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Chapter 72: Han Ruoxue's Panic

Chapter 72: Han Ruoxue's Panic

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Han Ruoxue waited for Tangning to be taken down by Hai Rui because she knew how powerful they were. However, she completely forgot about the man that stood at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry...since he possessed so much power, how could he be used so easily?

In reality, the fact that Mo Ting had allowed the photo to be taken in the first place, meant he accepted what was to come, even if it was to create hype...

But, Han Ruoxue did not realize this and insisted on framing Tangning. Truthfully, it's possible this opportunity may have been deliberately given to her by Mo Ting so he could deal with her.

After all, Han Ruoxue's obstacles for Tangning had been laid out at Tianyi; if he was to deal with her, he'd have to use his own name.

Han Ruoxue was happy the entire night, however, the news that was released the next morning was nothing like what she expected...

[Exposed! Tianyi's director carefully schemes against her own artist!]

[Han Ruoxue pretends to be Tangning to frame her for creating hype: intends to push her to death!]

[Tianyi's internal war continues: Tangning gets close to Hai Rui for hype?]

All the media outlets seemed to be under a spell as they thought up of various headlines. At the same time, they revealed that Han Ruoxue was trying to frame Tangning but instead everything backfired on herself; they even attached a video as proof.

The news first started from a famous weekly publication which attached a manuscript from a phone conversation they had with Han Ruoxue on the night of the gala. They also explained how she had pretended to be Tangning and tried to frame Tangning for creating hype with Mo Ting. On top of everything, if anyone was to say they had no proof, they also attached a video. Although the person in the video was shown from the side, no one could deny it was Han Ruoxue as she was easily recognizable.

Within this short 3-4 minute clip, it was clear that she was discussing headlines and price with the publication, under the guise of being Tangning.

With the appearance of this video, Han Ruoxue couldn't even smooth out everything with her PR...The news had already spread everywhere; it was practically on every single possible media form. Also, because the news involved the mysterious and low-profile CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting, and news like this didn't come around often, all forms of media wanted to report on it as soon as possible.

In merely 2 hours, Han Ruoxue's evil deeds were known by everyone...

"Who would have thought, the entertainment industry was so dark. Luckily god punishes those that are evil!"

"Full support for Tangning! She has always kept a low-profile, yet Tianyi treated her like this; they have no conscience."

"If Han Ruoxue likes to act so much why doesn't she become an actress? She is really the cheapest person."

"This really pisses me off, how could there be such a despicable woman? Does anyone want to form a group and go hit her with me?"

Tianyi Entertainment, CEO's Office. Han Ruoxue looked at the viral discussions and articles online; she was at the brink of insanity. The person that should have been scolded today was Tangning...

However, a surprising twist had happened!

Han Ruxuo's face looked lifeless as her whole body trembled. Because of the news, she was about to fall apart.

There was mumbling in her ears as Han Yufan tried to work his PR on the phone beside her. Meanwhile, her hand trembled as she held onto her phone; there were a few times she subconsciously punched in Tangning's phone number.

"Tangning, was it you? Was it you that schemed against me?"

"Han Ruoxue, you've flipped the situation around. You were the one that tried to frame me," Tangning pointed out the truth calmly from the other side of the line.

"Come out, come out and clear things up for me. This was all part of your scheming, you wanted to frame was all because of you..."

Han Ruoxue's voice was harsh and sharp; her words were cruel and broken. She was too angry; she wanted to tear Tangning into pieces through the phone. However...Tangning remained calm; her cool and composed attitude made her appear like she had everything in the palm of her hands and all she was waiting for now, was to see Han Ruoxue's fate...

"You already knew this would happen, didn't you? Tangning, I am ruthless, but compared to me, you aren't any better. I was merely scheming behind your back, but you took things a step further!"

"Han Ruoxue, you should go see a doctor..." After speaking, Tangning swiftly hung up the phone and turned her attention back to her invite-filled email inbox.

Was she so easily angered?

Of course not.

Compared to all that she had suffered from the Han family, Han Ruoxue's words were nothing...

"So refreshing! That b*tch tried to frame you but hurt herself in the process," Long Jie danced around in joy, "Let's see how she continues in the entertainment industry after this."

"There is no defined line between black and white in the entertainment industry. Let's not be happy too soon," Tangning reminded Long Jie. "If Han Ruoxue wants to clear her name, she will have her ways. After all, there are plenty of agencies that hurt their own artists, it's just they've never been exposed."

"Have you forgotten? Big Boss hasn't responded yet...Thinking about it, the incident has already occurred a few hours ago, why hasn't he said anything?"

Tangning looked at Long Jie as she giggled, "When a cat catches a mouse, does he eat it immediately?"

It would play with it for a while. Make it afraid and fight for survival.

Han Ruoxue had tormented Tangning so many times, for so long. If Mo Ting didn't take the opportunity to get back at her...then he wouldn't be Mo Ting...

"Aiyo, as soon as Big Boss leaves the house, he really becomes a king that no one dares to provoke. He's more calculative than anyone else."

Tangning smiled, as usual, her heart felt warm. The feeling of being protected and taken care of...could only be felt when she was with Mo Ting. At the same time, as Mo Ting's lover, she would do anything for him.


Of course...Tangning's predictions were right; at this moment, Han Ruoxue was frozen in place, because...she was panicking.

The reactions online were so intense and netizens emotions were so angry, whereas Hai Rui...was yet to release an official statement.

Before they were to respond, there were two possibilities: 1. Hai Rui didn't care about such a small issue and Mo Ting had no time to deal with such an unimportant person, 2. Hai Rui were currently preparing something...

Inside, Han Ruoxue was leaning towards the first option. After all, she wasn't the first person to create hype using Mo Ting's name, he couldn't possibly have the time to deal with each and every one of them.

If this was the case, as long as Hai Rui didn't react, she would still have the chance to revive; this was how the entertainment industry was like.

That's right...for now she couldn't give up hope. Who knows if the situation would change?

However, while she was hopeful that she still had a chance to escape a horrible fate...

Hai Rui's PR news...was finally released...appearing on top of all the headlines!

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