Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1231 - Your Had Really Bad Taste In The Past

Chapter 1231: You Had Really Bad Taste In The Past



That night, the couple continued to sleep in separate rooms. Yao Anqi slept in the main bedroom with Xingzhe while Mo Zixi lay in the guest bedroom.

As he used his hands as a pillow, Mo Zixi thought back on everything he went through with Chen Jingrong over the past 4 years. He never thought about it in the past, but now that he thought about it in detail, it seemed, there were lies around every corner.

Everything was a dream created by Chen Jingrong. Unfortunately, one had to eventually wake up from their dream.

On the other hand, when he thought about Yao Anqi and how she suffered all these years because of him, he felt like he owed her and Xingzhe too much.

The next morning, the couple took Xingzhe straight to the Civil Affairs Office to get their official paperwork done. Due to his special identity, Mo Zixi also brought along the marriage approval letter from his military superior.

"Your baby is already so big. Why did it take you so long to register your marriage?" the clerk asked. Most importantly, she wanted to ask Mo Zixi why it took him so long to take responsibilty.

Mo Zixi laughed as he looked at Yao Anqi and replied, "I took a huge detour before, but I'm finally on the right path."

The clerk glared at Mo Zixi and eventually gave the couple their official marriage certificate.

Actually, these two were walking a very similar path to Tangning and Mo Ting.

But of course, Mo Ting and Tangning got married without any pre-existing love. In fact, they barely even knew each other.

In comparison, Mo Zixi and Yao Anqi at least had a child.

But, even though they were a married couple on the surface, they still had a lot of problems to resolve. Mo Zixi was in no rush, though. After all, he still had an entire lifetime to get to know Yao Anqi properly.

After registering their marriage, Yao Anqi hurried back to the hospital and returned to work. Of course, a red marriage certificate booklet was currently sitting inside her handbag.

Yesterday, Chen Jingrong created a huge drama. And today, Yao Anqi was married to Mo Zixi. The reason was simple, Mo Zixi was determined to leave Chen Jingrong.

Yao Anqi was well aware that the triggering factor was the countless number of times that Chen Jingrong lied to Mo Zixi and not because of her involvement. Since her conscience was clear, she decided to treat Chen Jingrong like she didn't exist.

"Dr. Yao, while you took time off this morning, Chen Jingrong came and caused trouble again," Yao Anqi's assisting nurse said awkwardly. "She may even appear again this afternoon..."

"That's fine, do what you need to do." As soon as Yao Anqi returned to the hospital, she was cold as usual and dealt with business seriously.

The nurse nodded her head, but she was worried that Yao Anqi's reputation would be ruined by Chen Jingrong and people would misunderstand her as a result.

An incident like this was embarrassing in the military. It seemed, Chen Jingrong was certainly willing to sacrifice anything.

But, no matter what she did, Chen Jingrong was still unhappy with the result.

Even though Yao Anqi and Mo Zixi had a physical relationship, she was the one that stayed by his side for 4 years...

Did 4 years not compare to that one night?

She completely overlooked the real reason why Mo Zixi broke up with her. After all, a relationship wasn't measured by time. If a person wasn't honest, what good did 10 years, 20 years, or even 30 years do?

But, Chen Jingrong felt like she had sacrificed everything. That she even went to the lengths of lying to Mo Zixi.

She was willing to go this far. What about Yao Anqi? Unfortunately, time was about to tell her that she was lying to herself.


After registering his marriage with Chen Jingrong, Mo Zixi knew that he couldn't ignore Chen Jingrong anymore. So, he contacted his superior.

The chief had already heard about how Chen Jingrong was causing drama at the hospital, so he sighed, "This Chen Jingrong has embarrassed the entire military! Don't worry, I'm going to speak to her. She can't continue like this. It's time to be tough with her."

Chen Jingrong knew she'd be spoken to sooner or later. But, she believed that she could sacrifice anything for Mo Zixi.

"Chen Jingrong, oh, Chen Jingrong. How far do you need to take things before you give up?"

"Chief, I need Mo Zixi to come see me!" Chen Jingrong said with determination. "Otherwise, I will continue to cause drama."

"What type of place do you take the military for? Do you know the rules? Because of your stupid matter, how does the hospital view us now?"

"You are not allowed to leave the base for 7 days. If you cause drama at the hospital again, you might as well go home. I'll set you free forever so you can go look for Mo Zixi as much as you want."

Chen Jingrong cried as she left the Chief's office. The chief had no choice but to do this because she was being so persistent.

However, Mo Zixi and Yao Anqi had already gotten married, how could she continue to harass them?

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Yao Anqi expected Chen Jingrong to continue causing trouble, so she was ready to fight back. But, to her surprise, Chen Jingrong did not show up.

In the end, she discovered that Chen Jingrong was restricted from leaving the base for 7 days.

Although it was just a guess, Yao Anqi had a feeling that this had something to do with Mo Zixi.

That night, when Yao Anqi arrived home, Mo Zixi was in the middle of dancing with Xingzhe. Yao Anqi immediately laughed at the sight.

When Mo Zixi saw Yao Anqi standing in the doorway, he awkwardly turned off the nursery rhyme playing on the television, "Errr, I thought you were coming home later."

"It wasn't too busy today, so I left early." Yao Anqi even had time to buy some groceries on the way home.

Mo Zixi was quite surprised, "Can you cook?"

"How else am I supposed to survive? Take care of Xingzhe, dinner will be ready in half an hour."

Mo Zixi was very picky when it came to food. After all, Tangning and Mo Ting were both amazing cooks. This made it difficult for the Mo Siblings to accept sub par food outside of home.

Yao Anqi's hands were used to holding surgical knives and scalpels, so it was a bit odd to see her holding a kitchen knife.

"That's right, Chen Jingrong's being confined to the army base, have you heard about it?"

"Really?" Mo Zixi asked. "I guess it's because she's affected the military's image."

"I'm not actually that scared of her. After all, we are bound to meet again..." Yao Anqi said as she looked at Mo Zixi who was carrying Xingzhe. But, when she saw the pacifier in Xingzhe's mouth, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Xingzhe hasn't used that for a long time..."

"Really? I'm inexperienced," Mo Zixi immediately pulled out the pacifier.

But, as soon as he did this, Xingzhe began to cry.

Mo Zixi tried to comfort him, but he eventually looked at Yao Anqi helplessly. Yao Anqi laughed, placed the pacifier back in Xingzhe's mouth and the rascal immediately stopped crying.

"Didn't you say that he doesn't use it?"

"Are you that obedient?" Yao Anqi asked.

"If I don't obey my wife, who am I supposed to obey?" Mo Zixi asked.

Yao Anqi sighed as she evaluated, "You had really bad taste in the past."

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