Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1228 - From Now On, Please Take Good Care Of Zixi

Chapter 1228: From Now On, Please Take Good Care Of Zixi

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Because of this, Chen Jingrong visited the hospital often and used therapy as an excuse to get close to some of the nurses.

She wanted to hear some gossip from them. But, the only person that knew that Mo Zixi had come looking for Yao Anqi was the nurse that assisted her. So, after a few days of hard work, Chen Jingrong still did not gain any information.

During this time, Yao Anqi was busy packing because she was about to move.

So, she did not get involved with the nurses’ gossip.

“Dr. Yao, you’ve been leaving work early lately.”

“It’s because I’m about to move,” Yao Anqi replied. “If there’s nothing else, I’m going to leave first.”

“Rest well, Dr. Yao,” her assisting nurse said with a smile.

Yao Anqi was aware that everyone in the hospital had been talking about Chen Jingrong and Mo Zixi because Chen Jingrong visited frequently for therapy.

But, no one knew that there was a connection between Mo Zixi and Yao Anqi. After all, Yao Anqi kept a low profile and barely socialized in private. Especially after giving birth to Xingzhe, she was extra careful with her privacy. So, not many people in the hospital knew about her situation.

When she heard that Chen Jingrong was still clinging to her child’s father, Yao Anqi didn’t actually feel anything. She understood that everyone reacted differently to a break up. Mo Zixi, for example, actually managed to completely move on and ignore Chen Jingrong.

After finishing work, Yao Anqi returned home as usual. Mo Zixi was coming over that day to help her move, so as soon as she was done at the hospital, she immediately rushed home.

By the time she arrived home, Mo Zixi was already waiting outside with his car, but Yao Anqi did not share the situation at the hospital with Mo Zixi because she didn’t want to increase his burdens.

When Mo Zixi entered Yao Anqi’s home and saw that everything was packed and sitting on her bed, he found it a bit amusing, “We have everything at the new place, you didn’t need to prepare all this. You simply needed to bring a few clean clothes.”

“I feel like it’s a waste,” Yao Anqi replied.

“By the way, you look too plain. From now on, we will take care of Xingzhe together. When you have time, take care of yourself and spend a bit more time on your appearance.” Afterwards, Mo Zixi waved Yao Anqi over, “I’m going to take all the things that Xingzhe is used to. As for your stuff, you can buy new ones.”


“Let’s leave it at that.” After settling on this decision, Mo Zixi took Yao Anqi to the new home he prepared for the mother and son.

He knew that Yao Anqi would never live in a big villa, so the small courtyard house he prepared wasn’t as luxurious, but it was minimalistic and elegant. This made Yao Anqi feel a lot more comfortable.

At least, she could tell that Mo Zixi had put his heart into preparing it.

“If the house is missing anything, you can add to it if you want. This is the nanny’s contact details. You can call her when required. I will pick Xingzhe up tomorrow. Are you afraid of staying here on your own tonight?” Mo Zixi asked.

“No, I’m not afraid…But, you haven’t reported to the special forces yet, where are you going to stay?”

“I’m meeting with a few friends,” Mo Zixi replied as he picked up his jacket. “We are meeting nearby. Would you like to join?”

According to Yao Anqi’s personality, she was usually afraid of the hassle.

But, when she saw how serious Mo Zixi had been, she felt it was only right for her to respond in a thankful way. So, she replied, “OK.”

Mo Zixi was a little surprised; he thought he heard wrong.

He then smiled and said to Yao Anqi, “Since we’re going to a dinner together, you should change into a new set of clothes. You can’t go in your white doctor’s coat. People are going to think that you are there to save someone.”

“Wait a minute then.”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go out and buy you something. Have you forgotten that your clothes are still in your old apartment?” After saying this, Mo Zixi dragged Yao Anqi out of the house.

Yao Anqi had a cold personality, but she was very adaptable.

Mo Zixi could tell that she wasn’t one to fight or argue. She had a calm presence and was gentle and delicate like a chrysanthemum flower.

Soon, the couple arrived at the meeting location. When Mo Zixi’s colleagues saw Yao Anqi, they looked at each other in surprise.

“Zixi, you’re really something for bringing sister-in-law here like this.”

“Anqi’s shy, stop acting inappropriately,” Mo Zixi warned. “If you want to say something, direct it at me.”

“While we’re on the topic, the two of you have an impressive fate. I like women like Dr. Yao. After all, a woman should be feminine.”

Yao Anqi sat quietly the entire time as she watched Mo Zixi drink and chat with his friends. He was very attentive to her feelings and shielded her every time the boys tried to make things difficult for her.

He even smiled at her every now and then.

Yao Anqi didn’t say much; she was very quiet. But, Mo Zixi’s friends couldn’t help but say, “Bro, you’ve found the right person this time.”

“Look at the way Dr. Yao sits quietly by your side like a good wife. How great is this? Your are a perfect match.”

Mo Zixi allowed his friends to joke around. He did not bother to explain. All that mattered was that everyone was having fun.

However, to Yao Anqi’s surprise, Mo Zixi drank more than expected and was drunk and unconscious by the time that the dinner was over.

“One more…”

When Mo Zixi’s friends saw that he was drunk, one of them turned to Yao Anqi and said, “Sister-in-law, they are older than Zixi, but I am younger than him. Please don’t mind the way that we tease the two of you.”

“It’s fine.”

“Sister-in-law, Zixi is a family man. As you know, everyone from the Mo Family are impressive people, so please don’t mind that Zixi was once with Chen Jingrong. For Zixi, this is all in the past.”

“If he’s given up on something, he will not have any lingering feelings. You don’t need to worry about that.”

“Also, you’ve worked hard these past few years. When Zixi told us about you, he was filled with guilt because he believed that he made the two of you suffer.”

“From now on, I hope you can be happy together.”

Yao Anqi and Mo Zixi weren’t actually that far into their relationship. But, because they had a child, it was normal for people to view them as a married couple.

Yao Anqi did not explain anything as she helped Mo Zixi up.

He did not do anything embarrassing when he was drunk, he simply slept.

Of course, Yao Anqi admired that Mo Zixi had a good bunch of friends that spoke well of him even in their current state.

“From now on, please take good care of Zixi.”

Yao Anqi nodded blankly before she was escorted home by the friends. Originally, Mo Zixi was supposed to return to Hyatt Regency. But now that he was so drunk, how could he go anywhere?

After returning home, Yao Anqi placed Mo Zixi on the sofa and went into the kitchen to prepare a hangover soup.

When she finished and returned to the living room, Mo Zixi was already sleeping soundly.

Although Yao Anqi knew that she, Mo Zixi and Chen Jingrong had an unbreakable and messy relationship…

…she felt she had the right to chase her own happiness!

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