Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1232 - His Last Bit Of Mercy

Chapter 1232: His Last Bit Of Mercy

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Mo Zixi shrugged his shoulders, but he still didn’t say anything bad about Chen Jingrong.

This was his last bit of mercy.

After dinner, Mo Zixi placed little Xingzhe into the bathtub and started washing him. But, Yao Anqi ended up carrying him back out.

Mo Zixi followed behind in confusion.

“His bath isn’t finished…”

“Xingzhe has hemolysis; his immune system is weak. We can’t soak him in water for too long,” Yao Anqi said as she carried Xingzhe into the master bedroom and placed him on the bed.

After hearing Yao Anqi’s explanation, Mo Zixi felt extremely bad, “I’m sorry…”

Yao Anqi remained silent for a few seconds, but finally sighed and turned around, “Go get changed before you catch a cold.”

Mo Zixi looked at his wet clothes and nodded his head, “Wait for me to come back out and teach me the proper thing to do.”

Yao Anqi did not say another word as she nodded.

Mo Zixi was a first-time father, so he wasn’t as mature as a woman in some aspects. Therefore, he often forgot that Xingzhe was sick. So, it was necessary for Yao Anqi to stay by his side and watch him.

After Mo Zixi got changed and returned to the bedroom, Yao Anqi was in the bathroom. She was filling the bathtub and had the bathroom heater on, “Xingzhe will feel better like this. Get in.”

Mo Zixi looked at the bathtub helplessly, “If I knew you’d tell me to get in, I wouldn’t have got changed.”

Yao Anqi could tell that Mo Zixi was trying to act casual to ease his nervousness.

Actually, over the past two days, Yao Anqi had begun to accept the fact that she was married.

She had also gotten used to Mo Zixi’s existence.

Meanwhile, Xingzhe was probably the happiest.

Perhaps, he didn’t know what a father was, but he could feel the embrace that was more protective than his mother’s and he liked it.

Mo Zixi quickly got into the bathtub with his son. Seeing this, Yao Anqi decided not to disturb them. So, she closed the bathroom door and allowed the father and son to build their relationship on their own.

Actually, a life like this was quite good…

Xingzhe was especially happy with this lifestyle…

That night, it took a while, but Mo Zixi finally coaxed Xingzhe to sleep. Before leaving the master bedroom, he turned and said to Yao Anqi, “Let’s get the nanny to take care of Xingzhe tomorrow. I need to report to the special forces.”

“OK,” Yao Anqi replied.

“Don’t worry, even though she guaranteed that’s she’s a good nanny, I still installed cameras in the house. You will be able to monitor everything,” Mo Zixi comforted. “I’ll buy some food and leave it at home tomorrow. It should be enough to feed the both of you for some time. The nanny will buy everything else for you. I’ve left my credit card on your bedside table, you can buy whatever you need.”

Yao Anqi listened quietly without responding. After quite some time, she finally asked, “Anything else?”

“Also…after reporting to the special forces, I will have even less of a chance of running into Chen Jingrong, so don’t worry.”

Yao Anqi smiled and nodded her head, “OK, I’ll remember what you said.”

“In that case…you and Xingzhe should sleep.”

After he was done talking, Mo Zixi turned around and left the room, but Yao Anqi did not stop him. Although he was a little disappointed, Mo Zixi did not try to force anything. After all, he was careless with Xingzhe’s ​health tonight and acted a little irresponsible; nothing like how a father should be.

So, it was understandable if Yao Anqi decided not to trust him.

But, for some reason, as he lay in bed, Mo Zixi realized he was thinking more and more about Yao Anqi and his son. These two practically occupied half his brain.

The next morning, Mo Zixi woke up early. Seeing that Yao Anqi wasn’t awake yet, he quietly crept into the master bedroom and leaned over his son’s little bed to watch over the well-behaved child.

Xingzhe seemed to be having a sweet dream that caused him to wave his hand every now and then.

“Xingzhe, Daddy is sorry for what happened last night. I almost made you sick,” Mo Zixi pressed his face against Xingzhe’s cheek and gently kissed him, unwilling to part with him. “Daddy will be away for quite some time and won’t be able to see you, so I’ll take a photo of you. That way I can have a look when I miss you.”

Yao Anqi was woken up by Mo Zixi’s movement, but she did not get up.

She simply listened to Mo Zixi chat to his son; this chat took half an hour.

He also took a lot of photos.

Who expected this man to be so sensitive.

In the end, Yao Anqi couldn’t stand it anymore, so she turned on the bedside lamp and pulled out a little notebook. Inside was a photo of her and Xingzhe. She took out the photo and handed it to Mo Zixi, “For you.”

“Did I wake you up?”

“If you don’t turn on the light, how are you supposed to get a clear photo?” As the room was dark and Mo Zixi didn’t turn on the flash, his photos were just black.

“I simply want something to think about while I’m away,” Mo Zixi replied.

“I know you’ve already done enough by giving us such great living conditions, you don’t need to feel burdened by anything else,” Yao Anqi said to Mo Zixi as she looked at Xingzhe. “When you have time, come home often.”

“Of course.” At that moment, Mo Zixi couldn’t resist pulling Yao Anqi into his arms and hugging her tightly.

But, he did not do anything else. He simply grabbed the photo of his wife and child and left.

Yao Anqi was slightly moved. After all, she knew that Mo Zixi was a good man. So, as she watched him leave, she ran out barefooted and held him back at the door, “Xingzhe and I will be waiting for you at home.”

It was still dark at that time, but even when Mo Zixi looked down, he could see that Yao Anqi was standing barefooted at the top of the stairs. His first reaction was to rush back into the house to grab her a pair of shoes. He then knelt down and help her put them on, one at a time, “Remember, no matter what happens, give me a call or go to Hyatt Regency.”


“Go inside. It’s cold out here.”

Yao Anqi nodded her head. Only after she watched Mo Zixi leave did she return to her bedroom.

Yao Anqi didn’t actually have no memory of the night from 4 years ago. In fact, their passionate encounter often played over in her mind. Probably because of this, Yao Anqi felt naturally close to Mo Zixi.

It was because they existed in each other’s memory.

So, falling in love with each other was a very easy thing.

Plus, everything that Mo Zixi did for her and Xingzhe after he found out about their existence proved that he was a reliable man. So, she was going to try her best to be a good wife. At least, she was going to let him sleep in the master bedroom.

At this time, Chen Jingrong was being kept in confinement dreaming about seeing Mo Zixi as soon as she was freed…

How was she to know that Mo Zixi had already joined the special forces?!

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