Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1223 - I Really Don’t Want To Break Up

Chapter 1223: I Really Don’t Want To Break Up

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“I can’t comment on your relationship with Anqi. Anqi is a good person, but we still need to see if you have any fate with each other. What if Anqi likes someone else?”

“Zixi, your main priority now is to take care of Xingzhe. Everything else, just play it by ear. After all, you can’t force things.”

“Also, I know your heart is hurt.”

After being deceived for 4 years, who wouldn’t feel upset?

However, Mo Zixi did not say a word. He simply hugged his mother as though he wanted to enjoy his mother’s embrace before he grew up.

“Mom, I honestly miss the carefree days that Zichen and I had in the past.”

“But, you’re grown up now and you’re a father,” Tangning comforted. “That’s enough, you should go look for your son. As for Anqi, when you have some time, ask her over to have some dinner. At least, you can grow closer that way.”

Mo Zixi moved away from Tangning and nodded his head, “OK, Mom.”

Afterwards, Mo Zixi stood up, left the room and went to knock on Mo Ziyan’s door. When he saw her walk out carrying his son, he immediately reached out his arms and received the child from her.

“Xingzhe is such a good boy. He’s been following Auntie without crying or whining.”

Mo Zixi looked at his son. He then grabbed one of the little boy’s toys from the sofa and placed it in his hands, “Xingxing, call Papa.”


“It’s Papa.”

“He’s never called anyone that before. He’ll get used to it after a few times,” Mo Ziyan giggled. “Honestly, with Little Xingxing around, I don’t even want to go to work. I want to go buy him things like toys and clothes and I want to dress him up into a handsome boy.”

Seeing this, Mo Zixi sighed, “Thank you, Sis.”

“We are family, there’s no need to say thank you,” Mo Ziyan said before she placed another kiss on the little boy’s cheek.

After she left, Tangning taught Mo Zixi how to prepare baby formula.

But, just as he grabbed a bottle, he received a phone call from his colleague, “Zixi, you may need to return to the base quickly. Chen Jingrong tried to commit suicide.”

“Is she fine?”

“She was saved and is currently at the hospital.”

Mo Zixi hung up the phone and thought for a second. Originally, he wanted to rush straight over, but then he remembered that Yao Anqi worked in the ER. Even though she wasn’t working at that moment, he still calmed down. After all, he no longer had anything to do with Chen Jingrong.

In the end, he gave Chen Jingrong’s father a phone call and told him to go to the military hospital to take care of his daughter!

He didn’t want to remain tied to her because he knew it would only hurt her.

When Tangning saw Mo Zixi’s expression, she knew he felt uncomfortable, so she asked, “Do you want me to do something?”

“Mom…how could I trouble you?”

“It’s best for me to handle a matter like this for you…” If the Mo Family didn’t show some sympathy, Mo Zixi would not be able to live up to it in the army base. But, if Mo Zixi personally gave a response, then there would never be an end.

So, they needed to meet halfway.

“Mom, I’m sorry.”

“Why are you saying sorry? We are family.” Apart from the fact that they were family, Tangning also wanted to see Mo Zixi’s ex-girlfriend; she wanted to see what kind of woman managed to deceive her beloved son for 4 years and even go to the lengths of commiting suicide.

She was going to understand the situation first, so she could respond appropriately if something sudden happened.

Mo Zixi spent all morning learning how to feed his son and he also researched some information on caring for a child. He had already missed out on too much, so having to make up for it now caught him a bit off guard.

Soon, Tangning headed out of the house, but of course, Mo Ting was not aware of this.

Otherwise, he would be brokenhearted again.

It didn’t take long before Tangning arrived at the military hospital. She then checked which room Chen Jingrong was in.

Although she was wearing a mask, people could easily recognize her because of her presence.

“Are you…the big celebrity, Tangning?”

“May I ask which room Miss Chen Jingrong is in?” Tangning asked patiently for the second time.

The nurse was excited, but she held back her emotions as she gave Tangning the room number.

After thanking the nurse, Tangning headed towards Chen Jingrong’s room with some nutritional supplements.

But, when she reached the room, there was only a nurse inside. No relatives had come to visit Chen Jingrong.

Tangning gently stepped inside. She was going to wait for Chen Jingrong to come to her senses naturally, but, to her surprise, she ended up waking her up, “Is that Zixi?”

“I am Zixi’s mother,” Tangning replied gently as she removed her mask.

“Hello, Auntie, is Zixi not coming?”

“Miss Chen, I came here today to clarify a few things with you. Zixi won’t be coming today because you have already broken up. If he was to come, your relationship would become more complicated.”

When Chen Jingrong heard this, tears immediately flowed from her eyes, “Auntie, can you tell Zixi that I know I was wrong and that I really don’t want to break up.”

“Child, I know you have deep feelings for Zixi, but you can’t force him with such extreme methods. This is very irresponsible for your family,” Tangning lectured. “Zixi may appear bright and cheerful, but he’s very stubborn. He never turns back once he’s made a decision.”

“So, I want to tell you to let go and start afresh.”

Chen Jingrong looked depressed.

She didn’t know what to say to Tangning.

She didn’t want to give up on Mo Zixi; it was too difficult. She even tried to kill herself, but she didn’t succeed.

“I also want to live with a bit more self-respect, but I can’t accept this.”

“Auntie, please go back.”

Tangning sighed. She could tell from the look in this woman’s eyes that she wasn’t a kind person that would let go easily.

If she was to know of Yao Anqi and Xingzhe’s existence, things would be even more troublesome, even though she was the one that did something wrong to begin with.

However, Tangning did not stick around because there was no point. As long as she visited, then she already represented the Mo Family and things wouldn’t be so difficult for her son.

Afterwards, Tangning also visited Yao Anqi’s home.

According to Mo Zixi, Yao Anqi’s home was just a shelter. It seemed, having to take care of Xingzhe made her life quite difficult.

So, Tangning needed to think of a way to convince Yao Anqi to move in with them.

That way, Xingzhe would have both his parents with him.

Although she didn’t know if Yao Anqi and her son had any fate, she at least hoped that Xingzhe could have a complete family.

So, she went to look for Yao Anqi behind Mo Zixi’s back.

“Madam, I’ll go knock on the door,” Lu Che offered.

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