Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1243 - What A Killjoy!

Chapter 1243: What A Killjoy!

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Yao Anqi had no idea what happened as she stared blankly at the reporters that were surrounding her and sticking microphones in her face.

“Miss Yao, have you seen the article that’s been spreading online?”

“Miss Yao, someone revealed that you stole another woman’s boyfriend so you could find a long-term financial support for you and your child. What are your thoughts regarding this?”

“Miss Yao…”

“Wait,” Yao Anqi cut in as she asked confusedly, “I don’t quite understand why you’re surrounding me.”

Seeing her expression, the reporters realized that she was clueless, so they looked up the article and showed it to her.

“In the eyes of everyone in Beijing, you are a sl*t. Did you know that?”

After Yao Anqi saw the article, she took a deep breath, “How could people believe in something like this? Isn’t your job as a reporter to investigate the truth? Why are people already questioning me with hostility when this article was just released?”

“Do you think you’re above me?”

“Or do you hold evidence that I cheated?”

“If you have nothing and you’re throwing around derogatory claims, I would like to know who gave you the right to do that.”

“Does that mean you’re denying what’s written in the article?” a reporter asked as she raised her microphone.

“I don’t want anyone to feel bad before things have been clarified. So, I don’t plan to give any responses at this point.” Yao Anqi was calm and unfazed. To be exact, she was indifferent because she wasn’t afraid of the reporters. After all, she had married Mo Zixi and she understood that the Mo Family spent most of their lives in the limelight.

Actually, Mo Zixi had already arrived at the hospital a minute ago. When he saw Yao Anqi being surrounded, he did not feel good, so he was tempted to walk over and take her away. But…

…when he saw that Yao Anqi dealt with the reporters naturally, Mo Zixi relaxed. Perhaps…

…she wasn’t as weak as he thought.

The reporters continued to cling to Yao Anqi, but she completely ignored them.

They followed her all the way out of the hospital with no intention of letting go. But, at this time, Mo Zixi stepped out of his sports car, walked over to Yao Anqi and hooked his arm around her waist, “We never wanted our private matters to be known by everyone, but since someone deliberately exposed it, we aren’t afraid to face it.”

“Hai Rui will explain the truth soon and give you all the answers you want. So, I hope all you reporters can stop making things difficult for us. We aren’t from the entertainment industry, so we don’t like all the attention.”

“Especially my wife. She’s an ER doctor that could be saving a life at anytime. If you don’t have anything else, please stop disturbing her.”

Mo Zixi’s sudden appearance immediately drew the media’s attention and Yao Anqi was freed.

Mo Zixi nudged her into the hospital and gestured for her to return to work. As for the media, he knew exactly how to deal with them.

Yao Anqi trusted Mo Zixi, so she returned to her post. As for the person that created a story out of the entire situation, who else would do it apart from Chen Jingrong?

Actually, even Chen Jingrong never expected to be turned into a victim that everyone was discussing.

However, she wasn’t happy with this outcome. After all, she knew that as soon as the truth got revealed, she would be the only one to suffer in the end.

So, she gave Li Shengyuan a phone call, “Are you crazy? What you’ve done won’t help me, but ruin me instead!”

“I wanted to use this method to make Mo Zixi officially give up on you,” the man replied confidently.

“As a mere model, aren’t you afraid that the Mo Family will discover you?”

“What should I be afraid of?” Li Shengyuan wasn’t worried at all. “The Mo Family will, at most, find out where the article started, but it would never lead back to me.”

“But, Hai Rui can always reveal the truth. Do you really want the whole world to know that I stripped myself naked and lay next to Mo Zixi to trick him 4 years ago?”

Chen Jingrong was so emotional that she accidentally revealed this truth.

As soon as Li Shengyuan heard this, his expression changed a little, “Did you…actually do that?”

“You released information when you didn’t know a thing. If Mo Zixi reveals the truth, do you think I could live up to it?” Chen Jingrong asked helplessly. “You don’t know me and you don’t understand me. Why would you try to stick up for me?”

“It’s bad enough that you tried to stick up for me, you chose to do it in such a stupid way!”

Li Shengyuan was suddenly rendered speechless.

“I simply wanted to get revenge for you. Nothing else.”

“Are you going to delete your article?”

“It’s too late.”

Now that everyone was gossiping about this matter, who cared whether it was true or not? Everyone was just joining in on the fun.

“You’re lucky that I don’t work in the entertainment industry, otherwise, I would be completely ruined by you. But, it doesn’t matter now, they can say whatever they want about me…”

Chen Jingrong had already given up. She didn’t expect to attract trouble like this.

In front of Mo Zixi, she already embarrassed herself enough. This time, she was embarrassing herself in front of the entire nation.

However, she didn’t hate Li Shengyuan as much as she thought she would.

Was she seriously crazy?

“I’ll think of a way to turn this around. If Hai Rui gets involved, the situation will be very different.”

“Do what you want,” Chen Jingrong said before she hung up.

From the moment that Li Shengyuan first met Chen Jingrong, he should have known that she was a schematic and calculative person.

But, he still got involved with no regret.

So, he deserved what was happening to him.

To make Chen Jingrong feel a little better, he immediately posted a second article: [Turn of events: This is the truth that you wanted]

The content of the article was from the perspective of Chen Jingrong. It explained that she had already broken up with Mo Zixi and Mo Zixi never cheated, nor did he make her have an abortion.

Although their breakup caused a bit of drama at first, it was all settled now.

So, there was no cheating and no mistress…

When the public saw this, they weren’t pleased with what they saw.

They were enjoying the show and it was just reaching its climax, yet the show ended just like that.

What a killjoy!

When Chen Jingrong saw this, she didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt like laughing.

That guy wasn’t actually that bad.

But, he was already too late because Hai Rui had already discovered him and was ready to do some PR for Mo Zixi.

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