Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1234 - Do You Have Any Dignity?

Chapter 1234: Do You Have Any Dignity?

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Mo Zixi already had a bath, so when he carried Xingzhe into the bedroom, he watched Yao Anqi walk into the bathroom wearing a bathrobe.

He felt a little awkward, but fortunately, the little Xingzhe in his arms was very understanding. He knew his Daddy was a little shy, so he grabbed the back of his hand.

Mo Zixi tucked Xingzhe into bed and sang him a lullaby. For him, the most important thing that night was his son.

But, he completely underestimated Yao Anqi’s body.

After finishing her bath, Yao Anqi stepped out of the bathroom in her bathrobe. But even so, Mo Zixi could imagine how feminine and alluring she looked underneath it all.

Hence, he looked away and placed his gaze on Xingzhe’s bed.

Yao Anqi walked over to the dressing table as though no one was around and started applying her usual skin care. However, her bathrobe slipped off her thigh, revealing her legs to Mo Zixi’s line of sight.

Mo Zixi felt a little awkward as he reminded, “Can you…fix your robe a little?”

Yao Anqi looked at him blankly. She then glanced down at the robe on her body, but she didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with it.

“I’m a healthy and grown man,” Mo Zixi explained.

As Yao Anqi was a doctor, she had already gotten used to things like this, so she didn’t feel like she needed to be cautious around Mo Zixi. But since Mo Zixi had something to say about it, she obediently adjusted her robe.

Afterwards, Yao Anqi lay on the bed and started flipping through her surgery notes for the following day.

When Mo Zixi finished coaxing Xingzhe to sleep, he looked at Yao Anqi and felt a little awkward, but he still walked over to the bed and pulled back the covers. He then lay down next to Yao Anqi…

“Good night.” Without prior notice, Yao Anqi put down the notes in her hands, lay down and turned off her bedside lamp.

Mo Zixi followed fit and also turned off the lamp beside him. Amidst the darkness, no one said a word. All that could be heard was the sound of breathing.

Next to Mo Zixi, Yao Anqi’s fragrance drifted into his nose. The more he smelled it, the more familiar it became, reminding him of that fateful night 4 years ago. Although the two of them were drunk, this familiar scent ignited his senses and made his body automatically heat up.

Therefore, he subconsciously kept his distance from Yao Anqi so he wouldn’t be discovered.

But, Yao Anqi already knew, because, she too remembered that night.

Now that this familiar man was sleeping beside her, her original tiredness had completely dissipated.

“Zixi…” Yao Anqi suddenly called out.

“Huh?” Mo Zixi immediately asked. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I can’t sleep,” Yao Anqi replied. “Perhaps, I’m not used to suddenly having someone sleeping beside me.”

“In that case…do you want me to sleep on the sofa outside?” Mo Zixi offered.

“No, I need to eventually get used to this.” After this, Yao Anqi fell silent and Mo Zixi did not move out to the sofa.

It wasn’t easy for him to get into the master bedroom, how could he leave so easily?

At that moment, Xingzhe was asleep in his little bed, and the woman that he owed for 4 years, was currently lying in the big bed.

This time, he wasn’t leaving no matter what. So, amidst the darkness, Mo Zixi stretched out his hand and placed it on Yao Anqi’s waist. To his surprise, Yao Anqi did not retaliate.

It was a mutual understanding and agreement.

Both of them were actually trying to grow closer to each other. So, when the opportunity came, they both grabbed onto it!

On that same night, Chen Jingrong was a drunken mess; she couldn’t see Mo Zixi and she couldn’t convince Yao Anqi to give him back to her, so she broke the military rules and got drunk outside of the base.

Plenty of men tried to flirt with her at the bar and a few of them even offered to take her home.

Chen Jingrong selected a particular man and drunkenly called him Mo Zixi because his height was the most similar.

In the end, the man did not say a word as he carried her out of the bar to a nearby hotel…

This had always been an unspoken rule in the bar. If a man flirted with a woman and she accepted his advances, it meant that she agreed to sleep with him.

So, the man naturally assumed that she wanted to spend the night.

The two of them rolled around passionately on the bed for quite some time. But, when the man finally tried to enter Chen Jingrong’s body, he discovered she was actually a virgin.

He also noticed that she kept calling Mo Zixi’s name.

That’s when he realized he had been treated as a substitute. This man never had one night stands with virgins, so he sat up, tidied both their clothes, paid for the room and left.

Chen Jingrong lay in a drunken mess on the bed, barely aware of the events that took place that night. All she knew was, she was in a lot of pain when she woke up!

Especially around a special part of her body!

Could it be?

Chen Jingrong ran out of the hotel in a panic. But, when she returned to the army base, she was faced with an even more severe punishment. After all, she had left her post without permission.

Chen Jingrong was forced to face everything all at once; this was extremely hard to accept.

But, to confirm whether she had been taken advantage of the previous night, she decided to get a check up at the hospital.

“Although it seems as though someone tried to enter your body, your hymen is still intact. So, Miss Chen, you don’t need to worry,” the doctor replied.

After hearing this, Chen Jingrong almost burst into tears.

If she knew this would happen, she wouldn’t have gone to the bar. Right now, she was suspended and waiting for her punishment. Did she really have to mess up her life because of Mo Zixi?

Not long after, Father Chen arrived at the army base to take Chen Jingrong home, “You’ve completely ruined yourself because of a man. Do you have any dignity?”

Chen Jingrong was in so much pain that she didn’t care about dignity.

The entire world already knew that she stripped herself naked and lay next to Mo Zixi. What dignity did she have left?

“Come home with me. I’ll find a new place for you so you can start afresh,” Father Chen ordered. “Otherwise, your mother and I will pretend that we never gave birth to you and you can disregard us from now on.”

This time, Chen Jingrong obediently accepted, “I’ll go back with you.”

“That’s the right answer!”

Mo Zixi had already left, so what reason did she have to stay?

However, she was annoyed that no one caused trouble for Yao Anqi.

Yao Anqi soon heard that Chen Jingrong was taken away from the military.

Did this mean that there were peaceful times ahead?

Unfortunately, Yao Anqi was wrong because it didn’t take long before she was officially notified that she’d be transferred to work on the battlefield.

This was perhaps the last thing that Father Chen could do for his daughter: get revenge on Yao Anqi.

“Dr. Yao, it appears as though the hospital chief has been pressured. If you don’t transfer to the battlefield, then you will have to leave the military hospital altogether,” Yao Anqi’s assisting nurse explained uncomfortably.

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