Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1235 - Is Anqi OK?

Chapter 1235: Is Anqi OK?

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When Yao Anqi heard about this arrangement, she immediately removed her surgical gloves and went to the hospital chief’s office, “Chief, I’ve decided. I have a child now, so I can’t work on the battlefield.”

“Anqi…you’re actually a highly skilled doctor. I can’t bear to see you leave, but…”

“Chief, you don’t need to put yourself in a difficult position,” Yao Anqi said as she pulled out her resignation letter and bowed thankfully. Before the Chief could respond, Yao Anqi turned around and left the office.

She had actually come across many opportunities in the past to leave the military hospital, but because of Xingzhe, she never followed her dream. Now that everything was falling into place, she naturally held onto the chance to advance in her career.

Of course, Yao Anqi did not tell Mo Zixi about this. After spending three days at home with Xingzhe, she finally picked up her resume on the fourth day and attended an interview at Beijing Hospital.

As she had been an ER doctor for many years and she had a lot of experience in the operating theater, Beijing Hospital welcomed her with open arms and prepared a lot of resources for her.

This was something she had never experienced at the military hospital.

“Miss Yao, I don’t doubt your abilities. I simply have one question that I would like you to answer.”

“Please go ahead,” Yao Anqi said politely.

“Why did you leave the military hospital?”

“I was kicked out because I offended someone that I shouldn’t have,” Yao Anqi replied honestly.

“OK, we at Beijing Hospital welcome you,” the Chief said as he stood up and shook Yao Anqi’s hand.

As she was highly capable, Yao Anqi was given the position of a senior doctor. Beijing Hospital was a big hospital, so it was naturally more busy than what she was used to, but Yao Anqi felt it was an enriching experience.

After 7 days, Mo Zixi finally got to see his wife and child again. But, during dinner, the first thing that Yao Anqi said was, “I left the military hospital.”

“When did that happen?” Mo Zixi asked.

“It’s been almost half a month,” Yao Anqi replied. “I’m currently a senior ER doctor at Beijing Hospital.”

Mo Zixi did not respond, but Yao Anqi could feel that there was an obvious awkwardness in the atmosphere.

It wasn’t until the two lay in bed later that night that Mo Zixi finally asked, “Why didn’t you notify me as soon as something happened?”


“You didn’t think it was necessary?” Mo Zixi laughed in self ridicule. “Anqi, I admit that we didn’t start off as well as other couples, but I’ve said it before, I’m willing to grow closer to you. While I was training at the base, I thought about coming home to see you and Xingzhe every single day. I wanted so badly to be by your side.”

“But…you changed hospitals without telling me. It’s as though I’m just an outsider to you.”

At that moment, Yao Anqi couldn’t say a word.

No matter how she tried to explain her actions, she couldn’t deny the fact that she didn’t contact Mo Zixi first thing.

That night, the couple did not say another word to each other. In fact, Yao Anqi had no idea when Mo Zixi left the next morning.

Had she treated Mo Zixi too casually?

Yao Anqi began to question herself.

It seemed he was truly angered. So, after Mo Zixi left this time, he did not return for another 2 weeks. But, Yao Anqi remained busy during this time and did not take the initiative to give Mo Zixi a phone call. Perhaps, she was really too cold-hearted.

That day, she was finishing off a surgery and stitching up one of her patients when her patient asked, “Doctor, you’re still so young, you mustn’t be married yet, right?”

“My son is already 3 years old,” Yao Anqi replied.

“Oh, I wonder what kind of man managed to marry someone as impressive as you.”

After Yao Anqi heard this, she decided to go to the on call room after her surgery and make a phone call. She realized that if she continued to be so indifferent, her and Mo Zixi might actually spend the rest of their lives simply being Xingzhe’s parents and nothing else.

At that time, Mo Zixi had already returned home.

When he saw that Yao Anqi was calling, he immediately picked up his phone, “I thought you already forgot that I existed.”

“Zixi, don’t be mad at me. As you know, I suddenly became a mother before I’d even been in a relationship. So, there are a lot of things that I don’t know how to do, such as maintaining a relationship. I was born without this talent.”

“If I don’t initiate anything, then please take the initiative. Don’t blame me and get mad at me, OK?”

After hearing this, the anger in Mo Zixi’s chest dissipated, “If you had called earlier, then things would already be fine by now.”

“Men are actually very easy to comfort. It’s not as complicated as you think.”

“I still have one more surgery coming up. I’m going to hang up now, we can chat when I get home.”

Mo Zixi nodded and quickly reminded her, “Go ahead, I’ll come pick you up later.”


Within a relationship, one party had to be the initiator. Yao Anqi knew that she was lacking in this aspect and reacted slowly, so taking this step was very difficult for her.

After chatting to Mo Zixi on the phone, Yao Anqi returned to her post. When her new assisting nurse saw her return with a different vibe, she immediately asked, “Did brother-in-law call?”

“No, I called,” Yao Anqi corrected.

“I would like to see how great of a man he is to be able to marry our Dr. Yao.”

“How great does he need to be? It’s all about timing. We had a flash marriage, after all,” Yao Anqi laughed.

It was rare for the nurse to see Yao Anqi laugh because she was always quiet and cold. Yet, this time, because of Mo Zixi, a different expression finally appeared on her face.

“Then brother-in-law is certainly impressive. I need to see him even more.”

Mo Zixi had no idea that the people around Yao Anqi were already talking about him. He simply coaxed Xingzhe to sleep and got ready to pick up Yao Anqi from work . But, just before he left the house, he received a phone call from his ex-colleague.

It was regarding Yao Anqi.

“Is Anqi OK? I just found out that she left the military hospital because the Chen Family applied pressure to the hospital chief.”

When Mo Zixi heard this, his expression immediately changed.

“Is that information reliable?”

“Of course, plenty of people in the hospital already know about it. Why? Didn’t Anqi tell you about it? Is she OK?”

“She’s great,” Mo Zixi replied before he hung up and drove straight over to Beijing Hospital.

At this time, light rain began to fall from the sky and the weather was getting cold. Yao Anqi stood outside the hospital with a thin layer of clothing and intermittently glanced left and right.

A colleague walked past with an umbrella and asked if she wanted to leave together, but Yao Anqi shook her head, because at that moment, she finally spotted Mo Zixi.

“Look, that’s Dr. Yao’s husband!”

“He’s both tall and handsome!”

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