Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1244 - You Provoked Me First!

Chapter 1244: You Provoked Me First!

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Firstly, Hai Rui admitted that Mo Zixi was the beloved son of Tangning and Mo Ting, that he was already married to Yao Anqi and that they already had a son.

But, the child didn’t belong to someone else. The child was Mo Zixi and Yao Anqi’s own flesh and blood!

So, there was no cheating involved because they were a proper couple from the start.

As for why Mo Zixi was with Chen Jingrong for 4 years before he married Yao Anqi, the reason was because ‘someone’ deceived him and caused the two lovers to be separated for 4 years.

As for this ‘someone’, Hai Rui told the public to guess the indentity themselves.

Although it involved privacy issues and Mo Zixi didn’t want to attract too much attention, Hai Rui had no choice but to present Xingzhe’s DNA report to prove that he was indeed a part of the Mo Family.

On top of this, the person in charge of PR presented a story: ‘A’ and ‘B’ slept together because they were drunk, but ‘B’ left first. At that time, ‘C’ took advantage of the situation, snuck in and convinced ‘A’ that she was the one he slept with.

Due to this misunderstanding, ‘A’ and ‘C’ became a couple. But, 4 years later, the truth was revealed!

This was an interesting story that completely summed up the relationship between Mo Zixi, Yao Anqi and Chen Jingrong.

The public finally learnt the entire story and understood that Mo Zixi and Yao Anqi had been schemed against. They also understood that the biggest victim in the entire situation was the single mother, Yao Anqi.

“This is the story that everyone wanted to hear. This is the entire story. It explains why Mo Zixi broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years and also explains why Mo Zixi married Yao Anqi.”

“There was no cheating involved and no mistress. Everyone was simply lost for a little while, that’s all.”

“Thank you everyone for your concern towards the Mo Family, but this is just a private matter that doesn’t deserve any further investigating.”

“That’s why Hai Rui is clarifying everything today. We hope that everyone can give the couple some space.”

“On another note, Hai Rui’s​ latest sci-fi film is about to be released. We hope everyone can take note when the time comes…”

Hai Rui’s PR didn’t mention the name ‘Chen Jingrong’, nor did they attack her, yet they managed to make everyone understand that if Chen Jingrong hadn’t lied, Yao Anqi would not be a single mother for 4 years and the child wouldn’t have spent 4 years without a father.

The truth was revealed!

Perhaps, Hai Rui didn’t punish Chen Jingrong because of the second article that was released.

In the end, Hai Rui did their best to leave everyone with a bit of dignity…

Even so, the netizens still couldn’t help but sigh, “So, a woman can be so scary when she loses her mind.”

“Is there any point to a love created from deception? The truth is bound to be exposed sooner or later!”

“I can’t believe they tried to throw the blame on the Mo Family in the first article that was released. I’m completely dumbfounded.”

“Let’s just leave it at this. It’s just a family matter. I’d rather leave my energy to view a big movie!”

Of course, there were still a lot of people that wanted to criticize Chen Jingrong, but Chen Jingrong no longer cared. After all, she wasn’t a part of the entertainment industry.

However, the thing she was worried about now, was whether Li Shengyuan would lose his job because of her.

Of course, anyone that provoked the Mo Family, definitely couldn’t get away with it. So, President Mo already gave orders and told the entire industry that Li Shengyuan’s schedule for the following year was going down the drain.

But, when Li Shengyuan first decided to help Chen Jingrong, he already mentally prepared himself for something like this.

After all, he understood the consequences of offending the Mo Family.

So, he could only accept that what was lost was lost.

Chen Jingrong went around asking about Li Shengyuan, but she kept finding out that he had been replaced in his upcoming projects.

It took a while, but she finally found out where he lived. However, she couldn’t get in and she couldn’t contact him.

With no choice left, she ended up going to the bar.

As expected, Li Shengyuan was there, drinking all by himself.

Chen Jingrong rushed over and snatched the glass of alcohol out of his hand. She then grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards the exit, “Did you lose your projects?”

“What’s lost is lost, what can I do about it?” Li Shengyuan said indifferently. “I was getting bored anyway.”

“You lost them because of me.”

“I guess we’re even. After all, your reputation has been ruined because of me,” Li Shengyuan laughed. “Chen Jingrong, you’re a bad woman, but I did this willingly.”

For some reason, Chen Jingrong suddenly felt moved. She had followed Mo Zixi for 4 years, yet there was a person that was following her around now.

This feeling was intriguing but it also made her feel guilty.

“I don’t want to make you lose your job.”

“But it’s already lost…”

“Go get it back,” Chen Jingrong encouraged. “I will do whatever I can to help you.”

“You? Help me? Stop getting involved with the entertainment industry. I don’t need any help. I’m doing really well.”

After speaking, Li Shengyuan tried to leave, but Chen Jingrong held onto him.

“Let go. I’ve already said what I wanted to and our deal has already been completed. Why are you still clinging to me?”

“I want to go to the hotel with you,” Chen Jingrong said straightforwardly. “I want your body. Can’t I?”

Li Shengyuan suddenly came to his senses as he looked at Chen Jingrong with heated desire. He had to admit that he was infatuated with Chen Jingrong’s body.

They only slept together once, but he missed it so much.

“You said it. Don’t regret it.”

After Li Shengyuan was done speaking, the couple impulsively rushed over to the hotel and quickly ended up in each other’s arms. Chen Jingrong discovered that she didn’t dislike this feeling.

But, Li Shengyuan was still very alert, “If you’re planning to treat me like Mo Zixi again, then I’m not playing along this time.”

“I met with Mo Zixi…”


“We also clarified everything. I was being too stubborn. I couldn’t be saved. But, I understand now that he will never turn back. I’m not treating you like him. I’m not sure how to explain myself. All I know is, you may look bad and appear to have ulterior motives, but you lost your job because of me, so I can’t abandon you.”

Li Shengyuan did not say a thing as he looked at Chen Jingrong.

“I don’t believe that you actually have the ability to let go of Mo Zixi.”

“The person I can’t let go of, is you,” Chen Jingrong said as she hugged Li Shengyuan. “Perhaps, people like us are more suited to being together…”

“So, I’m your rebound?” Li Shengyuan asked with a bitter smile. “I’m just a rebound that has nothing.”

“You provoked me first,” Chen Jingrong said as she held onto Li Shengyuan’s shirt. “How could you provoke me, grab my attention and then kick me aside?”

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