Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1240 - It’s All My Fault

Chapter 1240: It’s All My Fault

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As she watched Chen Jingrong get upset, Yao Anqi had no choice but to teach her a thing or two, “If I were you, I would have planned things out meticulously, considered all possibilities and made necessary adjustments based on precise calculations. What you’ve done instead, is insult both our intelligence.”

After she finished speaking, Yao Anqi called security and asked for the guards to send Chen Jingrong out.

Chen Jingrong’s childish trick was just an annoying prank. In reality, what benefit did she expect to gain from it?

“Why did he marry you? There’s no love between the two of you…”

“Who said there’s no love between us?” Yao Anqi raised her head and said as Chen Jingrong was being taken away. “After acting as a substitute for 4 years, haven’t you realized how deeply Zixi feels for me?”

“He simply thought you were me!”

“Liar!” Chen Jingrong growled. “Tell Zixi to come out and say these words himself!”

“Chen Jingrong, you’ve been clinging to me, all the way from the military hospital until now. You’ve honestly lost all logic. Did you think you could step in between us so easily?”

“Your refusal to believe that Zixi has changed and your continuous attempt to convince yourself that he still loves you, is all because you’re too afraid to face yourself and the truth.”

Chen Jingrong was being forced into a dead end as Yao Anqi read her mind. It was true, she couldn’t accept the truth, she wanted to find whatever means possible to get revenge.

“Yes, you’re right, but you can’t deny that Zixi still has feelings for me…After all, we were together for 4 years.”

Yao Anqi couldn’t be bothered responding to Chen Jingrong anymore. At this time, the security guards arrived in Yao Anqi’s office.

Chen Jingrong was unhappily led out of the hospital…

As she kneeled on the ground and started crying, the man that had put on an act with her, approached and offered her a hand, “Since things have gotten to this point, why don’t you marry me instead? If Mo Zixi still has feelings for you, he will come back to look for you. Are you willing to take the gamble?”

“Don’t you just want to sleep with me? Fine, I’ll sleep with you. But…I’m never marrying you. I’m going to wait for Mo Zixi until the day I die.”

Chen Jingrong was extremely stubborn. So stubborn that it made people hate her. But, the man did not give up, “Previously, I did indeed only want your body. But now, I want your body and your heart.”

Chen Jingrong scoffed as she stood up and yelled, “Psycho!”

After saying this, she wiped away her tears and left.

Meanwhile, Yao Anqi may not have believed Chen Jingrong’s words, but she was still unhappy because this woman kept causing trouble for her. No one would enjoy being clung to like this, especially when it affected their work.

But, she understood that if Mo Zixi stepped forward to do something, then Chen Jingrong would only continue to hold on.

So, there was nothing she could do. She was going to wait until Mo Zixi came home and ignore him for a couple of days…

What kind of a woman did he attract?!

At this moment, Mo Zixi was in the middle of an important mission. He had absolutely no idea that Yao Anqi was being tormented by Chen Jingrong.

But, two days later, a black-suited man arrived at the Chen Family Home to run an investigation on them and Father Chen was taken away.

Chen Jingrong fell into a panic. She understood the position that her father held, if he was taken away, then she knew what circumstances were in store.

Chen Jingrong had no idea that Mo Zixi did this as revenge for his wife. And, of course, she had no one to turn to for help. After all, all her closest friends were trying to protect themselves. So, the only person she could look for in the end, was the man from the bar.

He was the richest person she knew!

“Let’s make another deal!”

“What act do you want me to put on this time?” the man asked in ridicule.

“I need money. A lot of it. Enough money to bail my father out,” Chen Jingrong said between sobs.

“Fine, but I have one condition: you must marry me,” the man said with determination. “I won’t accept anything else.”

But, how could Chen Jingrong agree to this?

“Aren’t you taking advantage of me?”

“You could say that,” the man shrugged. “Otherwise, you could always go look for someone else.”

Chen Jingrong did not agree to the man’s condition as she left in tears. She wanted to go look for Mo Zixi…

He was the only person she could look for at that moment.

By the time that Mo Zixi returned from the special forces base, it had already been 4 days. The first thing he did, was rush home. However, he did not see his wife as he had hoped. Xingzhe was still at the Mo Family Home because Mo Ziyan wouldn’t part with him, but where was Yao Anqi?

A little while later, Yao Anqi finally returned home holding a paper bag. However, she completely ignored Mo Zixi.

Mo Zixi was a little confused. Just as he approached to hug her, Yao Anqi stopped him.

“You were already caught going to a hotel room with Chen Jingrong, what are you doing here?”

Mo Zixi was a little surprised as he looked at her blankly, “I went to perform a special mission. The entire special forces knows about it.”

Yao Anqi knew he was innocent, but she was still unhappy. So, she explained everything that happened to him.

After Mo Zixi finished listening, he sighed and wrapped his arms around his wife. He then apologized, “It’s all my fault…I’m sorry, Anqi.”

“I’m not blaming you. I’m just a little annoyed,” Yao Anqi replied with a hug. “Although I couldn’t help but feel angry, I’m happy that you returned home safe. How could I be upset at you?”

“But, I heard that the Chen Family are currently in trouble. Did it have anything to do with you?”

“Father Chen asked for it. It has nothing to do with anyone.”

“But Chen Jingrong will definitely come looking for you,” Yao Anqi said. “She’s currently caught in a dead end. Who else could she turn to for help?”

“I can’t help her,” Mo Zixi replied coldly. “Back when she applied pressure to get my wife kicked out of the military hospital, she should have expected this day to come.”

“In that case, what do you plan to do to Chen Jingrong? No matter what I say, she refuses to believe me and keeps insisting that I’m lying to her…”

“I can go see her. But, I will go with you,” Mo Zixi replied confidently. “Now that I’m honest with you, there’s nothing to hide. Most importantly, I don’t want you to misunderstand me.”

Yao Anqi sighed and eventually nodded her head, “Let’s organize a time and date then…”

As soon as Yao Anqi said this, Mo Zixi understood that they had finished talking business, so he immediately lifted his wife in his arms and carried her into the bedroom…

He had missed her for so long. Only when he returned to Yao Anqi’s side, did he feel alive again because she made his heart beat like crazy…

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