Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1218 - She Has No Requests

Chapter 1218: She Has No Requests

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Meanwhile, the woman that Tangning took into the study room was looking a little self-conscious. After all, she was facing an international superstar. So, it was only normal to feel a little nervous.

But, for the sake of her child, she decided to say something, “Hello, Mrs. Mo, my surname is Yao and I am an ER doctor.”

“I’ve never heard that my son is in a relationship, so you may need to go into a bit more detail,” Tangning refused to believe that her son was such an irresponsible man. So, she needed to clarify everything.

“Mo Zixi can’t be blamed for this. We honestly only met once and aren’t exactly familiar with each other. In fact, I’m afraid, he might not even know that something happened between us.”

“This is what happened, the hospital I work at is affiliated with the army base, so his troop is familiar with a lot of people from my department. One time, everyone met up and he drank too much, but someone sent him to the wrong bedroom and I was also drunk that day…”

“Afterwards, I left the room and pretended that nothing happened. But, I never expected that I’d fall pregnant.”

“Because of a particular condition with my body, I couldn’t abort the baby, so I had no choice but to give birth to it.”

“In that case, why did you wait until your child turned 3 before you came looking for us?” Tangning asked.

“I’m not here to extort money from the Mo Family or anything. The child is mine, so I will hold responsibility for it. I simply brought him here to tell you that he has hemolysis. As a single mother, I need to take care of him and also maintain a living, so I feel like I’m neglecting him.”

“Because of this issue, I’ve been contemplating for a few days and decided that sending him to the Mo Family will give him the best rate of survival,” the woman tried to stay tough as she said this, but in reality, her eyes were already red.

“If you want to do a DNA test or something else, feel free to organize it. As long as I can guarantee my child’s health, I am happy to sign any contract. Even if you tell me to never see him again, I’m happy to do that.”

After hearing what the woman had to say, Tangning understood her motive.

But, there was no proof for anything, so she still couldn’t settle on a decision.

“I will not comment on this matter because the child is already born. If you can trust us, then leave him here and we’ll run some tests on him. As for everything else, I will need to understand the situation before I come to a decision.”

After the woman heard this, she nodded her head, “As long as he’s not uncomfortable, then I’m OK with it.”

“In that case, leave me your contact details and I’ll call you after I clarify everything.”

“Mrs. Mo, I have no intention of ruining Mo Zixi’s image, but this child is both our responsibilities.”

“I understand,” Tangning nodded. “You did the right thing.”

“I’ll leave after I give you my contact details,” the woman said calmly without any tears. Her attitude towards the matter was obvious; she wasn’t there because of the Mo Family’s money, she was there to give her child better access to medical treatment.

If what the woman said was true, then Tangning felt she was quite admirable.

But, if she was there to deceive them…

Actually, no one in this world would be brave enough to directly deceive the Mo Family like this, right?

After the woman left, everyone entered the study room to figure out what happened.

“Mom, is the child staying? How do we take care of him?”

“He’s already calling you Auntie. Don’t you know how to take care of him?” Tangning laughed.

“Should we notify Big Brother?”

“Yes, tell him to come home,” Tangning nodded before she took the child from Mo Ziyan’s arms. When she looked at the little boy, Tangning felt like she was looking at Mo Zixi and his brother when they were young.

They looked exactly the same, so the child’s relationship with Mo Zixi seemed true. But, was the story behind the child true? This still needed verifying.

“Ting…get a DNA test done overnight. Ziyan, go to your brother’s room and find a strand of his hair.”

“OK,” Ziyan immediately jumped into action.

“Also, we will need to trouble Lu Che to find information on this woman’s background.”

“Mom, if this is actually Big Brother’s child, what are we going to do? What request does this woman have?”

After hearing Mo Ziyan’s question, Tangning shook her head, “She has no requests. She simply wants us to provide the child with the best medical treatment because he has hemolysis.”

“He’s so cute…” Mo Ziyan couldn’t help but exclaim. “Before we send him for his tests, can he live in my room? I’ll take care of him.”

“Can you handle it?”

“Trust me,” Ziyan said as she patted herself on the chest. She then asked the child, “What do you think? Do you want to stay with Auntie?”

“Yes, Auntie!”

Mo Ziyan liked the child because he looked just like Mo Zixi and Mo Zichen did in their childhood photos. When she held onto the little boy, she felt like she was carrying the child version of her brothers. It was a strange feeling.

“But, if Big Brother has a son, how is he supposed to get married? I hope he doesn’t have a girlfriend in the army base, otherwise, this is quite a difficult situation.”

“Even if that’s the case, we can’t mistreat this child.”

Mo Zichen had just gotten married, but Mo Zixi had created a huge drama. Originally, he said that he wasn’t going to stress over relationships, but…judging by the current situation, it was a little unrealistic.

“Mom, is Hyatt Regency accessible to everyone? How did she get in?”

Of course, the answer to this needed further investigations along with the other questions that they had.

When Mo Zixi received a message from home, he had no idea why his family was urgently calling him home.

But, it had been a long time since he last saw them. In fact, he didn’t even go home to celebrate Mo Zichen’s marriage. As an older brother, he was a little lacking.

But, he was doing what he did for the sake of his future.

Previously, when Mo Zichen wasn’t married and hadn’t dated, Mo Zixi did not consider his own private matters. After all, he remembered that the scar on Mo Zichen’s head as a child was because of protecting him.

So, in his heart, he planned to only consider himself after his brother found happiness.

As a result, after he found out that Mo Zichen was married, Mo Zixi felt relieved and dated his colleague without any worries. Over the last few days, he had even been preparing a proposal.

But, since his family was demanding for him, he had no choice but to postpone his plans.

He even rushed home overnight and returned to Hyatt Regency the next morning.

But, just as he walked in through the front door, he realized his whole family was there; even the busy Mo Ting and Ziyan were there.

“Why’s everyone here? This is strange. Ziyan, shouldn’t you be at Hai Rui or the university? What’s happening?”

Mo Ziyan gestured for him to look at Tangning.

“What’s wrong?”

Tangning did not look at her son. Instead, she said to Ziyan, “Carry the child out.”

“OK,” Mo Ziyan immediately did as she was told. It felt as though the three generations were there to hold a joint hearing. So, Mo Zixi sensed that something was wrong with the atmosphere.

“Mom, what’s happening?”

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