Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1242: You Really Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Chapter 1242: You Really Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover



After returning home, Mo Zixi held onto Yao Anqi and said beside her ear, "Let's go pick up our son tomorrow and take him for a day out. What do you say?"

Yao Anqi looked at Mo Zixi and hugged him back with a nod, "That would be great, we haven't gone out as a family before. But, Mr. Mo, I have work tomorrow."

"In that case...I'll take Xingzhe out and we'll come pick you up at night."

Yao Anqi nodded her head. She then said suggestively to Mo Zixi, "Actually, I'm almost clean..."

Mo Zixi's eyes immediately lit up as he lifted Yao Anqi in his arms, "Were you deliberately tricking me?"

Yao Anqi hooked her arms around Mo Zixi's neck and buried her head into his chest; she knew what was about to happen.

But, she had to admit that she desired this man as well. As time passed, she too, missed his body.

Afterwards, Yao Anqi felt herself being placed onto the bed and her body sink into the soft bed sheets. Mo Zixi's handsome face slowly approached and became clearer...

From the fiery passion in his eyes, Yao Anqi could sense the love that he felt for her.


...the couple's clothes fell on the floor, one piece at a time. Their naked bodies combined, not leaving the slightest gap...

During their moment of passion, Mo Zixi held onto Yao Anqi and repeated her name beside her ear, expressing his love. Afterwards, they changed locations and moved from the bedroom to the living room, then from the living room to the bathroom. Half dead, Yao Anqi began to regret telling Mo Zixi that she was clean. If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have said a thing, because he had absolutely no restraint!

This loving scene continued through the night all the way until the next morning.

Although she was exhausted, Yao Anqi still forced herself out of bed and went to work. However, the way she walked was a little odd.

On that same night, Chen Jingrong also enjoyed a pleasurable night with the man at the bar. Although she couldn't help calling Mo Zixi's name during their passionate encounter, when she saw the man on top of her clearly, she also understood herself better.

Her 4 years of love was just a joke. In fact, it was a joke created by herself; a joke that she couldn't blame on anyone else.

As morning hit, Chen Jingrong awoke in the man's arms. Suddenly, she despised herself as she put her clothes back on.

The man sat up and asked, "Are you regretting what we did?"

"Since it's already done, I won't regret it," Chen Jingrong replied with certainty.

"I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Li Shengyuan, a famous model."

After he was done speaking, the man got up and pressed Chen Jingrong against the cold wall, trapping her between his arms, "Perhaps, deep down, you may regret what we did last night, but you promised to marry me, so you need to follow through with your promise."

"I promised?"

Li Shengyuan playfully nodded his head, "To protect my fiancee, I will get revenge for you."

"This is strange. Why would a famous model be so obsessed with a woman like me? I'm sure there are a lot women for you to play with."

"Before meeting you, that may have been the case," Li Shengyuan smiled. "For some reason, I'm oddly attracted to you. I'm not sure what it is either."

Chen Jingrong thought for a moment and finally nodded her head, "Since things have already gotten to this point, what other choice do I have? Let's get married then. I'm going to go home first."

After Chen Jingrong agreed to their marriage, Li Shengyuan nodded and let her go.

As soon as she was gone, Li Shengyuan began to contact the media and exposed Mo Zixi and Yao Anqi's story to them.

In the past, Tangning and Mo Ting were influential characters in the entertainment industry. Even now, with all the newcomers, everyone still respected this King and Queen of Entertainment.

But, what would happen if their son was involved in a scandal?

Soon, an article titled, [Abandoned girlfriend of 4 years to be with single mother - Tangning's son has gone too far!], began to spread online.

Of course, the content of this article was centered around the story of how Mo Zixi broke up with Chen Jingrong and cheated with a single mother.

The content was detailed and the story was complex and interesting.

The article even mentioned how Miss Chen tried to commit suicide and had an abortion.

As soon as news like this got out, no one cared about the trustworthiness of the information, they simply enjoyed having something to gossip about.

Especially since this news was partially true. No one cared about confirming the information.

Even if someone wanted to prove Mo Zixi's innocence, they didn't know where to begin.

"I can't believe that Tangning's son would do something like this."

"Everything's been revealed and people from the military have confirmed it. I wonder how Tangning feels."

"Tangning and Mo Ting have always been the ideal couple in the industry. They've stuck by each other for many years. Why have things changed now that it's reached their son?"

"What a jerk! He cheated and forced his ex to have an abortion!"

A whole heap of comments followed underneath the article, and the reason why so many people took notice of it, was because Mo Zixi was Tangning's son. That was the only reason.

Although he had always kept a low profile, he was now being shamed in the open.


Originally, Mo Zixi was planning to take Xingzhe out to play, but he ended up seeing the article when he was at Hyatt Regency.

He wasn't worried about himself. After all, he was the son of a celebrity, so he had long gotten used to this.

But, he was worried about Yao Anqi and whether she'd be disturbed at the hospital.

"Your Uncle Lu will look into this matter and find out who released this information. Go to the hospital and get Anqi..."

"OK." After hearing his mother's instructions, Mo Zixi immediately grabbed his keys and drove out of Hyatt Regency.

In the past, he never drove his sports car because he thought it attracted too much attention and it wasn't necessary to be so extravagant. But, when he thought about Yao Anqi and the possibility that she may be surrounded by reporters, he urgently jumped into his sports car and sped towards the hospital.

Over at the hospital, news hadn't spread as quickly because everyone was busy saving lives and had no time to dwell on gossip.

But, a bored person still ended up figuring out that the single mother mentioned in the article was their senior doctor of ER, Yao Anqi.

"You really can't judge a book by its cover. It turns out that she stole someone's boyfriend and already has a child. How shameless."

"Did you guys see all the reporters downstairs? They must be here because of Dr. Yao."

At that moment, Yao Anqi was busy running around the ER. Of course, she noticed the reporters outside, but she hadn't had the chance to read the news...

But, it didn't take long before the reporters spotted her, "There she is. She's over there..."

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