Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1219 - The Things I Asked You Today, Can you Keep Them A Secret?

Chapter 1219: The Things I Asked You Today, Can you Keep Them A Secret?

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Soon, Mo Ziyan carried the child out to Mo Zixi. Mo Zixi was a little surprised, but he didn’t understand what was going on.

“This is?”

“This is your son. We’ve waited 6 hours for his DNA results and it’s been confirmed,” Mo Ziyan replied.

“No, this can’t be possible. How do I suddenly have a son?” Mo Zixi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Where did this child come from?

“Big Brother, I’m not sure what to say. I’ll leave this with Mom. I’m going to go back to Hai Rui.”

Mo Zixi received the child from his sister and looked at Tangning confusedly, hoping to receive a proper explanation from her.

Tangning sighed and handed the child to Mo Ting. She then said to her son, “Come with me to the study room.”

Tangning did this to protect her son’s pride in front of his father.

Mo Zixi followed his mother questioningly into the study room, while Mo Ting sat on the sofa in the living room and took care of his grandson. He then carried the child onto his lap.

When the two brothers were young, that was how he carried them. His only hope now, was for the kid to not add to Tangning’s problems. However, that was a very unrealistic wish.

“Lu Che’s handed in an investigation report. The woman that brought this child here is called Yao Anqi, she is an ER doctor from the affiliated hospital near your army base.

“Lu Che also found out that her body at the time wasn’t suitable for pregnancy, but she also couldn’t have an abortion, so she gave birth to the child.”

“However, due to the incompatibility of the child’s blood type with his mother’s, he was born with hemolysis. That’s why the woman came looking for us.”

“Mom…I’ve met this woman before, but nothing’s happened between us,” Mo Zixi replied. “I’ve never even touched her.”

“According to Anqi, four years ago, during a gathering, you were drunk and taken to the wrong room. At that time, she was also drunk, so the two of you ended up sleeping together.”

Mo Zixi felt a little uncomfortable. After all, discussing such a private matter with his mother, hurt his pride a little. But, Mo Zixi did not avoid it, “Wait, so you’re saying that she was the one I slept with 4 years ago?”

“It sounds like you’ve misunderstood something,” Tangning immediately caught on.

“When I woke up the next day, my colleague was sleeping next to me, so I thought…”

“I’m even planning to marry her soon.”

“But, reality has proven that the person you slept with was Anqi. Or did you…”

“Mom, I guarantee that I only slept with one person and it was only once,” Mo Zixi replied. It was because of that incident that he decided to date his colleague. After all, he didn’t want to ruin her reputation.

“That woman must have done it on purpose then,” Tangning guessed. “Zixi, not only did I ask Lu Che to investigate Anqi’s background, I also asked him to check her character.”

“She’s brought up the child on her own for the last 3 years without making a single complaint. It wasn’t until recently, when the child had to live in the hospital that she realized there was a limit to her abilities. That’s why she came asking for help. In fact, she brought the child here without any conditions, nor did she say anything bad about you. What happened was both your responsibilities. She’s already held her part of the deal, what about you?”

After hearing what Tangning said, Mo Zixi froze.

All of a sudden, his mind was a blur.

In the heat of the moment, it was impossible for him to make a proper judgment.

“Mom, can you let me gather my composure? My mind is a mess at the moment.”

“Go ahead,” Tangning understood.

A son suddenly came out of nowhere and the girlfriend he dated for 4 years was actually deceiving him. He couldn’t accept any of this.

Back then, the person he slept with was Yao Anqi, but…

…someone had taken advantage of the situation.

Even so, they had already dated for 4 years. He couldn’t say that they had no feeling for each other.

Mo Zixi walked out of the study room in a depressed manner and approached Mo Ting, “Dad.”

“A man should be a man,” Mo Ting said as he handed the child back to his son. “This is your responsibility.”

Mo Zixi had no idea what to do. All he could do was carry the child back to his room. But, he ended up sitting in there for a few hours.

Luckily, the child didn’t whine nor cause trouble; he was very well behaved and only cried every now and then, “Mama…Mama…”

When Mo Zixi heard this, he immediately stood up and carried the child in his arms. He then asked for Yao Anqi’s contact details from Tangning and drove out.

When Tangning saw this, she couldn’t help but sigh, “Ting, why do none of our kids have a smooth love life?”

“Every relationship requires endless investment. It may not be a bad thing for the relationship to not be smooth at the start. There’s no point worrying about it, OK?”

After Tangning heard this, she nodded her head, “I trust in Zixi because he is our son.”

Meanwhile, Mo Zixi brought his child to the hospital. Luckily, the little boy was well-behaved and knew how to sit in the back seat without crying or whining. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Mo Zixi to drive.

After arriving at the hospital, Mo Zixi carried the child into the emergency department and asked the nurses to help find Yao Anqi.

“I’m sorry, Major Mo, but Dr. Yao is in the middle of a surgery. You may need to wait a little while.”

“That’s fine. Can you tell me where her office is?”

“OK,” the nurse replied as she led Mo Zixi to Yao Anqi’s office. But, just as she was about to turn around and leave, Mo Zixi suddenly called her back.

“Can I ask you a few questions?”

“Sure,” the nurse nodded.

“Do you know this kid?”

“Of course. This is Little Xing Xing, Xingzhe, Dr. Yao’s son,” the nurse replied. “No one knows who the father is, but Dr. Yao often brings him to work with her.”

“This kid also has hemolysis.”

“Auntie…Carry,” Little Xingzhe cried when he saw a familiar person.

The nurse smiled and carried the little boy in her arms.

“Why are you with him, Major Mo?”

After a while of silence, Mo Zixi asked, “Everything I asked you today, can you keep it a secret?”

“Of course, medical staff are experts at confidentiality.”

Mo Zixi nodded his head, too afraid to ask any further. He was afraid that if he knew more about how Yao Anqi struggled with bringing up the kid, he would feel even more guilty.

He always thought that the person he slept with 4 years ago was his current girlfriend. So, he naturally learned to like her. But, now…

…he was suddenly unsure of how he felt.

About one hour later, Yao Anqi finished her surgery and returned to her office. When she saw Mo Zixi sitting inside with her son, she was shocked…

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