Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1222 - I Feel Like I've Stolen Someone Else's Man

Chapter 1222: I Feel Like I’ve Stolen Someone Else’s Man

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“I’ve already clarified everything with Jingrong,” Mo Zixi replied.

The chief’s expression immediately warmed up in satisfaction, “At least you did one good thing. You’ve been in the military for so long and haven’t taken any breaks, so I’ll give you one month off. Handle the matter well and don’t let me hear any rumors!”

“Otherwise, you will hold responsibility for it!”

Mo Zixi saluted at his superior and turned to leave. But, just as he was about to step foot out of the office, he heard the chief tap on the table behind him, “Hurry and send me your marriage application.”

Marriage? Why did it sound like something he had to do?

But, just like he said, he didn’t want to marry another woman just as he broke up with one. Even though, it was a reasonable thing to do.

After leaving his chief’s office, Mo Zixi drove over to the parking lot near the hospital.

He knew that he was temporarily unable to return home and he had nothing to pack.

However, he ended up waiting an entire hour. By the time he saw Yao Anqi walk out, it was already 4am and the hospital was pretty much empty.

Mo Zixi looked at Yao Anqi and pressed his car horn.

When Yao Anqi approached and saw Mo Zixi, she was a little surprised, “Why are you here?”

“Get in the car, I’ll drive you home. I’ll also take the opportunity to grab a few things for Xingzhe,” Mo Zixi replied.


“If you keep delaying, someone will come over,” Mo Zixi reminded.

Yao Anqi had no choice but to open the door and step into the passenger’s seat.

However, while they drove, they didn’t have much to talk about. They were originally just acquaintances, but they suddenly turned into the parents of a child. Most people couldn’t accept a change like this.

But, if they remained awkward, time felt slow and long. In the end, Mo Zixi couldn’t help but say, “From now on, you will see me more often and I will come to look for you, but I will try my best not to cause you any trouble.”

“But, what about Chen Jie?”

“I’ve already clarified everything with her…” Mo Zixi replied. “It’s not because of you. We broke up because we had problems to begin with.”

“How is it not because of me? I feel like I’ve stolen someone else’s man…”

“You didn’t steal from her, she stole from you,” Mo Zixi explained. “I know it will be hard for you to relax if I don’t tell you the real reason, so let me tell you the truth. If Chen Jingrong didn’t lie to me, it would have been hard for me to end things with her. But… there’s no ‘if’. She did indeed deceive me for 4 years.”

“4 years ago, on that particular night, I didn’t know it was you. When I woke up, she was the one that was lying next to me, so I thought she was the one I slept with.”


“I did not touch her. She is still a virgin,” Mo Zixi laughed. “So, from now on, don’t blame yourself anymore. I won’t mention her again either. I know you’re not a person with a lot of problems, so let’s leave this matter here and not mention it ever again.”

Yao Anqi nodded her head. As long as she wasn’t a mistress, she didn’t mind.

After a short conversation, Mo Zixi finally pulled up outside Yao Anqi’s home.

But, rather than calling it a ‘home’, it was more of a shelter from the wind and rain. It was apparent that Yao Anqi didn’t live a very wealthy life.

“If not for Xingzhe, you would be quite a rich woman.”

“I’m an orphan, so after giving birth, we only had each other,” Yao Anqi explained as she packed a few things and handed them to Mo Zixi. “These are some things that Xingzhe likes and is used to. If he sees this, he won’t come looking for me.”

“When will you go to visit him?” Mo Zixi asked.

“I…don’t think I should see him often from now on. Otherwise, we will have too many things tying us together.”

After listening to Yao Anqi, Mo Zixi looked at her in seriousness and said, “You may think it’s not possible, but nothing is impossible in my family. I will never find a stepmother simply for the sake of my son. Getting married is not a priority for me, so you can come visit whenever you want.”

“Major Mo…”

“You keep throwing the blame on yourself, but I’ve never thought that you messed up my life. In fact, you saved me just in time,” Mo Zixi said patiently. It’s not early anymore, you should get some rest, your eye bags are getting dark. I’ll take this with me first and you can give me a phone call if you get the chance. I’ll leave my phone number on the desk. I have one month leave.”

Yao Anqi was tired and didn’t have the energy to think about other things.

After Mo Zixi left, she lay on the bed and fell asleep.

Mo Zixi actually wanted to tell her not to work so hard.

Especially after seeing her simple living arrangements, he thought he should help her move somewhere else.

Mo Zixi finally arrived home at 6am. The early-riser Tangning saw her son return holding Xingzhe’s things and immediately asked, “You’ve sorted everything out?”

“Yes, I’ve clarified it,” Mo Zixi replied. “Mom, where is Xingzhe? I want to see him.”

“He is in your sister’s room. She loves him,” Tangning said as she pointed to Mo Ziyan’s room.

“OK, I’ll go in when she wakes up then,” Mo Zixi said as he carried his things back into his room.

Perhaps, she could sense her son’s struggles, so Tangning followed him upstairs.

“If you’re struggling, just cry. We are all here for you.”

Mo Zixi had never felt this bad before. As he wrapped his arm around Tangning’s waist, he buried his head into her stomach and began to cry, “Mom, I feel like a failure.”

“Why didn’t I discover the truth earlier? Why didn’t I know that I had a son earlier?”

“If I knew earlier, Yao Anqi wouldn’t have suffered so much and Xingzhe would have had a father to love him.”

“And I wouldn’t have been deceived for so many years like an idiot.”

“Anqi didn’t want to disturb your life,” Tangning comforted as she patted him on his back. “You should be happy that Anqi is a good person that gave birth to such an adorable baby for you and saved you in time.”

“Mom…even though that’s the case, I still feel bad. I invested 4 years into a relationship to find out that it was all a lie in the end.”

“So what if it was 4 years? The truth was still revealed in the end,” Tangning comforted again. “Simply learn from your mistakes and never get fooled again.”

“Also, I don’t know what to do about Yao Anqi,” Mo Zixi sobbed. “I can’t not marry her because she’s already given birth to a son for me, but if I try to marry her, she may not be willing. Plus, she can definitely lead a much better life.”

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