Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1236 - Love At First Sleep

Chapter 1236: Love At First Sleep

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When Yao Anqi heard the chatter around her, she immediately walked over to Mo Zixi.

Mo Zixi reacted by pulling her into his arms and shielding her all the way to the car. All the way home, neither of them got the chance to speak because Mo Zixi drove too fast.

Yao Anqi could tell that Mo Zixi was upset because the last time he was like this, he made his feelings obvious to her.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Huh?” Yao Anqi replied confusedly.

“I’m referring to how the Chen Family pressured the hospital chief,” Mo Zixi questioned patiently, “What reason did you have to endure and not tell me this time?”

“I simply didn’t want you to be stuck in a difficult position between me and the Chen Family!” Yao Anqi explained.

“But you couldn’t shoulder all the suffering on your own!” Mo Zixi emphasized. “You didn’t do anything wrong, so there is no reason for you to put up with their blame. This time, it was just your job that they threatened. What if they threaten you to get divorced with me next time? Are you going to submit?”

“I wanted to leave the military hospital anyway, that’s why…”

“Wanting and being forced are two very different things,” Mo Zixi cut in. Afterwards, the couple remained silent until they stepped foot into their home.

By now, Xingzhe had already been coaxed to sleep by the nanny. When the nanny saw the couple return, she quickly finished off her tasks and left.

Mo Zixi looked at Yao Anqi as she sat on the sofa without moving. He then walked over, lifted her in his arms, carried her into the guest bedroom and threw her onto the bed.

Before Yao Anqi could react, Mo Zixi’s body was already pressed on top of hers; body against body, cheek against against. “For some reason, I feel like it’s so difficult for you to open your heart to me. In fact, you won’t even open a little gap.”

“When something went wrong, I had to find out through someone else. It’s as though I’m not needed. To you, is this husband just for decoration?”

“What do I need to do for you to acknowledge me?”

“Or perhaps, do I need to occupy your body like 4 years ago and create some intimacy before you see me as your husband and not just the father of your child?”

Yao Anqi did not move as Mo Zixi pressed awkwardly on top of her. She waited until he finished venting before she replied, “I’ve gotten used to being independent and being on my own, so there are a lot of things that I don’t know how to take into consideration.”

“I’m not sure what’s considered as needed.”

“Do I need to cling to you like other women? If so, then that’s something I can’t do. But, when I was going through a tough time, you did cross my mind. Is that considered as needed?”

After hearing this, Mo Zixi was dumbfounded.

He then slowly let go of Yao Anqi’s hand.

“As you know, I’m a doctor. I like to turn big matters into small ones and small matters into nothing. I don’t feel like there are many things in life that are worth fighting and dwelling over. So, when it comes to love, I like to keep things simple.”

“If this makes you uncomfortable, then I’m sorry…”

Mo Zixi looked into Yao Anqi’s eyes and finally moved off her body in defeat. He also pulled her up, “I was just getting a little impatient, so…”

“I don’t blame you,” Yao Anqi replied.

“I’m not sure why I suddenly felt hopeful towards you,” Mo Zixi explained. “I honestly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that we can start a new life together…A life that belongs to the three of us; one where we don’t have to care about anyone else.”

“OK,” Yao Anqi nodded in seriousness.

Yao Anqi’s swift answer made Mo Zixi a little frustrated because it made him feel like he wasn’t important enough.

But, he had no idea that, when Yao Anqi agreed to something, she would do whatever she could to achieve it.

“Let’s go out and eat. When Xingzhe wakes up, you’re going to be busy.”

“OK.” The couple left the guest bedroom: one headed to the kitchen, while the other went to the master bedroom.

As Mo Zixi looked at Xingzhe sleeping peacefully in bed, he had a desperate wish. No matter what, he was going to make the three of them into a real family.

After dinner, Mo Zixi bathed Xingzhe and coaxed him back to sleep while Yao Anqi had a bath.

A little while later, the couple got into bed together. Of course, things weren’t as awkward as before.

However, Mo Zixi was a man and his wife was laying beside him. Plus, the fragrance from her body continuously wafted through his nose.

It was only normal for his body to react.

As a result, when Yao Anqi flipped over, she accidentally brushed up against a heated body part and her face turned red.

Mo Zixi did not react. He simply turned off the bedside lamp and tried to calm down. But, at this time, Yao Anqi suddenly said to him, “Let’s sleep in the guest bedroom tonight.”

Mo Zixi understood this hint and was a little surprised, “Do you mean…”

Yao Anqi did not say another word as she got up and walked towards the guest bedroom; she didn’t want to disturb Xingzhe’s sleep.

Mo Zixi followed behind looking extremely shy.

Inside the guest bedroom, Yao Anqi did not turn on the light, but her hint was obvious.

Mo Zixi followed her onto the bed, but he did not take advantage of her. Instead, he wrapped his arms around Yao Anqi and whispered in her ear, “I don’t want to occupy you so casually, I want to wait until you fully trust me.”

“We already have a son. Do you think these words are still necessary?”

Mo Zixi: “…”

Seeing that Mo Zixi wasn’t making a move, Yao Anqi took the initiative and removed his robe. Perhaps, due to the fact that he had been training a lot lately, Mo Zixi’s body was extra firm and fit.

“You’re my husband, I’m already certain of that.”

This time, Mo Zixi did not hold back. After all, the night from 4 years ago often lingered in his mind. The way their bodies touched each other back then, was the same feeling he felt now.

Mo Zixi felt as though electricity was coursing through his body.

At that moment, Mo Zixi was certain that the feelings he had for Chen Jingrong were purely due to the memory and fixation from that night.

The person he liked was the woman he had been intimate with and Chen Jingrong had simply pretended to be her.

Now that the real woman was next to him, his memory was finally awoken. The amazing feelings he felt that day had returned and he finally remembered the emotions it made him feel.

But, the thing that made Mo Zixi the happiest, was the fact that he finally clarified how he felt.

Why did he feel hopeful towards Yao Anqi?

And why did he feel so impulsive around her?

This was because, the person he liked from the start, had always been Yao Anqi (even though, this was technically ‘love at first sleep’).

With this thought, Mo Zixi felt even more ecstatic…

His originally gentle hands suddenly turned fierce as they ran across Yao Anqi’s body, leaving behind traces of his burning passion…

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