Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1238 - You'll Know When You Get Married!

Chapter 1238: You’ll Know When You Get Married!

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Yao Anqi rested at home for an entire day before returning to work at the hospital. However, her legs still felt weak.

But, she was glad that she and Mo Zixi finally understood each other’s​ heart and no longer had a Chen Jingrong standing between them.

As she thought back on their passionate encounter from the previous night, Yao Anqi’s face subconsciously turned red. She never imagined that Mo Zixi would do whatever he desired and have no self restraint.

This man appeared honest and proper, but he was just a layman when it came to women.

A little while later, Yao Anqi received a phone call from Tangning asking her to take Xingzhe home for dinner. Realizing that she had not visited Hyatt Regency since moving home, she happily agreed to Tangning’s request. After all, Mo Ziyan was desperate to see Xingzhe. Even though it had only been a few days, she already missed him like crazy!

So, after work, Yao Anqi took Xingzhe with her to Hyatt Regency.

Meanwhile, Chen Jingrong was at Beijing Hospital, carefully finding information on Yao Anqi. She wanted to know Yao Anqi’s schedule and habits because she thought she had the perfect plan to get between her and Mo Zixi.

She still remembered how she was taken away by a man at the bar that night. After that incident, she went back to the hotel and retrieved a copy of the surveillance footage. That was when she noticed that the man’s figure and appearance was very similar to Mo Zixi’s. This was why she had mistaken him for Mo Zixi that night.

Since Yao Anqi and Mo Zixi were together because they had a son, Chen Jingrong assumed that there was no love nor trust between them. Based on this fact, Chen Jingrong believed that a bit of scheming would be enough to tear them apart. If worse came to worst, she was willing to go down together.

After settling on her plan, Chen Jingrong went around looking for the man that took her from the bar. It was worth noting that the man was quite a gentleman for not taking advantage of her. Because of this, she once again visited the bar from that night.

Yao Anqi had no idea what Chen Jingrong had planned. She simply took her son with her back to Hyatt Regency.

As she watched Yao Anqi step naturally into the Mo Family Home, Tangning could guess that there had been a change in her relationship with Mo Zixi.

“Oh God, Little Xingxing, Auntie’s missed you to death!” Mo Ziyan immediately lifted Xingzhe in her arms.

“Auntie…” Xingzhe called out obediently.

Mo Ziyan was so happy, she almost felt like she was in heaven, “My precious. I love you to death…”

Tangning pulled Yao Anqi to the side and sat her down. She then asked her about her latest situation. Yao Anqi assumed that the Mo Family didn’t know that she and Mo Zixi had already registered their marriage.

She wanted to let Mo Zixi announce their relationship properly, so she did not mention anything about it. Instead, she briefly told Tangning about recent events and explained that Xingzhe was doing well.

But, Tangning was a highly observant person.

How could she not notice the obvious hickey on her neck?

She was happy that the two had a proper development in their relationship and hoped that Yao Anqi would wholeheartedly accept the Mo Family.

So, afterwards, Tangning invited Yao Anqi into the study room and handed her a ring that she had prepared, “I started preparing this from the moment that I heard of your existence. I was waiting for the right time to give it to you…and I’ve discovered that the time has come.”


“Are you still going to call me Auntie?” Tangning gestured for Yao Anqi to look at her neck.

Yao Anqi immediately understood Tangning’s hint and awkwardly covered her neck.

“I already treated you as a part of the family from long ago and thought of you as my daughter-in-law. Seeing you and​ Mo Zixi settle down together is something that the entire family hopes for,” Tangning said before she placed the jewelry box in Yao Anqi’s hands. “From now on, no matter what happens, I hope you can trust Zixi. He isn’t one to act recklessly.”

Yao Anqi looked at the box in her hands and felt overwhelmed with emotions, “Mom… Zixi and I already got married and we’ve already clarified everything. I simply hope to live happily with him, I don’t need material objects like this. I know you have good intentions, but my job prohibits me from wearing jewelry…so, I hope you can take it back.”

“This is a present from a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law. You can’t reject it.”

Tangning was truly happy that Mo Zixi resolved things with Yao Anqi.

So, in front of the entire family, she officially announced that she had a new daughter-in-law and Mo Ziyan had a big sister-in-law!

When she was at the Mo Family Home, Yao Anqi felt relaxed and happy because the Mo Family always made her feel warm.

So, she felt extremely fortunate. After all, God had given her all the best things.

But, due to the fact that Mo Ziyan liked Xingzhe too much, Yao Anqi agreed to let him stay at the Mo Family Home for a few days.

Mo Ziyan was so happy that she immediately jumped up and said that she was going out to buy her nephew some toys, even though it was already late at night.

Yao Anqi felt relaxed. That night, she stayed at the Mo Family Home and slept in Mo Zixi’s room. Inside that room, were memories from Mo Zixi’s childhood.

In the middle of the night, she received a phone call from Mo Zixi. At that time, Yao Anqi had just tucked herself into bed, “Guess where I am?”

“Mom already told me that you’re at Hyatt Regency.”

“I’m lying in your bed right now. Your room has a lot of plane models.”

“Anqi…can you try not to mention the word ‘bed’ in front of me?” Mo Zixi pleaded helplessly.


“Because I miss you…and I miss your body,” Mo Zixi revealed.

Yao Anqi’s face immediately turned red, “I never realized that you were so improper!”

“Well, now you know. Unfortunately, it’s too late!” Mo Zixi laughed. “It’s a shame that I can’t go home. Otherwise, I would not let you go.”

“I’m sleeping!” Yao Anqi didn’t like the way that Mo Zixi teased her.

“Fine…if my wife needs to sleep, then I can’t continue to bother her. Hurry and go to bed. I’ll be back in a few days.”

Yao Anqi felt so happy that everything seemed a little surreal. It was like she was dreaming. After a moment of silence, she finally said, “I actually miss you too.”

“Really?” Mo Zixi beamed in joy.

“Yes,” Yao Anqi said before she hung up and covered her head. As she breathed in the familiar scent coming off the bed, she quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the phone, Mo Zixi was being teased by his colleague, “How could a phone call to sister-in-law be so cheesy…”

Mo Zixi put away his phone and glared at the man, “You’ll know when you get married!”

“Does it feel good?”

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