Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1229 - He Couldn’t Be Snatched Away

Chapter 1229: He Couldn’t Be Snatched Away

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The next morning, Mo Zixi woke up from the sofa to find a bowl of hangover soup on the dining table. He picked it up and drank it in one gulp.

He then looked around the house. It seemed, Yao Anqi heated the soup up for him before she left for work.

Mo Zixi promised that he was picking Xingzhe up from Hyatt Regency that day, so after having a bath, he immediately drove back to the family home.

But, when Mo Ziyan heard that Mo Zixi was taking Xingzhe away, she was extremely unhappy.

“Why don’t you give him to me? You and Yao Jie can have another child. Little Xingxing​ can be mine.”

Mo Ziyan truly liked Xingzhe because he was so well behaved and adorable…

“No, I must take Xingzhe today.”

“Bro, I’m doing this for your own good, OK? If you take Xingzhe home, Yao Jie will only have eyes for her son. Who would look at an old man like you? I am helping you create an opportunity.”

“Only you would use lame reasoning like that. If you stay at home all day to look after Xingzhe, who’s going to manage Hai Rui? I’d be surprised if Dad can tolerate you.”

Mo Zixi finally grabbed on to the right point. Although Mo Ting had never mentioned it, the three siblings had indeed caused a lot of stress for Tangning. Just based on this point, Mo Ziyan knew she couldn’t act recklessly.

“Fine, I’ll give your son back to you. But you need to bring him back often, OK?”

Xingzhe was quite attached to Mo Ziyan as well. Although it had only been a few days, Mo Ziyan cared for this little nephew down to the finest detail.

“Bro, you don’t even have a child’s seat installed in your car. How could I leave Xingzhe with you? I’ll drive you there and head straight for Hai Rui after.”

The main issue was that Xingzhe kept calling, “Auntie, auntie.” Because of this, Mo Ziyan couldn’t bear to part with him.

Seeing that Mo Ziyan liked his child so much, Mo Zixi couldn’t help but say, “Since you like him so much, you should have one of your own.”

“I don’t like kids, I just like Little Xingxing. This is fate!”

Afterwards, the brother and sister took the child to Mo Zixi’s new home. Mo Ziyan scanned the place and noticed a blanket on the sofa that hadn’t been tidied up. She immediately laughed, “Don’t tell me you’re still sleeping on the sofa.”

“What other option do I have?” Mo Zixi shrugged.

“I must say that you deserve it, Bro! I hope Yao Jie tortures you well. It will make me really happy…” Mo Ziyan said before she kissed little Xingzhe a few times and left, leaving Mo Zixi and his son on their own.

To make his son like him, Mo Zixi patiently tried to talk to the little boy. But, men were naturally awkward when it came to taking care of children. So, Mo Zixi did not understand what Xingzhe liked, nor could he comprehend his actions. In the end, he had to call Yao Anqi for help.

Yao Anqi had just finished a surgery at that time. When she saw that it was a phone call from Mo Zixi, she immediately​ picked it up, “What’s wrong? Still not comfortable?”

“That’s not it. I want know how Xingzhe acts when he’s hungry or sleepy. I can’t quite figure it out!”

As a first-time father, it was hard for Mo Zixi to get used to this job.

Everything was so strange. The little creature had the same blood flowing through his body as him; it was such an intriguing thing.

“When he’s hungry, he will stare at his bottle. When he’s sleepy, he will close his eyes and fall asleep.”

“I see…I understand now. I’ll wait for you to come home and save me.”

When Yao Anqi heard this, she couldn’t help but smile. This surprised her assisting nurse, “Are you smiling, Dr. Yao?”

“Me? Did I?”

The nurse nodded her head, “I saw it with my own eyes. Did something good happen at home recently?”

“Not really.”

“You should smile more often. You look good when you smile.”

Yao Anqi nodded before she returned to looking serious. But, whenever she thought about Mo Zixi and Xingzhe’s interaction on their own, she could imagine that it would be really amusing.

For some reason, being a part of this family of three, made Yao Anqi feel warm. But, when she remembered that they had many hidden dangers, she turned cold again.

After all, she did not trust Mo Zixi enough yet!

Meanwhile, Chen Jingrong was still in the process of finding the woman she saw in the surveillance footage. But, after searching and asking around for quite some time, she still did not get any leads.

Chen Jingrong knew that Mo Zixi’s close colleague/friends knew what was going on and she could tell that they were deliberately keeping it a secret from her.

Because of this, Chen Jingrong found one of the men and questioned him about Mo Zixi’s situation.

“Jingrong, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but Zixi’s already made things clear. Clinging on like this isn’t good for either of you.”

Chen Jingrong couldn’t help but sneer at this response, “He made things clear? He never told me that he cheated and found another woman. He simply kicked me aside. Do you call that being clear?”

“Things aren’t the way you imagine,” the colleague explained. “Must you make yourself look bad with the truth before you give up?”

“How does it make me look bad?” Chen Jingrong stubbornly latched on. “Mo Zixi broke up with me to be with another woman. Could I be worse than him?”

“Four years ago, you didn’t just hurt Zixi. Think about it, weren’t your actions unfair to another woman? You selfishly took claim on Zixi and left a mother and child with no one to care for. You were the one that did something wrong, so you have no right to chase after Zixi and not let go.”

“What other woman? What mother and child? Explain it clearly,” Chen Jingrong asked forcibly.

“Stop asking. Asking will only make you feel worse,” the man said before he pushed her out and closed the door in her face.

Chen Jingrong refused to give up, so she went to look for another colleague. But this time, she was smart.

As soon as the colleague opened his door, she said, “I know that I treated another woman unfairly. I want to find Zixi so I can personally apologize to him.”

“Jingrong, it’s good that you think this way, but I’m sure Zixi doesn’t want you to bother the mother and son because of this reason.”

“Are you saying that the woman that slept Mo Zixi four years ago, ended up giving birth to his son?”

“Is that what happened? Am I right?”

“No comment.”

If that was the case, then the situation was easy to deal with.

Four years ago, on the night of the gathering, there were only a small number of people present. All she had to do was ask around and see who had a child and she’d be able to figure out the woman’s identity.

Chen Jingrong never imagined that she was exposed because this woman came looking for Mo Zixi and snatched him away!

But, no…he couldn’t be snatched away. If Zixi was actually leaving her because the woman had his child, then she was confident that she could win him back!

After all, she thought she understood Mo Zixi!

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