqi was also excited, because this time, she had Mo Zixi to accompany her through the pains of childbirth.

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